Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 3/4 - 3/10

It’s a little lonely this week Aries.  Friends and loved ones just don’t seem to understand where you’re coming from.  From the outside it looks like you have everything you need.  The people around you don’t know how to support the part of you that is insecure and unsure. This is good news!  It means that whatever is holding you back is probably more a figment of your imagination than it seems.  Now all you have to do is scare that ghost right out of the closet to see that there’s nothing there but a puff of smoke. 

Cash in your chips this week and get the rewards you’ve worked so hard for.  It’s challenging to relax into success when there are new projects to invest in.  Make sure you take a break this week Taurus, to celebrate your gains.  You have a ton of creative energy to draw upon.  Some of your ideas and plans are mutating quickly as you get more information.  Stay flexible and open to change in order to capitalize on new developments.  A sudden surge forward towards the end of the week will cause excitement and nervousness.  Go with it.

Women will play a big role in your week, Gemini.  They’ll show up as advisors and wise counsel.  They’ll also show up to nurture and support your process.  Try to give yourself room to feel all of your feelings. Though you don’t really enjoy intense mood swings, see these swings as a way to get more clear about what you want and need your life to be about.  You are in a position of power at work.  Before you lunge towards a new opportunity, take time to get familiar with the resources available to you. 

Clear thinking is helping you come up with a plan for success and expansion.  You may have moments of terrible doubt but fortunately the majority of your energy is moving in an upbeat and optimistic fashion.  Before you can jump into something new, you need to tie up loose ends and complete an old project.  This particular project lost its luster a long time ago.  It hasn’t been energizing or fulfilling in forever, so it’s been tough to put any energy into it.  Still, it needs to be cleaned up so that there’s more freedom to move into something new, Cancer.

An unexpected turn of events has you a bit worried about the future.  Your plans and ambitions are all under review, which is frustrating at best.  There will be amazing new opportunities popping out of the wreckage, so hang in there and get ready to capitalize.  You need to be organized and ready to leap at a moment’s notice, Leo.  Others are depending on you to make big decisions and take charge.  You’d rather not be accountable to others, but the responsibility you take now will bring you a lot of joy down the road. 

Big opportunities are falling at your feet, Virgo.  It’s hard to know exactly how to respond to it all.  You enjoy being challenged and struggling to get to the top.  When things get easy, you tend to respond suspiciously.  Take time to sort through all the offers available.  Don’t settle on the safest bet.  Go for something big and passionate.  Though you’ve been fretting about finances and the availability of resources, you have plenty on hand. Strip away everything you don’t need.  This exercise will delight you as it brings you into a space of simplicity. 

Emotional ups and downs make it tough to relax and enjoy the week Libra.  You find yourself perplexed by the intensity of your reactions.  You’re not sure why you feel the way you do or why you feel so strongly about innocuous details. It’s almost time to take a big risk and as you prepare, you’re experiencing a wider range of emotional energy as a way to motivate and overcome fear.  Divine miracles are waiting in the wings, so rest assured that when you need help it’ll be there for you.  Doors that have been closed to you are about to swing wide open. 

Finally…a degree of stability, Scorpio.  Your world has been changing and mutating quickly over the last few months and though it was kind of fun, you’re ready for a predictable and somewhat quiet routine.  Consider this a moment of pause before more excitement and opportunity arises.  As much as you think you want to relax into the familiar, the truth is you’re bored to death with it.  It only seems appealing because you’ve been unable to spend much time with it considering all the demands you’ve been dealing with.  It’s all shifting now.

Creative energies are intense and anxious to be expressed.  This might lead to some strange fluctuations in your energy and focus, Sagittarius.  Expect a few swings from inspired to despairing.  Go with it knowing that the range of emotion you’re experiencing is important and is continuing to open you up to newer, better possibilities.  There will be a moment this week when everything is so clear that every cell in your body will tell you what to do and how to capitalize on opportunity.  Go with it!  Don’t over think it. 

You’re in the midst of a dark night of the soul, Capricorn.  Fortunately, the terrain is familiar though not your favorite place to dwell.  You’re confronting a core wound and doing an excellent job.  Just the sheer willingness to face this head-on is amazing and noteworthy.  Something from the past is hard to reckon with.  Part of the problem is that you’re making the memory more beautiful in reflection than it actually was in reality.  It’s ok to wake up now and see things as they are.  Emotional support is on the way.

It’s time to take a closer look at a deep desire that you’ve been hiding from the world.  There’s something about wanting this that makes you feel naughty.  There’s a truth lurking under this passion, Aquarius that’s important for you spiritually.  Get to the root of it and re-frame it in a more productive way and you’ll get the boost of energy you’ve wanted and needed.  Friends and family seem immersed in petty conflicts.  They want you to join them in their misery and criticisms.  This will bring you down, so do what you can to side step the invitation to sink into negativity. 

No doubt, you are facing some difficult challenges but you are ready.  In some ways your whole life has been leading you to this moment in time Pisces, so ripe and so promising.  There’s no way to mess it up.  Knowing this will help.  You may feel unable to express all that’s happening in your inner world but others are looking to you for guidance.  Offering a helping hand to someone in need will feel good, so don’t hesitate if the opportunity presents itself.  A mentor can help you sort through ideas and come up with a workable plan.  Ask for help if and when you need it.


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