Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/26 - 3/3

It's time to focus on grounding Aries and digging into everything you're working on.  This might slow things down a bit but it's totally worth it.  Soon you will see exactly what you want to invest in and what's just a waste of time and energy.  Don't hesitate to jump into something new and juicy once you see that it's viable.  A recent battle has left you amped up and ready for another fight.  Put down your sword.  There's nothing left to fight about and your nerves need soothing.  Don't go into this next chapter with such a fierce attitude and outlook.  Be soft and pliant to the degree that you're able.

A sudden surge in energy has you ready to take risks and put yourself out in a totally new way.  You're ready for more attention, Taurus and it's actually important.  Hiding away and keeping yourself safe is creating a deep restlessness and if you don't take action to change this you might just start acting out in a destructive way.  Your burdens feel heavy but it's not as bad as it feels.  be light in your approach to tying up loose ends.  This will get you moving and playing again.  A promise that looks too good to be true is very seductive.  Explore this without making a commitment just yet.

You are in the midst of profound change and might feel incredibly disoriented right now.  You don't know yet, what it is you want and how to make it happen.  Be quiet Gemini even though every cell in your body is calling for action.  Give yourself the gift of time to let a true plan emerge.  It's time to break out of spaces that feel limiting.  Your creative is starting to hum.  Let it percolate a bit longer while your vision becomes more detailed.  Soon you'll be moving in new directions without questioning where you're going of if it's right.  You'll feel it and do it without effort or struggle.

You're in need of a new project.  You might feel overwhelmed already but that's because you've invested in a lot of stuff that holds no meaning or passion for you.  As you clear away the uninteresting, you'll start to rediscover what you really love to do.  A big decision is causing major stress, Cancer.  Just pick and go.  There's no need for debate because in the end you'll end up exactly where you want to.  The more you let this truth sink in, the sooner you'll start having fun again.  Keep an eye on your temper.  It's flaring up at the worst time.  Find a healthy way to blow off steam.

Get ready for some happiness, Leo.  You're in the mood to play and nothing is more interesting than the wanderings of your heart right now.  Go with it and don't even think about trying to fight it.  There's no use and it wouldn't be good for you.  The straight and narrow just isn't going to cut it.  You're so ready for new ideas and insights.  Your senses are heightened right now and you want a taste of everything.  Your intuition is powerful and is delivering clue after clue to help you navigate whatever terrain you end up in.  Keep a journal to capture some of the beautiful, fleeting insights.

A part of you is frozen with fear Virgo.  It's very difficult to move or make changes with such potent energy resting on your heart.  You want to make something right but the more you try, the more messy it gets.  How about just stepping back and giving the whole thing a bit of breathing room?  This will help more than you imagine.  Spend some time on what feels soothing.  Stressful energies are making it very hard to settle down and find the focus.  As you address the internal tension, you'll find that a lot of what's bothering you starts to ease up naturally.

Dig deep for strength Libra.  You're definitely being challenged this week and though you might not feel like it, you have everything you need to weather the storm.  Try to find a space of shelter while you ride this out.  There's no need for any kind of aggressive action now.  Just rest and wait.  As you find your center, you'll also start to see that there are vast possibilities here.  Possibilities you didn't recognize before.  This awareness will bring peace, healing and calm.  Trust that time is working for you.  There's no need to hurry or rush.  It's all coming into shape.

An opportunity to make more money or advance in your career is mighty appealing, Scorpio.  This opportunity will take you out of your comfort zone and help you develop new skills and abilities.  Don't let your fear of the unknown keep you from jumping in here because the rewards are many.  You are growing in the sphere of work and at the same time, relationships are getting more interesting.  You can sink into some wonderful love and splash around in it to your heart's content.  Be playful, be youthful and have a good time.  You can have what you want now.

You're ready to get off the ride, Sagittarius but may be having a hard time admitting it.  There's a part of you that thinks maybe you can rediscover the fun in an old, favorite place but it's just not there anymore.  Allow yourself to at least starting imagining what it would be like to move on from here.  A part of you is so ready that you have to keep it calm while the rest of you catches up.  So many magical things are about to take shape for you, especially once you close the door on this old haunt.  New pleasures of every sort are about to come knocking.

There's mounting pressure to make a change Capricorn and it's getting a bit unbearable.  You might be wondering how it can get more unbearable than it already is?  It's time for decisive action and part of that is deciding what you want and having the courage to stand behind it no matter how intense the opposition is.  You are changing on a deep level and what used to be tolerable is totally unpalatable now.  Don't force yourself to make it work.  Just start planning a way out.  Forget about having it all look and feel perfect.  Be willing to make a mess to find a new path.

Big magic is playing out in your world this week, Aquarius. It's exciting and delightful and it fills you with hope for all that's good in the world.  You're not only ready to journey into new territory but the journey has actually begun.  You're off to visit new places and taste, touch, see and feel new things.  It's wonderful and all of your sense are heightened and on alert.  Fresh ideas and ways of looking at life are helping you break ever freer from spaces that have felt stagnant or stuck.  Share what's happening with you in every medium possible.  The more your shout it out, the bigger it gets.

Make a decision Pisces.  You're getting anxious trying to get to peace but peace will come after you choose and start moving.  A part of you needs a break from heavy thinking and planning.  Play can help you now.  As your spirit lifts and you bring in amusement, much of what you're struggling with will become easier to manage.  Follow the feelings this week.  Important guidance is happening now and it can lead you in new and unexpected directions.  Shake off the need for control.  It's keep you in a much too narrow space.  Just wander and relax.  You're on your way to wonder.


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