Monday, April 30, 2012

Fortune Forecast 4/30 - 5/6


We've been pushing uncomfortable feelings down and avoiding a wave of passion.  Perhaps we think it will throw everything into chaos to entertain these potent forces but trying to avoid them is what will tip the applecart.  We need space to let things flow through us.  We need techniques now to help us move with the energy not against it.  The pressure that's building inside is about to get explosive.  It can be avoided but action must be taken and soon.  Write it, sing it, paint it, dance it.  Find new ways of expression to get energy moving.  Trying to keep a cork on it is going to lead to major crazy.  You've been forewarned!    

Monday 4/30
It's time to get back on top of a situation that has run amok.  Perhaps we've hoping things would correct themselves but it's becoming apparent that that's not going to be the case and any further delay will actually make things worse.  Let's dig deep and find the energy we need to confront this unpleasantness, once and for all.  It will feel so good to right this wrong.

Tuesday 5/1
We have much to celebrate and enjoy these days.  Resources are plentiful and we've honed skills and abilities that make us more crafty and competitive.  Still, there seems to be something missing.  Let's call it fun.  There's been a lot of seriousness in the air and it's preventing us from seeing how much we have that's absolutely lovely and wonderful.

Wednesday 5/2
There's something a bit spooky or frightening happening today and we may find ourselves doing everything we can to avoid it.  The opposite is called for though.  We need to head into it.  Face the shadows and discover what's lurking there.  Something powerful is unfolding but we might miss it if we refuse to look more deeply into the gloom.

Thursday 5/3
We might have just won a prize and yet it feels as if we lost a lot trying to win it.  We may have gotten what we wanted but it didn't feel the way we expected it to.  Expect to celebrate this victory alone.  We can take it to heart that no one is in a position to celebrate with us or we can just shake it off.  Shake it off!

Friday 5/4
Put some thought into ways to facilitate more balance in the daily routine.  A little more energy here or there could help us start to fee more peaceful and calm no matter what challenges we may be facing.  Don't hesitate to pull back from a project or connection that has demanded too much for too long.  A wonderful shift will happen with more equilibrium on all fronts.

Saturday 5/5
It's important to take time off just to enjoy life and this is one of those times.  We often put off doing what we love because there are more important things that need to get done but truly, what's more important than enjoying this sweet life of ours?  Make feeling good a top priority today and everyday.  Simple delights lift spirits high.

Sunday 5/6
Creative energy can bring chaos along with it.  Creative energy is unpredictable and sometime volatile.  It's impatient and restless and when it moves through our bodies, it can be unbalancing.  It's a challenge to get this energy flowing in a way that feels productive and fun.  That is the task today.  Find way to get the fire flowing and productive.

need help with the energy this week?


In any and all ways possible.  Let loose.

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