Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Quiet Inside

How are you my friends?  I hope you're making time to find the quiet inside.  It's not an easy task these days as we are bombarded with all sorts of energy and input.  Some of us might be feeling very reactive and anxious to make change.  Wait...wait.

One thing I've noticed over the last few weeks as Mars continues to retrograde back through Virgo is that circumstances change quickly and what looks unbearable right now, might very well not seem so bad in an hour or a day.  Still, there are undercurrents in our lives that remain difficult to deal with, no matter how quiet and still we get.  These patterns are the beginning of more profound change but they are not yet ready to show us their full potential.  Premature action will not yield the full fruits that are possible with patience.

What to do while we wait?  Some of us might be brooding and floundering over the tension and the internal urge to react.  Some of us might be seeking sweet escape via any means available.  I'm asking all of you to seek the quiet inside.  It's there, waiting for us, waiting to offer us the guidance and the reassurance we need to weather this psychically, stormy time.

I'm not saying it's easy!  It is what it is.  Let's work with it mindfully and use this challenging energy to dig deeper and find a more profound truth to lead us.  Meditation has been offering me some sweet relief, as has gentle exercise, a hot bath and a good book or two.  I find myself pulling away from the computer and doing what I can to show up more in my connections with others.  I'm using this time to practice being more present, even though it's tougher than ever to be so.

It's the most important and sacred work we can do now.  Care of ourselves and others.  Being present and slowing down a bit.

This week in the Stonestreet Cafe, we're taking a look at the space of SURRENDER.  Join me Thursday 2/16 at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern at and let's examine the power of knowing when to give in, give over and just be.  This is a message I feel compelled to share right now and I know you'll enjoy the show.  Feel free to call during the second half of the show for a reading or to discuss the notion of surrender.  1.218.862.7200 ext 870303.

If you'd like to spend some time one on one with me to help find more grounding and calm, stop by on Saturday between 8am-noon pacific when we offer our lowest rates on readings and chats.  Sunday brings a 12 hour sale from 7am-7pm pacific. You can count on me to be there from 8-1pm pacific.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with you!

Step away from the melange of turbulent energy this week...for a moment, an hour or a day.  Shake off any guilt you might feel about it knowing that finding the sweet spot of calm will help you find the answers you need to navigate now.  Watch out for the reactionary tendencies.  Let's wait...just a little bit longer.  Wait.  We can do it together.



michelle said...

This is exactly what I needed today. Thanks for communicating so well about the energies we're experiencing - and the solutions we can use to address these energies.

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...


i'm so glad the article speaks to you! i'm hoping you find that quiet space today and every day!