Monday, April 23, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/23 - 4/29


We're in terrible need to places to roam and spaces to visit...the more exotic, the better.  It's time to wander far from the familiar in a quest for expansion, creativity and new energy.  Let's go.  As we move into untested territory, we may find ourselves grieving over things we once loved but that have inevitably faded with time and use.  Be willing to say good bye to something that once offered structure as well as delight.  This space is only offering a stagnant quality at best.  We've taken ever drop out of it, making this week's purpose even more important.  Seek!

Monday 4/23
We can make wonderful things happen when we let go of the struggles we experience internally.  Just say no to tying up energy in silly conflict.  It's not worth it, it's not fun and it's not working.  As soon as we let go of the battle we experience internally, things start to come together more smoothly and in better shape.

Tuesday 4/24
There's a powerful healing underway though one wouldn't know it.  What's happening doesn't look like healing.  It looks more like everything painful and ugly has been dredge to the surface for review.  Work it!  Use this window of awareness to make the most of this opportunity to shed and be free of old junk.  Love it up.

Wednesday 4/25
We're at the end of something whether we're ready or not.  Moving through this doesn't have to be massively painful.  It can be smooth and easy if we get out of our own way and just let it slide on by.  There's nothing to hold onto here except maybe memory, ideas and old feelings.  Make way for something fresh and exciting.

Thursday 4/26
We need to find the middle ground today of any issue or space that is causing us to feel split in our loyalties and attention.  There's no way to pick one side of this strange space and feel right about it.  The only right space is the one that's neutral and able to see the wisdom of all sides.  This is worthy work for the day.

Friday 4/27
Part of cultivating power is fun.  We need to have fun to get energy moving.  If we take the notion of power too seriously, we might just start to struggle and fuss about who has it and who doesn't.  Decide what you want to invest in and then get behind it, without apology or explanation.  This is the greatest power of all.

Saturday 4/28
We're in the shadows and it's pretty frightening.  Everywhere we look, we see worst case scenarios and future imagined problems.  None of this will matter as long as we stay awake to what's happening and understand our need to see all the bad stuff and very little of the good stuff.  If we know and take ownership of our attitude, all will be well.

Sunday 4/29
We just don't know how important the delays and problems we're dealing with are.  There's no way to see how these events shape and mold us, helping us to become more of who we are.  This is worth pondering today because there are many delays and frustrations to confront and how we get through it totally depends on our ability to not take it all to heart.

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Do whatever it takes to get off the beaten track.  Untold treasures await...

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