Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/19 - 2/25

You are anxious to move into new things Aries but it's just not quite time.  What can you do to keep your creativity high while you wait?  The last thing you need is to sink into feelings of impatience and irritability.  Explore a new outlet or two so that you can keep your spirits up and be ready for when things start to move again.  Something is tempting you to do things you know aren't healthy or productive for you.  Perhaps you can dip your toe in the water hear and find satisfaction without soaking yourself in it?  This is worthy of your complete and total consideration.

Someone can help further your dreams this week but first you have to be willing to ask, Taurus.  This person could be a boss or mentor and will gladly lend assistance when it becomes clear that you need it  Don't wait for things to reach a crisis point before asserting yourself here.  You're working your way through the tail end of a very oppressive cycle.  It's been challenging and you're tired.  What can you do right now to create more rest and rejuvenation?  As you relax, you'll discover that many gifts want to come to you.  Just rest and let them come.

You're getting a fresh start this week in a space that has felt stagnant and unfulfilling.  This is great news, Gemini and the timing couldn't be better because you're been on the cusp of waling away.  You're about to fall in love all over again and rediscover what was so initially charming about this space.  Make time for friendship and social activity.  You are ready to get out and see the world again after a period of hibernation.  New opportunities for abundance feel so good and help you see the skills you're been building quietly all this time.  How wonderful!

A difficult situation seems to have no end in sight.  Part of what's causing this to feel so out of control is what you do in your own mind when you think about it, Cancer.  You've got to find a way to step out of the regret and recrimination here and find some peace.  A dream is falling apart but it's not a bad thing!  You need to be liberated from this even though you don't know it just yet.  This dream is old and it's much too small for who you're becoming.  Be willing to let it slide away knowing something even better is starting to take root for you.

You're getting a chance to play with power this week, Leo and it feels exciting and fun.  As long as you can keep it playful, you'll find it easy to manifest a ton of magic.  Big changes might have you feeling slightly out of control right now.  Trust that what you're being asked to do is the right thing even though it might not feel like it in every moment.  You are being challenged to become bigger and bolder, so fear is natural.  A game you thought you could win has fallen apart, leaving you feeling a lone and misunderstood.  Don't dwell on this too long.  Just keep moving.

You are feeling very boxed in these days Virgo and the discomfort is growing.  It's tempting to take radical action but you have a sense that it won't really fix the troubles.  Being patient is very difficult but if you can wait just a little longer you'll find it much easier to move and change soon enough.  Money seems to come and go quickly right now.  Get behind the notion of letting it flow.  There's no need to clamp down or hoard.  You're saving from something big but know that when you need it, it will be there so don't get into deprivation if you can avoid it.

You want something so badly that it's starting to cause pain, Libra.  Consider cutting this dream loose, at least for now.  You can revisit it soon and when you do you'll find it easier to create in a much better and updated form.  It won't be easy because you've invested quite a bit of energy and time into it.  Do the counter-intuitive thing and release it.  As you do this, new ideas will start flooding in, bringing energy and inspiration.  Attend to the details of the projects you're involved in.  You're about to take a big step up in terms of your reputation and public profile.

A new job or money opportunity is very promising.  You'll need patience to see this to fruition, Scorpio so as long as you don't expect instant results, you'll be fine.  You are so ready to journey into new territory but may be unsure of exactly where to go. give yourself a little more time to dream and drift as your vision comes together.  While you're waiting, invest energy and time into relationships of all kind.  Your heart is so ready to open.  Allow this to happen and trust that being vulnerable will bring gifts.  You're on the cusp of falling in love with all that you are and everything else.

Make time to celebrate this week, Sagittarius.  You might be wondering exactly what you have worth celebrating.  Don't let that stop you form creating some fun.  In fact, as you bring up your energy, you'll create more worth feeling good about.  Stagnant energies are starting to lift, leaving you freer to pursue what you want and need.  Your natural restlessness is about to find satisfaction.  Others are seeking your counsel now as you are brimming with insight and healing communication.  It feels good to be seen as a wise being after a period of feeling unseen.

You've been seeking more balance in your life Capricorn and doing an excellent job.  Don't let up now!  It would be easy to let this fall to the wayside but you're just starting to reap the rewards of this work, so keep at it.  You've learned that sometimes you need to step away from responsibility in order to refresh your spirit and body.  Make time for connecting with friends and having fun this week.  Good things want to drop into your lap.  Are you open to receiving a gift or two?  Let life be easier now and let go of the stress you used to use to propel yourself forward.  You don't need it now.

Step back from all the excitement and ask yourself what you really want.  You need space and time and quiet to get clear about your next step.  There's an ending in the works and it's okay to have complex feelings about it, Aquarius.  Know that in moving on you're allowing the seeds of new delights to take root.  It's time to let go of an old resentment or grudge.  It doesn't serve you to carry this around anymore.  You can create more peace even if you think resolution hinges on the participation of someone else.  Just choose to let it go now and you'll feel so much better.

All eyes are on you this week, Pisces and their the eyes of validation and praise.  It feels so good to be recognized for your efforts and expenditures of energy.  Relish this and don't even think about being humble or shaking off the well earned accolades.  Let this boost your spirits for the next leg of your journey.  An old regret is haunting you now.  you have the power to unhook from this pain.  Rest and getting back to the joy of your body can and will help.  Be an explorer of the heart and delve more deeply into your own mystery.  Relief will be found under the waves.


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