Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 2/5 - 2/11

You're being awfully hard on yourself this week, Aries.  You're applying enormous pressure on yourself to be perfect in all ways and it's simply too much to live up to.  Consider lowering your standards.  You're loath to do this but if you can allow for a mistake or two, you'll actually move forward much more quickly.  Perfect is paralyzing you.  It's a challenge to balance the part of your that wants to reflect on the past with the part of you that's anxious to move into the future.  Just try to come to this moment, right now.

You're being rewarded for hard work and it's about time, Taurus!  Take a moment and relish your victory.  Let it sink in a bit that you're being seen as more of an expert in your own right.  This is a wonderful time for the advancement of your dreams.  There are stresses affecting you but you can choose a new way of handling these stresses.  You don't need to let it tear you up.  Just step away.  It's a challenge to shake off some of the cynical thinking that limits your dreams and possibilities.  Work on it this week.

You're feeling brokenhearted this week, Gemini.  Old wounds have come bubbling to the surface of your psyche and it's difficult not to see everything happening through the lenses of betrayal and abandonment.  You kind of know that you're being affected by old junk but it feels so real and so raw that it's hard not to be reactive.  Part of what's happening is that you're ready to take a big step up.  The nerves and fear you're experiencing are a sign of this amazing shift.  Keep going and don't expect others to get it just yet.

Deep disappointment is making things tougher than they need to be, Cancer.  You've got to shake it off and go forward.  Sometimes it's time to walk away and this week, you'll have a chance to ponder this.  Deep changes are getting you closer to what you want.  Trust and faith can serve you well but you'll have to dig a little deeper to connect.  Passionate and creative impulses are helping you forge a new path.  Be willing to follow your instincts and don't let the intellect talk you out of a risk or two.

Oh Leo.  Things are not going the way you planned and it's stressful and perhaps disappointing.  Someone you count on for support is unavailable and perhaps even gone for good.  The pain you feel about this is overwhelming and sad.  You don't know it yet but you'd outgrown this connection and it was starting to hold you back.  Be willing to entertain the notion that once the pain subsides, you might actually find yourself relieved.  A final push on an important project is taxing and difficult.  You can do it.

You're getting a chance to play with power this week Virgo and it's quite exciting.  You might have to experiment a bit to figure out just what works.  A new vision is taking shape and you can see all the steps needed to get there.  It's tempting to use your power in a forceful way against those who've oppressed you.  Be careful here because it might backfire and there are others ways to achieve the result you want.  As you adopt a more playful attitude you'll find that many things you've been working towards start to fall into place.  The key is play.

It's hard not to cave into the pressure this week, Libra.  You're feeling pushed into a corner and might decide that compromising is your best option.  It's not!  Hold steady and this situation will right itself.  Deep healing is unfolding for you and it's making you restless and uncomfortable.  Get out of your own way and let it happen.  You're being offered your freedom.  Will you take it?  Before you go leaping into new things be sure and tie up a loose end or two so that you can go forward with minimal distractions.

You're running low on inspiration this week, Scorpio.  It's hard to feel good about your projects and plans when you have no energy to fuel them.  Make rest a top priority and shake off any feelings of guilt about it.  A surge of fresh energy is coming for you.  Will you be ready when it arrives?  Part of what's going to help you build success is getting comfortable with everything that you want.  Stop talking yourself out of your passion.  You need to connect more fully with it in order to jet through this heavy energy.

An internal conflict is starting to play out in your environment.  If you could see the roots of the turbulence, Sagittarius, you could turn it all around.  Decide to create more peace for yourself and watch it ripple out into the world around you.  Big gains are likely now.  You've been working hard for quite awhile with minimal reward and it's all about to change.  Get ready to receive some magic.  Your intuition is offering powerful insight to help guide every step.  Keep listening and acting on what you're hearing.

You're longing for greater riches but what you don't see is that you're rich already.  You have all the knowledge wisdom and experience you need to create more wealth, Capricorn.  Now it's just a matter of getting quiet long enough to use it.  There is love and support available now and you can relax into it.  Let yourself receive warmth and care while you get ready for one last push on a project.  Unexpected abundance will be showing up soon.  You worked for it even though you might not think so.

Let your heart open up, Aquarius.  It's okay to care and to show it.  You've been guarding yourself and keeping your feelings undercover but it's not good for you to do so.  Allow more vulnerability now.  It will create amazing healing and you'll feel freer and lighter than you have in a long time.  A stressful situation is escalating and causing tremendous pressure.  Stay the course and continue to allow your feelings space to be.  This too shall pass, mush more quickly and easily than you realize.

You might have to be a little stubborn this week in order to protect or defend something you treasure.  It's not your preference to have to fight back but it's necessary now.  Passionate drives are making it difficult to keep to the same, old routine.  Perhaps it's time to break out and take a risk or two? You won't regret it, Pisces.  Start taking a closer look at the judgements you have about who you are and what you want out of life.  These subtle energies are holding you back, so start weeding them out now, before your next, big opportunity arrives.


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