Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 3/11 - 3/17

Your burdens are heavy, Aries and you seem determined to push on.  Take a break!  It will be all right.  A break will help you find your focus and make you even more effective in your efforts.  There's magic to be had but it will only come with rest and reflection.  Give yourself this gift.  Trust your feelings and intuition.  The guidance you need to cut through the challenge is within you.  You don't need a mentor or help.  You just need to trust your own instincts.

A wish will come true this week, Taurus.  Are you ready?  Be open and available to the moments of magic that want to happen in your life.  You've been stressed out and in a space of doubt about which direction to travel.  You know what to do, it just looks super hard but the truth is, it won't be hard once you get started.  Do what you know to do.  As you start on this path, you'll find rewards at every turn both great and small.  Just take the first step and you'll see for yourself.

You're tapping in to some amazing streams of healing, Gemini and it's about time.  You've been busy working and expanding and flirting with the cusp of exhaustion.  Let the healing sink in and refresh you to your bones.  You may be asked to give something up this week.  Instead of feeling resentful about making a sacrifice, see this as a way to make room for something new and even better to come in its place.  Let your feelings of disappointment slide away now.

It's time to make peace with recent events that didn't go the way you'd planned.  You have a lot of unexpressed resentment and anger.  Get it all out, Cancer.  There's no need to carry this forward as it serves no one to do so.  Holding on only hurts you.  Passionate feelings can help you step into new challenges with confidence and focus.  Be willing to walk away from projects and relationships that just don;t work anymore.  There's a bright future waiting for you.

An old wish or dream is starting to cause pain.  You're using the fact that it hasn't come true to beat yourself up a bit and measure your abilities.  Could it be that you've outgrown this old dream?  Consider it Leo and be willing to move on.  It will feel so good to have fresh spaces to explore.  Love will help you weather this shift with grace.  Let others support and encourage you.  A whole new world of opportunity awaits as you free yourself from what's long been stagnant.

You're experiencing some intense inner conflict this week.  It's difficult to know exactly how to resolve your complex feelings.  Perhaps you don't need resolution just yet.  Can you decide just to be with it all for a little longer?  You're about to have a breakthrough in your thinking if you can just wait.  You want to win so badly, Virgo but what exactly are you fighting for?  If you can find a solid answer to this question, everything will start moving again.

An opportunity for advancement will bring abundance, Libra.  It just might take a little longer than you want it to.  Buckle down and prepare to work diligently.  Someone close to you can help you flesh out your strategy.  Be a good listener even when the advice goes against what you think should happen here.  Being open will introduce you to even more creativity and inspiration.  You're keeping everything balanced for now but be prepared to let thins gt chaotic as you move into new things.

You're opening up to a much deeper sense of your own wisdom, Scorpio.  The clues and information you need are coming through in subtle ways and you can expect this to get much more powerful as each day passes.  An old wound is rather raw right now.  Let the pain come up and out.  You just don't need to carry this with you anymore.  Prepare for a journey.  You are ready to visit new spaces and places whether it's literal or all in your mind.

It's time to lighten up and play.  You need time with friends and loved ones this week, Sagittarius.  Connecting will help you see your challenges from a new angle.  It's a wonderfully, rich time in your life whether you see it or not.  Allow good things to happen and stop questioning everything.  There's no need to wait for the other shoe to drop because it's not going to happen.  You're getting ready to break free from an oppressive situation.  Get ready.

It's a little intense in your world this week, Capricorn.  You're not sure where to turn to for support or who can be trusted.  Your fears are a bit overblown, which others are trying to point out to you much to your chagrin.  You know you've come to the end of something you once loved dearly.  Don't hide from the sadness.  Let it move through you.  As you allow yourself to let go, expect an amazing new vision to descend and take shape.  You're going to love it.

Heavy energies are lifting, leaving you freer to explore than ever before.  Are you ready to feel lighter and more liberated than ever before, Aquarius? It's going to feel quite strange at first and you may even try to grasp on to something or someone for balance.  Soon you'll be comfortable with the levity and you'll find yourself moving into ever greater adventures and challenges with ease and confidence.  Use wisdom to navigate the unfamiliar.

It's a powerhouse of a week, Pisces.  You're going to grow quickly into ever-shifting circumstances.  Though much of what's happening is wanted and desired, it may challenge you and your ability to stay centered.  Things that you once dreamed of are manifesting and asking you to step in.  Pick and choose what you want and what will work with you now.  Some of what's coming doesn't fit who you've become.  Sift through and take the best of the best.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Julia, but is it really May already? LOL

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

i got a little ahead of myself, probably because i'm moving in may. gotta get my focus back to the now!