Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get ready to LEAP

How are you, friends?

We're reaching the end of the Mars retrograde, which means that we'll soon feel more energized, more passionate and more primed to leap into new spaces.  I bet you're ready!

As we reach the end of this cycle, many of us have cooled it down a bit.  Whatever felt unbearable in February and March might seem more tolerable now.  After weeks and weeks of seeing and experiencing blocks and detours and being unable to manifest change the way we want to, many of us have reached a place of resignation.  There's still plenty we don't like but we're no longer straining to find a way to change it all this minute.  Instead, a quietness has descended as if we know with certainty that we just have to wait a little longer.

Being resigned is not defeat, it's knowing that there are forces beyond our control.  Resignation is a powerful space to be in, for it allows more fluidity, it allows us to sink into a deeper space of acceptance.  Just as we take shelter during a hailstorm or blizzard, the retrograde has pushed many of us to pull back and retreat while waiting for favorable conditions to return.

Let's decide to be kind to ourselves as the planets line up to help us take action and apply our will.  The alternative is to feel the resignation and feel terrible about it.  Just say no to that!

I was fortunate to run into the lovely Kathleen Peterson, last week at a party.  She autographed one of her books, We Are Here For You, and gave it to me as a gift.  I've been picking it up randomly and taking in the messages she channeled from a number of avatars, angels and enlightened beings.  I've never been that interested in guides and angels (I'm way too self important to give credit to my guides!) but this book has given me excellent food for thought at the exact moment I need it.

I opened the book today to a chapter called Aiene.  It's about loving the earth and all it provides for us.  I had just taken a walk through my lovely, mountain town, enjoying the sun and the breeze and the sound of the birds when I came across this quote: "If you listen with an open heart, you can hear nature's orchestra preforming some of the most joyous music.  Take the time to appreciate all that nature has to offer.  Connect with nature and feel the peace that emanates from each tree, animal, bird, waterway, and blade of grass doing what they committed to do.  Nature speaks to you and will share her secrets with you if you open your heart and ears."

If you're weary and unsure of the future right now, tune in to the beauty all around.  Let the resignation happening by the entree into a be here now healing.


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