Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And a Lovely, Full Moon to You

So much is happening these days on so many levels and dimensions.  I know you're feeling it.  One day often feels like several in terms of the many shifts we go through.  Each day is a lifetime all its own.  It's intense and confusing and sometimes mindblowingly magical.  All I can say is wow.

I've been contemplating peace a lot over the last few weeks as I encounter vitriol in many spaces.  I'm the kind of gal who loves to provoke, to confront and fight but lately, I've wanted to go the other direction.  I want peace and I'm starting to see how much discipline peace requires.

Even for those of you who are more peace-oriented than I, there's work involved to find that quiet inner space.  It's not going to show up as an external.  It's not to be found in a job, a relationship or a move.  Changes in the external can help but in this day and age, the peace I'm referring to has to start in the deepest recess of our own space.

It's hard to get there when we're being bombarded all day long with intense messages and information.  We spend a good majority of our time reacting to and deciphering all of the information coming in.  This takes us away from peace as well as taking us away from a sense of our own purpose, our own values and finding a path that reflects these very personal truths.  The Full Moon in Virgo is helping us find a path back to peace.  Let's walk it.

I plan on exploring this space in more depth on Thursday in the Stonestreet Cafe at  The show starts at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern and I do so hope you'll join me there.

I have big changes coming up my friends and I'll share them all with you in due time.  Stay tuned and don't hesitate to step back and sink into the peace that's waiting for you deep inside.  Let the light of this lovely moon lead the way back home.


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