Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Leap day. 

Is it time to leap into something new and untested?  I want to so badly!  I'm trying to restrain myself from leaping into the unknown with joy and gusto.  The total leap might not happen today but I have a feeling it's coming up soon.

How about you?  Can you feel the first hints of spring in the air?  Does it make you want to run wild and free?  The time for leaping and skipping is coming my friends.  I feel it.

Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe, we're taking a look at APPRECIATION.  Sometimes it's easier to find appreciation than it is to be in gratitude.  Perhaps appreciation is a bridge to gratitude?  We have the ability appreciate our struggles as well as our triumphs.  We can appreciate that someone we love is in pain.  We can appreciate that life brings unexpected and difficult changes.  Appreciation helps us come back to the moment and everything happening here.  Appreciation helps us embrace it all so that we can find that wonderful, golden space of gratitude.

Let's explore this in the Stonestreet Cafe this week at 6pm pacifc/9pm eastern at 

Leap day.  Perhaps we can't throw ourselves headlong into the unknown quite yet but I hope we can all make time to dream about it, picture it and play with it.  The energy of late has been a little restraining and some of us might be quite tuckered out trying to push through.  Let's remember to relax and wait.  Patience isn't easy but it's easier when we have a new dream to dream about and a spring time up ahead just built for leaping!


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