Monday, April 30, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/30 - 5/6


We've been pushing uncomfortable feelings down and avoiding a wave of passion.  Perhaps we think it will throw everything into chaos to entertain these potent forces but trying to avoid them is what will tip the applecart.  We need space to let things flow through us.  We need techniques now to help us move with the energy not against it.  The pressure that's building inside is about to get explosive.  It can be avoided but action must be taken and soon.  Write it, sing it, paint it, dance it.  Find new ways of expression to get energy moving.  Trying to keep a cork on it is going to lead to major crazy.  You've been forewarned!    

Monday 4/30
It's time to get back on top of a situation that has run amok.  Perhaps we've hoping things would correct themselves but it's becoming apparent that that's not going to be the case and any further delay will actually make things worse.  Let's dig deep and find the energy we need to confront this unpleasantness, once and for all.  It will feel so good to right this wrong.

Tuesday 5/1
We have much to celebrate and enjoy these days.  Resources are plentiful and we've honed skills and abilities that make us more crafty and competitive.  Still, there seems to be something missing.  Let's call it fun.  There's been a lot of seriousness in the air and it's preventing us from seeing how much we have that's absolutely lovely and wonderful.

Wednesday 5/2
There's something a bit spooky or frightening happening today and we may find ourselves doing everything we can to avoid it.  The opposite is called for though.  We need to head into it.  Face the shadows and discover what's lurking there.  Something powerful is unfolding but we might miss it if we refuse to look more deeply into the gloom.

Thursday 5/3
We might have just won a prize and yet it feels as if we lost a lot trying to win it.  We may have gotten what we wanted but it didn't feel the way we expected it to.  Expect to celebrate this victory alone.  We can take it to heart that no one is in a position to celebrate with us or we can just shake it off.  Shake it off!

Friday 5/4
Put some thought into ways to facilitate more balance in the daily routine.  A little more energy here or there could help us start to fee more peaceful and calm no matter what challenges we may be facing.  Don't hesitate to pull back from a project or connection that has demanded too much for too long.  A wonderful shift will happen with more equilibrium on all fronts.

Saturday 5/5
It's important to take time off just to enjoy life and this is one of those times.  We often put off doing what we love because there are more important things that need to get done but truly, what's more important than enjoying this sweet life of ours?  Make feeling good a top priority today and everyday.  Simple delights lift spirits high.

Sunday 5/6
Creative energy can bring chaos along with it.  Creative energy is unpredictable and sometime volatile.  It's impatient and restless and when it moves through our bodies, it can be unbalancing.  It's a challenge to get this energy flowing in a way that feels productive and fun.  That is the task today.  Find way to get the fire flowing and productive.

need help with the energy this week?


In any and all ways possible.  Let loose.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 4/29 - 5/5

Stop being so hard on yourself Aries!  You're your own worst enemy this week.  It's time to address stress management and try something new to help yourself handle the volume of work you're dealing with.  Allow mistakes and lose the insanely high expectations you've fixed your sights on.  Healing energies will start to come through as soon as you surrender a bit.  Sleep needs to be a top priority.  You simply can't push yourself this way without breaks and pleasure.  Only you can give yourself permission to stop.  Do it before you collapse in a heap!

You've been holding back and trying to push complicated feelings away.  The thing is Taurus, this stuff isn't going to just go away.  Take time to tune in and listen to what your guidance is telling you.  There's nothing to be afraid of.  You recently carved out a wonderful space of stability and now find yourself trying to defend it.  It's not going to collapse, so try not to worry.  Passion can take you to new places but only if you're willing to explore and play with it.  Make peace with a recent disappointment.  Resentment isn't good for you.

Balance has never been your forte but this week, its something worth striving for.  Some areas of your life get all of your energy while other areas suffer.  This just isn't going to work, Gemini, so start to become aware of how you can spread yourself more evenly.  A recent battle went your way but at quite a high cost.  You find yourself celebrating your victory alone and it hurts.  You're in the midst of shifting important relationship agreements and can expect to have more support from people who really see who you are soon.  Hang in there.

You're in a solid position but you don't feel like it.  This is causing problems, Cancer.  You've got to shake off the insecurity and see all that you have and can count on for support.  A new kind of power is coming into form.  It'll take time to understand how you can apply this to your life.  Watch out for feelings of impatience.  Being in a rush could make little troubles for you.  Your intuition is telling you something important.  Listen carefully even though what you're learning is in conflict with the reality you see before you.  You are being set free.

Researching and delving into new subjects is incredibly rewarding right now, Leo and you'll find you're practically insatiable.  Love is in the air as well this week and you feel soft and open with everyone who crosses your path.  This will help you create more depth and connection with the people you love the most.  Are you in the mood for a party?  The invitations are starting to pour in.  You're giving off such great energy that everyone wants a piece of it.  It will be interesting for you to find that balance between quiet study and all the lovely parties.

Hard work is in the stars this week, Virgo but it doesn't have to be drudgery.  You're honing important skills and working towards tremendous reward.  Keep going even if it seems like no one is noticing.  Make time for bursts of fun.  You're in the mood to explore and experiment and indulging this need will open you to new creativity.  A part of you is so ready to have your life look different.  You can hardly wait another second but wait you must.  You're moving into something exciting, it's just no quite here yet.  It's coming.

It's been a little heavy in your reality of late, Libra.  You're just not feeling your best and you find yourself wondering when things will turn in your favor.  You can facilitate healing by being kinder and gentler to yourself while you ride out this rough patch.  You have plenty of great resources to help you weather this little storm but it's hard to know how to apply what you have to the challenge in front of you.  Get some rest and love up your body.  Feeling better is the first step to moving into an easier time.  Indulge in the simplest of pleasures.

It's almost time to launch your latest project, Scorpio and you're filled with excitement and trepidation.  There's a ton of support rallied behind you, so relax into it and let it carry you through your nervousness.  Celebration is important.  Don't skip over it in your hurry to take on something new.  Bask in the validation people are offering so generously.  You earned it and it can help fuel the next wave of your creativity.  Don't hesitate to make a big decision now.  You won't feel totally ready but go anyway.  Moving forward is what's important here.

Things are moving quickly now and it's very difficult to get all the details right.  Cut yourself some slack, Sagittarius.  You don't need perfection right now.  Decide to have more fun with everything happening in your world because the truth is, it's pretty exciting.  You're having a hard time sinking into all the good things coming your way.  A part of you is suspicious that it could all disappear.  That's not going to happen.  In fact, more and better things are going to continue to come your way.  Get used to it and consider throwing a party to spread the bounty.

Tune in to what you're feeling Capricorn.  You've been letting your mind lead for a while now and there are feelings that could be important guidance and information for you.  Get more rest, be willing to dream and relax.  You're on the cusp of major change and may not know how to pull everything together.  Get more comfortable with the mystery of it all and know that it will come together.  Get in touch with past traditions.  You can find a lot of comfort in what used to offer structure and comfort.  Find a way to freshen it all up.

It's time to let your heart have a more prominent role in your life, Aquarius.  Allow your feelings to lead you a bit.  You tend to rely on intellect to navigate.  Now is the time for a shift.  Let how you feel guide you to new pleasures and adventures.  The old ways of dealing with problems isn't working anymore and it's frustrating.  Give yourself a chance to experiment and possibly fail.  No one's keeping track of this except you, anyway and you've always held yourself to nearly impossible standards.  You can try something new now and why not?

New ideas are coming in fast and furious, Pisces.  It's exciting and somewhat destabilizing because you simply don't know where to put the focus.  Give yourself a little time to let the best ideas rise to the top.  You're impatient and ready for change.  Adjust your pace because it's going to take some time to get everything in motion the way that you want it.  Plenty of people want to assist you.  Listen and contemplate the wisdom being offered to you.  You're almost ready to bust out and make magic happen.  It's going to be bigger and better than anything you can imagine.


Friday, April 27, 2012

So Many Ideas

I'm off my game in terms of my weekly musing. There have been many thoughts and ideas coming through but for some reason, I've struggled to get anything coherent out of it.  Of course, this won't stop me from trying.


Our lives change but do WE change?  Certainly we change but can someone who has a tendency to be shy become outgoing?  Can someone who enjoys quiet time becomes a person who's out in the world, busy non-stop?  Are there certain traits that stick with us for life and if so, can we make peace with these traits and stop seeing them as impediments and problems?  Can we challenge some of our traits while honoring them at the same time?


How honest should we be?  When the bank teller asks how we are, should we tell the truth if we're having a hard day or just say "I'm great!"?  I think about this one a lot and wonder just how much I should reveal and to whom.  Will my truth be misconstrued? probably.  Will sharing my truth shift energy in a positive way?  maybe.  We often feel vulnerable telling the truth, especially if that truth reveals a weak spot in our own psyche.  Is this bad?  Good?  Does it matter?


We all need time to pull away from the buzz and hum of life.  Some of us have found healthy ways to step away and some of us have not.  I recently pulled away a bit.  It felt so good.  It was a chance for me to connect with some quiet as I prepare for big changes (moving, etc).  Even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I experienced guilt about 'disappearing.'  Is disappearing ok?   It sure felt good!!  Perhaps I need to schedule these events so that they're planned well in advance but then I wouldn't be listening and responding to what my guidance is telling me to do NOW.


I got to explore some awkwardness this week as a guest on a radio show.  I just wasn't as articulate as I wanted to be and a question at the end of the show took me by surprise and I fumbled the answer.  This gave me a chance to take a closer look at what it means to be embarrassed. Who am I worried will be put off by this miniscule radio moment?  Am I really concerned that one awkward moment is going to have a serious and lasting impact on me on any level?  So I fumbled and mumbled a bit.  It's not the end of the world! 

Which leads me to:


Do we have to take everything so seriously?  Where is the levity and the range and the ability to change direction?  Seriousness descends sometimes like a storm cloud, killing our creativity as well as our ability to explore and change.  It makes our attempts at honesty feel so very life and death.  Seriousness sometimes makes us want to escape!  And if we weren't taking it all so seriously, we'd have little to be embarrassed about.

I'm obsessed with fluidity.  Our bodies are made up with water and we all know what it's like to flow.  I'm going to have a chuckle over all the seriousness happening around me these days because I just can't take some of this ridiculousness to heart anymore.  See?   I pulled it all together.  It just took me an extra day or two!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/23 - 4/29


We're in terrible need to places to roam and spaces to visit...the more exotic, the better.  It's time to wander far from the familiar in a quest for expansion, creativity and new energy.  Let's go.  As we move into untested territory, we may find ourselves grieving over things we once loved but that have inevitably faded with time and use.  Be willing to say good bye to something that once offered structure as well as delight.  This space is only offering a stagnant quality at best.  We've taken ever drop out of it, making this week's purpose even more important.  Seek!

Monday 4/23
We can make wonderful things happen when we let go of the struggles we experience internally.  Just say no to tying up energy in silly conflict.  It's not worth it, it's not fun and it's not working.  As soon as we let go of the battle we experience internally, things start to come together more smoothly and in better shape.

Tuesday 4/24
There's a powerful healing underway though one wouldn't know it.  What's happening doesn't look like healing.  It looks more like everything painful and ugly has been dredge to the surface for review.  Work it!  Use this window of awareness to make the most of this opportunity to shed and be free of old junk.  Love it up.

Wednesday 4/25
We're at the end of something whether we're ready or not.  Moving through this doesn't have to be massively painful.  It can be smooth and easy if we get out of our own way and just let it slide on by.  There's nothing to hold onto here except maybe memory, ideas and old feelings.  Make way for something fresh and exciting.

Thursday 4/26
We need to find the middle ground today of any issue or space that is causing us to feel split in our loyalties and attention.  There's no way to pick one side of this strange space and feel right about it.  The only right space is the one that's neutral and able to see the wisdom of all sides.  This is worthy work for the day.

Friday 4/27
Part of cultivating power is fun.  We need to have fun to get energy moving.  If we take the notion of power too seriously, we might just start to struggle and fuss about who has it and who doesn't.  Decide what you want to invest in and then get behind it, without apology or explanation.  This is the greatest power of all.

Saturday 4/28
We're in the shadows and it's pretty frightening.  Everywhere we look, we see worst case scenarios and future imagined problems.  None of this will matter as long as we stay awake to what's happening and understand our need to see all the bad stuff and very little of the good stuff.  If we know and take ownership of our attitude, all will be well.

Sunday 4/29
We just don't know how important the delays and problems we're dealing with are.  There's no way to see how these events shape and mold us, helping us to become more of who we are.  This is worth pondering today because there are many delays and frustrations to confront and how we get through it totally depends on our ability to not take it all to heart.

need help with the energy this week?


Do whatever it takes to get off the beaten track.  Untold treasures await...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 4/22 - 4/28

It’s time to grab the tiger by the tail.  It’s time for action, Aries.  You know what you want, so go and get it.  There’s just one thing standing in the way.  It’s that project you’ve been laboring over for oh so long.  When will it be finished?  It’s difficult to experience any sort of inspiration in relationship to this project.  Take a break if you need to, to get your focus back and then do what it takes to get this off your list.

You have a solid foundation and plenty of resources to weather whatever storms come your way.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor by taking stock of them.  You might be surprised at the abundance you’ve created.  Deep changes are getting you in a better position, Taurus.  You have to trust now that forces greater than yourself are lining you up for success.  All you have to do is keep taking one step at a time.

A shocking turn of events has you looking for a place to hide.  It’s too soon to know just how big of an impact this situation will have on your upcoming plans.  Don’t do anything rash, Gemini.  Give yourself time to let everything settle down so that you can get a feel for the new landscape.  An unbelievable opportunity will come from this seemingly, unpleasant shift.  Just hang in there and exercise faith until the gifts arrive.

Be ready to take a risk when the moment arrives.  Don’t think too much or you might lose your nerve.  As the week rolls by Cancer, you encounter strange moments of being totally alone which is not altogether comfortable.  You are getting closer to experiencing a level of inner wisdom that has previously been cut off.  Delve into it and enjoy what you discover here.  A new vision is taking shape and taking you to new locations.

A bright idea has given you a wonderful sense of permission and expansion.  Life suddenly seems grander.  This is your favorite kind of energy, Leo.  Dreams are bigger are more complex.  Nothing seems impossible.  Go ahead and grab the tiger by the tail.  Go after it, whatever it is.  Your attention span is short this week.  Expect to move quickly from one space to another with grace and aplomb.

You’re being looked to for your expertise and knowledge.  It feels good to be needed but it’s also creating feelings of being alone, Virgo. There’s an amazing abundance of great ideas worthy of your consideration.  Being in the position of deciding who gets what is a big responsibility.  Try not to take it all too seriously.  The energy of fun will help everything fall into place, effortlessly and seamlessly.

Deep changes are at work and they’re difficult to see.  You may be feeling incredibly restless and in need of change, Libra.  It’s happening.  Soon there will be a burst and an incredible surge of activity that lets you know the seeds you once planted are starting to bear fruit.  Hang in there and don’t do anything too crazy in the meantime.  You don’t want any unnecessary messes to deal with.

An old wound is popping up for healing at an inopportune time.  The emergence of this pain has you questioning an important relationship, Scorpio.  It’s not so much what’s going on now as much as it’s the past that’s coming up for review.  Don’t let the potency of the feelings fool you into thinking you need to be rid of the catalyst.  You’ll see clearly soon.  Don’t do anything hasty in the meantime.

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Sagittarius.  You’ve been working hard and it seems like progress is elusive.  A breakthrough is coming.  Can you hang in there just a little longer?  Your intuition will tell you when and how to act in order to make the most of unexpected opportunity, of which there will be plenty.  Let your body give you the information you need to navigate all the ups and downs you’re working through.

You are in need of a new playmate or two, Capricorn.  Be willing to open to the idea of attracting fresh relationship opportunities.  It would do you a world of good to get out and visit new places, thus amplifying your ability to manifest.  Ambitious energies are distracting you from the emotional journey you’d like to take.  Can you give yourself permission to put work on the back burner?

Stagnant energies are lifting this week, Aquarius, allowing you more range of movement and a bigger space to dream.  Exercise can help you release tension and keep the creative energy flowing.  Stubbornly working to hold on to something that was once dear to you is starting to become a problem.  Don’t be afraid to let go in order to allow something new to come in.  You are on the verge of a rebirth on many levels.

Negative thinking is clouding your reality and making you see problems where there are none, Pisces.  Finding someone neutral to talk to can help.  If you can find someone to share your fears with, you’ll start to see that they’re not as big as they seem.  Though this is a disorienting time period, you might have a sense that everything is as it should be.  You are in the right place and opportunities are forming out of the ether.  


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cultivate the Calm

I'm working on my house today.  Getting ready to break out the boxes and start packing.  I'm moving in about 4 weeks.  Wow.  It's exciting and I can't wait to get to Santa Fe.

I had a shift over the last few days where I began to visualize more of what the house could be like.  I have a more developed sense of what it's most likely to be (small) and what it can look and feel like.  Julia New Mexico style.  Being able to picture it has been just one of the many stages of initiation I've been through since deciding to move.  I'm connecting to the experience.

What changes are you cooking up or perhaps being cooked by?

What I notice of late is that there's a core center of calm and then some turbulence all around it.  A lot of people are talking about this, experiencing both...the calm and the turbulence on top.  The elements of hysteria and frantic frenzy mixed in creates imbalance and leaves us uncertain. 

So many people have lately made reference to the calm place inside and their awareness of it.  This is the space I'm interested in.  This is the space worth seeking.

We seem to go in and out of contact with it but it's here.  We've been getting time with it.  And this is important.  This calm, certain place is where we make the best choices about our lives.  This is the wise part of us showing up to help. Acknowledge it and let it lead.

So I'm off to pack and connect to the calm center of knowing that no matter what life is leading you through, no matter how complicated your circumstances, there's a calm place of you the knows exactly what to do and what's unfolding.  May this calm center show us all the gifts of what we're going through.

Come see me Friday for the New Moon in Taurus.  I'll be taking calls Friday and Saturday morning and I'll also be available for Psychic Sunday.  All at  Let's talk New Moon, the calm center, living through change and whatever else pops up.

New Moon in Taurus, you ask?  Love your body.  Slow it all down.  Connect with the diligence it takes to see a goal to fruition.  Get earthy under this New Moon and indulge your senses.  Taurus is about connecting with the material...a curious and inquisitive approach to what feels good.  There's innocence to the bull.  A quality of wonder and a willingness to open to everything.  Let's let the jaded go and find the calm!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/16 - 4/22


We've got a lot on our plates this week.  We're working hard and wondering where the payoff is.  It's coming!  We might not see where we're going yet but good things are on the horizon.  Let's continue to hone skills and garner more experience.  We're crafting and creating and refining now.  Soon we'll be seen as experts in the field and the harvest will be rich and varied.  Details are important and though we might want to rush through a project to reach completion, paying attention will pay off.  It's a good idea to plan a break or two so that the quality of our work remains consistently high.  Though it might not seem like it, we're being observed.  Act as though the world is watching and continue to create something worth being proud of.

Monday 4/16
It's time to make a choice.  We need to take action now and not waste time wondering which is the best way to go.  Just go and let it all unfold.  Some of the stress we feel when we look at making a choice will ease when we start moving again.  Get out of the mind and back into the body.  Move it.

Tuesday 4/17
Let's not wait a moment longer.  Let's bring in the energy of what's wanted and desired and become it.  Too often we get stuck on lists of the conditions we need to make things happen.  Let's chuck the list and just be in it now.  Think of the desired energy and have it.  Just feel it.  Let the rest fall into place.

Wednesday 4/18
We can see far now and it feels good to know that so much is possible.  The only real problem we have is being overwhelmed by the vastness of it all.  There are so many options available that it's hard to know where to focus.  Be with it all for a day or two.  Let it shake down naturally.

Thursday 4/19
A burst of creativity is potent in its power to move us forward.  So strong is this energy that it threatens to throw us off balance and distract us from the tasks at hand.  It's a challenge finding a way to channel this fire effectively.  Staying in motion helps.  Don't let it build up and become explosive.

Friday 4/20
Notice the negativity in the air and decide to step out of it.  Cynicism is contagious and it will infect every area of life if we let it.  See it in others and unhook.  See it in ourselves and gently say no.  We can always choose to crush our hopes, wishes and dreams.  Let's not.

Saturday 4/21
We may be stuck in the middle of a very sticky space.  We don't know which side to align with and perhaps picking a side isn't the ultimate answer.  Look for the middle ground and be comfortable there.  It's a challenge because we want a viewpoint to create from.  The middle offers more options, even if it's a bit fuzzier.

Sunday 4/22
Just stop everything today and enjoy the abundance of the moment.  Listen to the birds, feel the sun and smell the flowers.  Abundance is recognizable through the five senses of the body.  Open up and let it in.  It's an excellent day to step away from responsibilities and just relish the beauty of life.

need help with the energy this week?

Sometimes we work without knowing what the results will be.  This is one of those time periods where we just have to operate on a degree of faith that our efforts will be recognized and rewarded.  Even more importantly, we need to feel good about what we're doing and all that we're learning in the process.  This awareness is more valuable that the validation of others by far.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 4/15 - 4/21

Heavy energies are lifting and moving our of your body and psyche.  A problem that seemed unsolvable is getting a healing and it's helping you believe in magic again.  This shift couldn't have come at a better time as you're ready to take a leap of faith into the unknown.  Give yourself a little more time to reach a space of clarity, Aries.  You're almost there.  Try to limit how other people influence you this week.  You're vulnerable as you stand on the edge of your dream.  Don't let others talk you out of what you know is possible.  

Keep an eye on your stress level, Taurus.  You're pushing yourself to the breaking point and if you don't slow down, you might crash and burn.  There is something driving you that just isn't true.  A fear has taken over and it's making you fee threatened in a major way.  Just unhook.  It sounds easy and it is.  Tap back into a stream of faith so that you can move through all the changes in your life with grace.  You may not recognize how much support is out there for you.  Seek it out.  You won't have to look far.

You are fixated on your new vision and prepared to do what it takes to make it real.  You're not in the mood for distractions and this could cause the people around you some trouble is they try to get your attention, energy and time.  Try to be compassionate, Gemini.  You're irresistible right now and people want to be close to your fire.  Though you know what you want, your feelings are shifting quickly from elation to despair.  Allow the flow to unfold.  There is wisdom in all of it, even though it might not seem like it.

You're very clear about some much needed changes that need to happen.  Some of the work ahead doesn't look that fun and you might want to avoid it but the sooner you confront what's not working, the sooner you'll be on to new and better things.  It's time to choose what you really want, Cancer.  Don't talk yourself out of it or take the safe route.  You need risk now.  A party or celebration can lift your spirits.  Accept all invitations even if you feel like connecting will keep you from more important work.  You totally need to play!

A big wish is on the cusp of becoming a reality.  Notice how nervous this makes you, Leo.  Prepare to experience a mild depression as what you want comes into focus.  The depression is just  signal that you need to create a new dream and goal to strive for.  If you have the chance to travel this week, do it.  You're ripe for adventure and will have insights and experiences on the road that can help you craft a new vision.  Watch out for needless conflict and step away when it flares up.  It's not your problem to solve.

It's time to let go of a fantasy that once provided healthy escape.  This fantasy has become limiting and releasing it will set you free for more expansive spaces.  A big healing is underway, Virgo and it might catch you off guard.  Old stuff is coming up and out and you might not feel well.  Trust the process even if you have no idea where it's taking you.  You're ready to explore new ideas and new ways of being.  It's an excellent time for a class or a good book.  Your mind is ripe and ready for fresh insight.

Your world is shifting Libra and you're struggling with uncertainty about where it's all leading.  You have a sense that many wonders await you but there's also fear of the unknown.  Relax into knowing that it's all good.  Your mind is racing and it's important to seek out activities that sooth and calm.  Stay in motion and you'll find your energy flowing smoothly and seamlessly.  A minor disappointment is threatening to overtake you.  See this as a small scale bump as opposed to a major glitch.  That's all it is.

Protect yourself from someone who's competitive and jealous energy is threatening to shake you out of your center.  The good news about this situation is that it shows you how much you have built and how much you have worth protecting.  This is a form of validation even though it's unpleasant.  Your intuition will guide you.  Don't talk yourself out of what you see and know.  It's a little lonely right now as you find a way to forge a new path.  Looking for guidance is fruitless unless you're looking inside.

You're feeling a little stuck this week, Sagittarius.  Stop trying to extract yourself from everything you don't like.  Just relax and let the heavy energies pass.  This requires you to trust that change is coming without effort on your part.  You are almost ready to launch a new project and take a big risk.  It's not quite time yet, so rest up and prepare.  A part of you is working through a lot of fear.  Be willing to see yourself in this process.  Trying to pretend it's not happening isn't helpful and it won't let you get the best of all that you're becoming aware of.

You've got a lot going on and may feel pulled in many different directions this week. Capricorn.  It's irritating to lose focus when you feel you have so much at stake.  It's going to be okay and there's a lot of support available, you just have to ask.  Open up and allow more flow.  You have so much to feel proud of and you've accomplished so much and yet, there's something missing.  You can't quite put your finger on it and it's driving you a little crazy.  As soon as you stop looking, you'll find it.

Trying to repress uncomfortable feelings isn't helping, Aquarius.  Let it all come up and out.  You love to keep things boxed up and tidy but now is the time to let is all unravel.  Don't be afraid to be a mess.  You need a chance to put everything back together in a new and fresh way.  Mixed messages from someone you count on for support is driving you a bit crazy.  Unhook from needing answers and listen to your intuition.  You know more than you give yourself credit for.  You've just been looking in the wrong place for answers.  Expect more and more clarity to arrive.  Once it arrives, forward motion will be easy.

It's a great week to cut loose and have a little fun, Pisces.  There's nothing that's more important than you loving your life right now.  Tapping into your sense of fun and amusement can help you attack challenges creatively and effectively.  Feel free to celebrate everything.  In doing so, you'll make more magic.  A heaviness is lifting from your shoulders and it feels good.  You've been carrying quite a few burdens, some don't even belong to you.  Set it all down now and rediscover the childlike wonder you once had in spades.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get ready to LEAP

How are you, friends?

We're reaching the end of the Mars retrograde, which means that we'll soon feel more energized, more passionate and more primed to leap into new spaces.  I bet you're ready!

As we reach the end of this cycle, many of us have cooled it down a bit.  Whatever felt unbearable in February and March might seem more tolerable now.  After weeks and weeks of seeing and experiencing blocks and detours and being unable to manifest change the way we want to, many of us have reached a place of resignation.  There's still plenty we don't like but we're no longer straining to find a way to change it all this minute.  Instead, a quietness has descended as if we know with certainty that we just have to wait a little longer.

Being resigned is not defeat, it's knowing that there are forces beyond our control.  Resignation is a powerful space to be in, for it allows more fluidity, it allows us to sink into a deeper space of acceptance.  Just as we take shelter during a hailstorm or blizzard, the retrograde has pushed many of us to pull back and retreat while waiting for favorable conditions to return.

Let's decide to be kind to ourselves as the planets line up to help us take action and apply our will.  The alternative is to feel the resignation and feel terrible about it.  Just say no to that!

I was fortunate to run into the lovely Kathleen Peterson, last week at a party.  She autographed one of her books, We Are Here For You, and gave it to me as a gift.  I've been picking it up randomly and taking in the messages she channeled from a number of avatars, angels and enlightened beings.  I've never been that interested in guides and angels (I'm way too self important to give credit to my guides!) but this book has given me excellent food for thought at the exact moment I need it.

I opened the book today to a chapter called Aiene.  It's about loving the earth and all it provides for us.  I had just taken a walk through my lovely, mountain town, enjoying the sun and the breeze and the sound of the birds when I came across this quote: "If you listen with an open heart, you can hear nature's orchestra preforming some of the most joyous music.  Take the time to appreciate all that nature has to offer.  Connect with nature and feel the peace that emanates from each tree, animal, bird, waterway, and blade of grass doing what they committed to do.  Nature speaks to you and will share her secrets with you if you open your heart and ears."

If you're weary and unsure of the future right now, tune in to the beauty all around.  Let the resignation happening by the entree into a be here now healing.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/9 - 4/15


It's important that we pay attention this week to what's happening all around.  Little miracles are popping up and making life easier and more fun.  The more we see and validate the miracles, the bigger they become.  We're going to have so many opportunities to have more of what we want.  The only thing is, it won't look like it at first and we might reject something wonderful simply because it doesn't fit the picture we have.  Be open and be free from any preconceived ideas or expectations.  It's not easy to get totally free but the more we work it, the more magic we'll recognize as it unfolds.

Monday 4/9
We're being recognized for hard work and diligent effort and the rewards are wonderful.  Relish the spoils and shake off the tendency towards false modesty.  Sometimes, pride is called for and today we can shine, knowing that we've earned every second of it.  Share the celebratory energy with anyone and everyone who lent a hand.  This kind of generosity begets more abundance.

Tuesday 4/10
Be observant today.  Notice the slightest nuances of energy and emotion in the environment.  The more open we become to everything as it is, the more we see the little moments of divinity that are always available to us.  Even spaces that look stagnant and unyielding have lessons and wisdom to offer.  See value in everything and life becomes richer.

Wednesday 4/11
Be conservative in action and word today.  There are minor threats lurking around and though there's really nothing to fear, being mindful is a good idea.  Someone may be coveting what we have.  If we aren't careful we may lose a source of support or an otherwise important resource.  It's harder to lose something when we're aware of what we have.  Take stock.  

Thursday 4/12
Something wonderful is about to run by.  Grab it when it comes.  This isn't the kind of opportunity we'll have time to think about.  We need to act and act with decisiveness.  Shake off any doubts and just jump headlong into it, whatever it is.  This is something we may have once thought would never present itself.  Don't let shock prevent capitalizing on this.

Friday 4/13
It's time for a refresher on a dream level.  We've been carrying old stuff into a new future and it's slowing everything down.  Sometimes we literally need to sit down and review our hopes, wishes and dreams and do a bit of a purge.  Some dreams need to be brought into present time to suit who we're becoming.  Now is an excellent time for updating and releasing.

Saturday 4/14
Recognize how much change is really happening.  We often don't see it, so eager we are to have something solid and predictable to count on.  We try and block out the power of what's happening on levels unseen.  This kind of blindness isn't helpful right now.  We need to be awake and aware and willing to acknowledge that we're being thrust into new, bigger and more exciting territory.

Sunday 4/15
We need both the rational mind and the power of our feelings to pull us forward.  It's tricky to find a balance between the two.  Today it's essential that we work towards it.  We don't have to master it, just trying and being willing is enough to get us moving in a positive direction.  Both are asking for the same thing and knowing this will help tremendously.

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Ease up on the effort and just be with everything the way it is.  Create and cultivate more fluidity.  This is where the magic can be found and enjoyed.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 4/8 - 4/14

You're on edge, Aries and may perceive threats where there are none.  Your intuition is trying to show you back to a safe space but it's up to you to go.  The lack of security is an inner condition which is not being projected out into the world.  Consider this before taking any drastic action.  Look back into your past and reclaim some rituals and traditions that have been cast aside.  You might just find comfort in old, familiar practices.  You can update these practices to fit who you are now.  Make time to cut loose and play.  It's just about the most spiritual thing you can do this week.

It's starting to feel like a whole new world is opening up, Taurus and you are oh so ready.  New opportunities are taking shape and life is starting to feel more effortless.  It's hard to relax into this new energy and a part of you is still waiting for something terrible to happen.  Notice your vigilance and let it go.  You're safe now.  Continue to grieve an ending that has challenged you to your core.  Soon you'll be moving into new delights and the pain will fade and fly away.  Get out and explore new pleasures.  You're ripe for discovery and now is the time to stumble into joy. 

You're a little moody and extra emotional this week, Gemini as you try and figure out exactly what you want.  You keep changing your mind and your feelings are shifting even more quickly.  Just allow yourself to entertain a whole host of possibilities without feeling like you need to choose one now.  The vision you seek is taking shape, so give it some space to do so.  There's a new wisdom emerging and it can help you feel safe even when you have no evidence to support this notion.  Get quiet and listen when you can because the information coming through will stun and delight you.

You've been embroiled in quite a lot of conflict and it's taking a toll on you, Cancer.  You may win this round but victory is not satisfying.  You've been feeling alone and unsupported in your battles and even though you're winning it's not bringing the support and validation you seek.  Put down your weapons for in being willing to be vulnerable, you'll find what you seek.  The betrayal that seems so clear to you is really just a shadow and a phantom.  No one is out to get you.  As soon as you see this, your abundance energy and feeling of security will start to take on deeper roots, allowing you to relax again.

It's an excellent time for risk and expansion, Leo.  You're ready so shake of the doubt and grab the tiger by the tail.  You need adventure now and if you don't honor this need, things could get very unpleasant.  Find a healthy outlet for your wanderlust.  A shadow's been hanging over you.  It has something to do with regret and failure but did you really fail here?  Get yourself off the hook because what didn't work out was not due to lack of effort on your part.  Somethings just aren't meant to be.  Mixed messages are making it worse.  Drill down to your own truth because it's real and healing.

You're being dragged into chaos this week and you're not in the mood.  It's time to get organized and clean stuff up Virgo, so having so much conflict and tension in your environment is hard to handle.  You can excuse yourself from all the messes you didn't create.  All you need is permission to do so.  Save your healing energy for spaces that can actually catalyze your life and propel you forward.  Employ patience with yourself and others as it will serve you in staying calm and centered.  An opportunity is coming soon.  Seize it as soon as you see it without hesitation.  Don't let your mind talk you out of it.

You have the ability to see past all the fluff on top this week.  A part of you wants to get snowed, Libra.  You want to believe everything is nice and pretty but this won't serve you.  See the manipulation even if it breaks your heart a little.  Knowing what's really going on will help you make clear choices and direct action.  Expect to feel moody as you sift through what's real and imagined.  Let your mind consider all possibilities.  You've been unknowingly limiting your potential and it's time to stop.  Allow for more flow so that you can move easily from one space to the next with no drag.

Heavy energies are lifting, leaving you freer to explore and play.  Don't let lingering stress prevent you from moving forward fully and with optimism.  Your creative energy is high and it's causing you to feel impatient and anxious.  find a way to get this energy flowing, Scorpio.  There's no need to let it become a problem.  You're very aware of things you no longer enjoy or that aren't functioning the way you want them to.  Now is your chance to redefine your role and create your life to reflect who you are becoming, not who you've been.  Take full advantage of this awareness.

You're anxious to review something from the past that has reemerged with intensity.  The thing is, Sagittarius, there isn't much to look at.  You've already extracted all the value you can, so give yourself permission to move forward.  feeling irritable is a sign that you're ready to find new outlets for your creativity.  Get out and explore.  Your dreams have clues, so try and jot down the most powerful images upon waking.  You'll be amazed at the guidance coming through now.  Balance has never been your forte but it's worth working on now.  Put some energy into areas of your life that have languished from lack of care.

You have the time and space to focus on pleasure this week but will you do it? Indulge, Capricorn.  Appeal to all five senses.  Keep it healthy and make time to love that body and life of yours.  You've been working diligently on a long term project.  You've yet to see results but it's clear that this will bring tremendous success at some point in the future.  Continue to work away but allow breaks.  This is not a race.  A whole new world is starting to unveil itself to you.  The beauty and the magic ahead is stunning and you might find yourself distrusting it or trying to downplay your excitement.  Stop it and just enjoy!

It's a magical time in your life, Aquarius.  You're taking big risks and creating soft landings.  It's making you even bolder and wilder.  It's an excellent time to take charge of something that has been unruly and difficult to manage.  You've been putting off taking this on but it's time.  A part of your feels like working on this will derail other projects.  Not so.  Getting things tidied up will actually make you more productive over time.  Notice an old wound and be willing to sit with it for a moment.  Just acknowledging it could be all you need to heal it. Honor the pain for it has wisdom to share with you.

It's time to lay in old grudge to rest.  It just doesn't serve you to carry this around, Pisces.  You may not realize how much this old resentment has been defining who you are now.  Once you see it clearly, you'll be glad to get rid of it.  There's something you want so badly that it actually causes pain.  Perhaps its time to take another look at this desire and set yourself free?  If you can get a little space from it and the intense feelings around it you can actually manifest an updated and very satisfying version of it.  A burst of creative fire can take you far.  Work with it and let it carry you.  There's no need to try and control it.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We humans are fond of construction.  We build buildings, vehicles to transport ourselves, we construct plans and goals, relationships and families.  But most of all and we construct ideas about who we are what what our lives mean.

This has been a tremendous time period of deconstruction on our planet.  Everywhere we turn, we see what's not working, what needs repair and what has completely fallen apart.  It's in the stars.  Forces are working to crack apart everything we count on for stability and sensibility.  Many of us are going through changes and facing challenges we never anticipated.  It's scary and exhilarating.  Some of us feel ready, some of us don't and most of us are somewhere in the fuzzy space between.

I was struck yesterday, watching footage of the tornadoes in Texas (my thoughts and prayers are with you!)...watching huge, semi trucks flying through the air like sticks and landing in a heap of crushed metal, that much of what we've constructed is actually very dangerous for us. 

Seeing the power of nature is an incredible thing.  We live on earth and unpredictable events are par for the course.  What would our world be like if we were constructing homes and methods of transport and cities that worked WITH the earth?  How does this extend to us as individuals?  Are we staying open and malleable to the conditions on our ever changing planet or are we trying to hang on to stiff and outdated structures that no longer serve us?

We've constructed a way of being that in many ways is anti-earth.  It's anti human.  We're not honoring the soft, fluid quality of our lives here and instead relying on rigidity, metal and angles to make ourselves feel strong and protected.  I have a feeling that more and more of us are waking up to this fact and preparing to move into a new way of being in harmony with the world we inhabit.

So let's take this idea back to ourselves and the changes we can make in our own lives.  What in your inner world is like a glass-paneled sky scraper?  What in your world is like a Mac truck, barreling down the highway?  Is it a memory?  A feeling?  A story about your life and who you are in it?  It's time to bring these structures down, gently and carefully.

Think soft.  Think open.  THINK FAITH.

We have such a lovely world here and it's populated with so many moments of sheer joy and beauty and magic.  When did we stop looking for this in our quest to climb ever higher and achieve ever more?  When did convenience start to trump craft?  This is what's on my mind today and thought it's not the cheeriest topic, it's something we all need to look at.

Start working with the forces of deconstruction even if it leads you to a puddle of tears over what's ending.  There's a new way of being trying to be born now.  LET'S GO.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/2 - 4/8


We're coming to the conclusion of a couple of challenging. astrological patterns (the Mercury retrograde ends this week, and the Mars retrograde ends next week).  Sometimes as we come to the end, the energy that's pushing us to grow becomes more intense and urgent.  Notice this trend now and be willing to step back if necessary.  There may be things happening now that feel completely unbearable.  We're looking for that pop in the energy and it's coming whether it's one of our own making or one thrust upon us.  Let's prepare now by making sure we have things in place that nurture, rejuvenate and help us relax.  Nothing is more important than that quiet, core place of being in the midst of the chaos of life.  Find it, cultivate it and stop apologizing for needing it.  From this space, all things flow.

Monday 4/2
It's a little spooky out.  Everywhere we look we might see things that stoke the fires of fear.  We can get into the fear and spend some time getting to know it or not.  There's no right or wrong way to approach our challenges, but we do need to know that it will be nearly impossible to avoid feeling afraid at times today and it's okay.  Be with it all until there's no shadow worth worrying about.

Tuesday 4/3
Find a focus today and stick with it.  A lot can be accomplished but it will require some effort to keep things on track.  Notice the desire to drift away and keep coming back to what's at hand.  Look for the next, indicated action.  It's challenging to stay present even when there are no distractions.  Rewards are coming and knowing this should make the work more fun. 

Wednesday 4/4
It's time to unleash and be free.  There's no need for censorship or restraint.  That doesn't mean we need to totally lose control either. It just means that it's time to explore spaces we normally say no to, whether it's a way of communicating, thinking and/or being.  Let's find more freedom, now.  There's absolutely no reason not to and every reason to leap. 

Thursday 4/5
It will be tempting to try and resist some of the changes that are coming down the pike today.  We're just no sure we like everything being offered and that's okay.  There's no need to snap to a rush decision or judgement.  Just be willing to consider it all.  Willingness is an amazing space to explore, for in it we see the potential in everything.

Friday 4/6

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Watch the boundaries today.  There's a subtle or not so subtle threat in the air.  It's really nothing to worry about and it can be easily overcome but only if we acknowledge it and work with it.  If we try and pretend it's not there, we might just get a little roughed up in our innocence.  Be willing to see what you have and fend for it.  These moments helps us recognize our riches.

Saturday 4/7
We've got more change happening today and the best option we have is to roll with it and see where it carries us.  Trying to stay in control of all that's unfolding is a fruitless endeavor, so why try?  Just roll.  Big opportunities are coming and they're mixed up in a feeling of anxiousness.  Don't let the fearful moments make you believe that things are off track.  They're not. 

Sunday 4/8
Shake off any lingering stress from the week and just play.  We don't need to get anything done now, just play.  We all get cynical sometimes, especially when invited to relax into magic.  Watch for this tendency and just play.  So much is waiting to be discovered once we take off the cloak of defensiveness and rejection.  Let it all in and play!     

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Just take a break.  Some of us might be thinking we can't afford to take a break or that we've already taken too many.  Shake this thought off and find time for fun.  Creative energy will arrive once we pry ourselves away from our routines long enough to let it happen.  It's so worth it.