Monday, April 2, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/2 - 4/8


We're coming to the conclusion of a couple of challenging. astrological patterns (the Mercury retrograde ends this week, and the Mars retrograde ends next week).  Sometimes as we come to the end, the energy that's pushing us to grow becomes more intense and urgent.  Notice this trend now and be willing to step back if necessary.  There may be things happening now that feel completely unbearable.  We're looking for that pop in the energy and it's coming whether it's one of our own making or one thrust upon us.  Let's prepare now by making sure we have things in place that nurture, rejuvenate and help us relax.  Nothing is more important than that quiet, core place of being in the midst of the chaos of life.  Find it, cultivate it and stop apologizing for needing it.  From this space, all things flow.

Monday 4/2
It's a little spooky out.  Everywhere we look we might see things that stoke the fires of fear.  We can get into the fear and spend some time getting to know it or not.  There's no right or wrong way to approach our challenges, but we do need to know that it will be nearly impossible to avoid feeling afraid at times today and it's okay.  Be with it all until there's no shadow worth worrying about.

Tuesday 4/3
Find a focus today and stick with it.  A lot can be accomplished but it will require some effort to keep things on track.  Notice the desire to drift away and keep coming back to what's at hand.  Look for the next, indicated action.  It's challenging to stay present even when there are no distractions.  Rewards are coming and knowing this should make the work more fun. 

Wednesday 4/4
It's time to unleash and be free.  There's no need for censorship or restraint.  That doesn't mean we need to totally lose control either. It just means that it's time to explore spaces we normally say no to, whether it's a way of communicating, thinking and/or being.  Let's find more freedom, now.  There's absolutely no reason not to and every reason to leap. 

Thursday 4/5
It will be tempting to try and resist some of the changes that are coming down the pike today.  We're just no sure we like everything being offered and that's okay.  There's no need to snap to a rush decision or judgement.  Just be willing to consider it all.  Willingness is an amazing space to explore, for in it we see the potential in everything.

Friday 4/6

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Watch the boundaries today.  There's a subtle or not so subtle threat in the air.  It's really nothing to worry about and it can be easily overcome but only if we acknowledge it and work with it.  If we try and pretend it's not there, we might just get a little roughed up in our innocence.  Be willing to see what you have and fend for it.  These moments helps us recognize our riches.

Saturday 4/7
We've got more change happening today and the best option we have is to roll with it and see where it carries us.  Trying to stay in control of all that's unfolding is a fruitless endeavor, so why try?  Just roll.  Big opportunities are coming and they're mixed up in a feeling of anxiousness.  Don't let the fearful moments make you believe that things are off track.  They're not. 

Sunday 4/8
Shake off any lingering stress from the week and just play.  We don't need to get anything done now, just play.  We all get cynical sometimes, especially when invited to relax into magic.  Watch for this tendency and just play.  So much is waiting to be discovered once we take off the cloak of defensiveness and rejection.  Let it all in and play!     

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Just take a break.  Some of us might be thinking we can't afford to take a break or that we've already taken too many.  Shake this thought off and find time for fun.  Creative energy will arrive once we pry ourselves away from our routines long enough to let it happen.  It's so worth it. 


Reshma said...

Love these forecasts, some of the best I have seen on the web in terms of support and being authentic ! Thanks Julia !

Anonymous said...

Interesting day indeed! Got informed by my boss that he was letting me go because I wasn't a "good fit" for the job anymore. Totally took my by surprise, though I knew the new office manager didn't like that I occasionally questioned why things were done a certain way. OK. I was ready to leave that job anyway, but no idea what comes next!

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

thanks for the comments, friends! i do so love the weekly fortune forecast. where the info comes from, i'm not sure but i'm happy to be the conduit!