Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We humans are fond of construction.  We build buildings, vehicles to transport ourselves, we construct plans and goals, relationships and families.  But most of all and we construct ideas about who we are what what our lives mean.

This has been a tremendous time period of deconstruction on our planet.  Everywhere we turn, we see what's not working, what needs repair and what has completely fallen apart.  It's in the stars.  Forces are working to crack apart everything we count on for stability and sensibility.  Many of us are going through changes and facing challenges we never anticipated.  It's scary and exhilarating.  Some of us feel ready, some of us don't and most of us are somewhere in the fuzzy space between.

I was struck yesterday, watching footage of the tornadoes in Texas (my thoughts and prayers are with you!)...watching huge, semi trucks flying through the air like sticks and landing in a heap of crushed metal, that much of what we've constructed is actually very dangerous for us. 

Seeing the power of nature is an incredible thing.  We live on earth and unpredictable events are par for the course.  What would our world be like if we were constructing homes and methods of transport and cities that worked WITH the earth?  How does this extend to us as individuals?  Are we staying open and malleable to the conditions on our ever changing planet or are we trying to hang on to stiff and outdated structures that no longer serve us?

We've constructed a way of being that in many ways is anti-earth.  It's anti human.  We're not honoring the soft, fluid quality of our lives here and instead relying on rigidity, metal and angles to make ourselves feel strong and protected.  I have a feeling that more and more of us are waking up to this fact and preparing to move into a new way of being in harmony with the world we inhabit.

So let's take this idea back to ourselves and the changes we can make in our own lives.  What in your inner world is like a glass-paneled sky scraper?  What in your world is like a Mac truck, barreling down the highway?  Is it a memory?  A feeling?  A story about your life and who you are in it?  It's time to bring these structures down, gently and carefully.

Think soft.  Think open.  THINK FAITH.

We have such a lovely world here and it's populated with so many moments of sheer joy and beauty and magic.  When did we stop looking for this in our quest to climb ever higher and achieve ever more?  When did convenience start to trump craft?  This is what's on my mind today and thought it's not the cheeriest topic, it's something we all need to look at.

Start working with the forces of deconstruction even if it leads you to a puddle of tears over what's ending.  There's a new way of being trying to be born now.  LET'S GO.



Tina Cornell said...

Absolutely what I've been feeling lately Julia, you nailed it. I'm sure that things can't stay the same, but I'm unsure of how to proceed. I'm hoping that all of us humans can rise to the occasion we've been given to evolve.

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

thanks for your thoughts, tina. it's scary because to dismantle is to invite chaos but if we don't start thinking more about being in harmony with our earth, where are we headed?

i could give up a lot live in order to help make the world more harmonious. to sacrifice means 'to make sacred.' let's make this reality more sacred!