Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 3/18 - 3/24

Wish big Aries because your lucky star is shining bright this week.  Get clear on what you want and decide not to settle for less because you can and will have it all.  As good things start to fall into place, you might get more unsettled about a situation that's been plaguing you with its ongoing unfairness.  Try to stay cool because this is about to get blown to pieces and reach a much needed resolution.  It's going to look worse before it gets better, so be prepared.  Abundance is getting easier to manifest and enjoy.  Sink into it.

You might feel like you're in the battle of your life right now Taurus but a lot of the intensity stems from you.  You have a chip on your shoulder and you just aren't ready to let it go.  It's not a problem as long as you see the energy you're applying and how it operates.  Take ownership of your anger.  Once you do that, there will be peace and healing that goes beyond your wildest imaginings.  You're in the mood to hang on to something that's no longer useful.  Let it go and make space for something new.

You've stumbled into a new source of abundance and while you may not be sure how to make the most of it, you can rest knowing that you will.  Something that used to provide comfort and rest is starting to feel oppressive and stagnant.  You get to decide what you want to do here, Gemini.  You can change it up or leave it behind.  You can also just languish in it a little longer until you can't stand another second.  You need time to build new skills.  try not to let impatience get the best of you.  You're getting there.

You won a recent battle but it didn't bring the satisfaction you'd anticipated.  You're feeling all alone in your victory because part of winning meant alienating some of your supporters.  The damage is not irreparable, Cancer but you do need space to think about how to bring in more diplomacy.  Your abundance energy is on high but it's meaningless if you won't take time to enjoy it.  Carve out time for rest and reflection so that you can come surging back to the game ready to win and share.

You have a clear idea of what you want to do but no one is showing up to support your vision and even worse, some are trying to talk you out of it.  It's upsetting Leo but do what you can to shake it off.  You don't need as much help as you think and it will feel good to follow your own guidance, without worrying about what others might think.  Trust your instincts because they are powerful and you're tapped into a cosmic truth right now.  This truth won't lead you astray though it might have you wandering a bit before you settle into a new groove.

Let peace come over you, Virgo.  You don't need to wait anymore.  Just decide to have it and start engaging in projects and activities that provide it.  You are so ready to make a break!  You want and need more space to create your life the way you want to.  Give yourself a little more time to let your ideas take shape.  A plan is coming together even though you can't quite see it yet.  Be patient and while you're waiting, make sure you have some healthy ways to blow off steam because temper will be tough to control.

It's time to take a trip, Libra.  You need new sights, sounds, tastes and textures to explore.  If you can't hit the road, escape through a good book or movie.  Explore your area, take a back road, so something to break out of your normal routine.  If you try to hold to the straight and narrow, you're going to find it nearly impossible to keep your anger at bay.  You've had just about enough of some of the conflict playing out all around you.  There is magic available to you.  Reach out and let it in.  You don't have to try so hard.

It's time to put your foot down, Scorpio.  You can see so clearly how things can be improved. Be willing to take the lead even if it leaves you temporarily vulnerable to criticism.  It might seem like you have to give up something precious in order to have more of what you want.  This just isn't true so try to shake off this line of thinking.  You are so ready to jump into a new challenge but you don't know it yet.  All you know is that you can hardly stand one more minute of the same old thing.  This is a very good sign.

Your passions are trying to lead you but you're fighting them like the devil.  Allow a little more flow, Sagittarius.  Entertain these powerful drives for a bit.  Invite them in and get to know them.  trying to get away from them isn't going to work much longer.  An old pain is up for healing and it feels like this is the worst time to have to deal with it.  Be kind in your approach to this space.  Kindness will help you be free of this slow drag on your energy.  Start planning your next adventure.  It will cheer you immensely.

You're getting a chance to play with more power this week, Capricorn.  What are you going to do with it all?  Hopefully you'll decide to have fun.  There's no need to be so serious about what you're working on.  Lighten up and have a laugh.  It's going to come together whether you apply tons of pressure or not.  Your next step requires quite a bit of rearranging.  You can and will do it.  Don't hesitate to make a decision and stick with it.  There's just no way to make a mistake at this juncture.  Everything moves you forward.  

Things are starting to move faster and faster, Aquarius and you might feel a bit dizzied by it all.  Do what you can to stay grounded during this period of acceleration.  You'll know you're losing your balance when the stress starts to feel crushing and you doubt your ability to handle it all.  Let those moments help guide you back to the things that feel safe and comforting.  You have everything you need to manage this time period.  All the resources, skills and connections are on hand.  Slow down so that you can see them.

It's an excellent time to get grounded and create deeper roots.  If you've wanted to commit to something, now is the time, Pisces.  What you choose to invest in will flourish.  You're being recognized and rewarded for hard work.  It feels good and it'll help you take a big step up in terms of visibility and responsibility.  Be discerning when choosing what you want to be involved in.  Save yourself for the best.  You can broker a powerful deal or two with your negotiating skills.  What kind of magic will you make this week?


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