Monday, April 16, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/16 - 4/22


We've got a lot on our plates this week.  We're working hard and wondering where the payoff is.  It's coming!  We might not see where we're going yet but good things are on the horizon.  Let's continue to hone skills and garner more experience.  We're crafting and creating and refining now.  Soon we'll be seen as experts in the field and the harvest will be rich and varied.  Details are important and though we might want to rush through a project to reach completion, paying attention will pay off.  It's a good idea to plan a break or two so that the quality of our work remains consistently high.  Though it might not seem like it, we're being observed.  Act as though the world is watching and continue to create something worth being proud of.

Monday 4/16
It's time to make a choice.  We need to take action now and not waste time wondering which is the best way to go.  Just go and let it all unfold.  Some of the stress we feel when we look at making a choice will ease when we start moving again.  Get out of the mind and back into the body.  Move it.

Tuesday 4/17
Let's not wait a moment longer.  Let's bring in the energy of what's wanted and desired and become it.  Too often we get stuck on lists of the conditions we need to make things happen.  Let's chuck the list and just be in it now.  Think of the desired energy and have it.  Just feel it.  Let the rest fall into place.

Wednesday 4/18
We can see far now and it feels good to know that so much is possible.  The only real problem we have is being overwhelmed by the vastness of it all.  There are so many options available that it's hard to know where to focus.  Be with it all for a day or two.  Let it shake down naturally.

Thursday 4/19
A burst of creativity is potent in its power to move us forward.  So strong is this energy that it threatens to throw us off balance and distract us from the tasks at hand.  It's a challenge finding a way to channel this fire effectively.  Staying in motion helps.  Don't let it build up and become explosive.

Friday 4/20
Notice the negativity in the air and decide to step out of it.  Cynicism is contagious and it will infect every area of life if we let it.  See it in others and unhook.  See it in ourselves and gently say no.  We can always choose to crush our hopes, wishes and dreams.  Let's not.

Saturday 4/21
We may be stuck in the middle of a very sticky space.  We don't know which side to align with and perhaps picking a side isn't the ultimate answer.  Look for the middle ground and be comfortable there.  It's a challenge because we want a viewpoint to create from.  The middle offers more options, even if it's a bit fuzzier.

Sunday 4/22
Just stop everything today and enjoy the abundance of the moment.  Listen to the birds, feel the sun and smell the flowers.  Abundance is recognizable through the five senses of the body.  Open up and let it in.  It's an excellent day to step away from responsibilities and just relish the beauty of life.

need help with the energy this week?

Sometimes we work without knowing what the results will be.  This is one of those time periods where we just have to operate on a degree of faith that our efforts will be recognized and rewarded.  Even more importantly, we need to feel good about what we're doing and all that we're learning in the process.  This awareness is more valuable that the validation of others by far.

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