Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 4/1 - 4/7

You're being recognized as an expert and a promotion of some kind is in order.  You're about to be asked to take on more leadership, which you are more than ready for.  It's exciting and you ought to throw yourself a party or find a way to reward your victory, Aries.  This will make room for even more.  An old regret is resurfacing in order to be healed.  There's nothing to fret about so let it go now.  You might think you could be in a better place if only but where you are right now is pretty amazing.  Once you release your regret, you'll see even more beauty now.

It's time for a journey, Taurus.  This is something you need to undertake alone and without a lot of reassurance.  There's something you need to see from a different angle.  Be willing to let go of certain attachments to ideas you have about who you are.  It's time for rebirth.  You're still nursing a wound and this is preventing healing and action.  You feel left out or left behind but whatever you've been shut out of didn't fit you anymore.  Justice will be served but by the time it happens, you won't care anymore and that will bring the sweetest feeling of freedom.

You're enjoying a new level of prosperity this week and one you worked hard for.  Be sure and slow down a bit so you can really relish the abundance.  Your efforts to create peace with a person or a situation is just not yielding results.  The peace you seek will be found within, Gemini.  You can't make it happen in the external so don't waste any energy there.  Expect to feel moody without understanding what it all means.  It's just you opening up to more creativity and more awareness so don't stop or judge the flow.  Let it carry you to new wonders.

Someone is making such a wonderful offer that you find yourself suspicious of the motives behind it.  Trust your gut this week, Cancer even if it's showing you the shadow side of all your encounters.  There's no need to be ruled by fear.  You are safe and have everything you need.  An old disappointment is showing up in a new form and causing you to fee very out of balance.  Let this pain guide you to a quiet awareness that all truly is well.  You can grieve what's ending in your life, knowing that new and better things are waiting in the wings.

A new vision has you so excited that it's hard to focus.  You want to tell everyone what you're seeing and sensing but it's very hard to articulate it in a way that makes sense.  Give it time Leo, to take on more dimension and depth.  You won't even need to share it at some point because it will become real and visible to all.  A big healing is being offered to you.  It will require surrender on your part.  Relax into everything that's happening now, even the things that don't make sense.  You'll find love this week in the strangest places.  Relish it all. 

A major accomplishment feels great and yet there's a sense that something is still missing.  You're already looking out over the landscape and seeking the new and untested.  Notice the amazing foundation you've created to support you in your next adventure.  It's an exciting time whether you know it or not, Virgo.  Passionate energies are starting to find a path and an avenue of expression.  Be patient as you learn to channel these high vibrations.  Be willing to experiment as you forge a new path.  There's no such thing as a mistake so play, play, play.

You're caught in a triangle this week, between two people who both want your alliance.  This is a very difficult space to navigate, Libra and you have an deep knowing that no one's going to win here.  Recuse yourself from the whole thing to the degree that you're able to.  There's new potential for abundance and you'll see it as soon as you have the time and energy to do so.  Your feelings can guide you and show you what to do and when to do it.  Trust in your life experience.  You're wiser than you realize, so slough off any creeping self doubt.

It's time to break free from some agreements that have outlived their purpose in your life.  You're ready to go it alone now, Scorpio.  If you don't take action on this soon, you might just end up in a space loaded with resentment and stagnation.  In your effort to win a battle you might have gone a little overboard with the use of your power.  See the results and notice that you don't need to apply so much effort.  This is good to know.  Celebrate with loved ones and let this energy carry you into appreciation.  You don't need to strive when everything you need is here.

You need to buckle down and limit the distractions this week, Sagittarius.  It won't be easy because you have a terrible case of spring fever and would rather wander and drift.  A lot can be accomplished this week if you can find the focus.  There are scary things happening in and around you.  You might not know what to make of it all just yet.  Give yourself time before jumping to any conclusions.  A repressed desire is asserting itself intensely.  You need to look at this closely to see what's at the root.  One thing is certain...trying to push it away isn't going to help. 

You might feel like you're being pulled in ten different directions this week, Capricorn.  There are many demands on your time and energy and there are people in your world who aren't being very polite in the way that they ask for help.  It'll be hard not to feel criticized and attacked but there truly is no need to take it personally.  Detach from the energy and see that you're on the cusp of a tremendous shift.  You're simply tying up loose ends right now and there's no need to rush.  As you see the incredible process unfolding in your life, you'll connect with your faith again.

You're being asked to give up something you love and you're fighting tooth and nail.  If you could only see that in giving up, you're actually making room for tremendous renewal on many levels, you would gladly let go.  It's time to move on Aquarius and you know it, so stop fighting the way it's unfolding.  Someone close to you is offering support and care.  Be sure and let this person know how much you appreciate them.  In fact, you might want to make this relationship your focus this week.  Sink into the love and let the winds of change sweep through your life.

Yo hold the key to so many things this week, Pisces and yet you're in the mood to be evasive and hard to get.  This is causing people to search for you ever more frantically.  Stop and just hold your position and let them come.  It's hard to rest.  Your mind is racing and may be overcome with thoughts about the worst case scenario.  Share your fears with a trusted confidant.  This will help you see how distorted with fear some of your visions are.  Get ready to hit the road, figuratively or literally.  An opportunity to travel is coming up and you don't want to miss it.


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