Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 4/29 - 5/5

Stop being so hard on yourself Aries!  You're your own worst enemy this week.  It's time to address stress management and try something new to help yourself handle the volume of work you're dealing with.  Allow mistakes and lose the insanely high expectations you've fixed your sights on.  Healing energies will start to come through as soon as you surrender a bit.  Sleep needs to be a top priority.  You simply can't push yourself this way without breaks and pleasure.  Only you can give yourself permission to stop.  Do it before you collapse in a heap!

You've been holding back and trying to push complicated feelings away.  The thing is Taurus, this stuff isn't going to just go away.  Take time to tune in and listen to what your guidance is telling you.  There's nothing to be afraid of.  You recently carved out a wonderful space of stability and now find yourself trying to defend it.  It's not going to collapse, so try not to worry.  Passion can take you to new places but only if you're willing to explore and play with it.  Make peace with a recent disappointment.  Resentment isn't good for you.

Balance has never been your forte but this week, its something worth striving for.  Some areas of your life get all of your energy while other areas suffer.  This just isn't going to work, Gemini, so start to become aware of how you can spread yourself more evenly.  A recent battle went your way but at quite a high cost.  You find yourself celebrating your victory alone and it hurts.  You're in the midst of shifting important relationship agreements and can expect to have more support from people who really see who you are soon.  Hang in there.

You're in a solid position but you don't feel like it.  This is causing problems, Cancer.  You've got to shake off the insecurity and see all that you have and can count on for support.  A new kind of power is coming into form.  It'll take time to understand how you can apply this to your life.  Watch out for feelings of impatience.  Being in a rush could make little troubles for you.  Your intuition is telling you something important.  Listen carefully even though what you're learning is in conflict with the reality you see before you.  You are being set free.

Researching and delving into new subjects is incredibly rewarding right now, Leo and you'll find you're practically insatiable.  Love is in the air as well this week and you feel soft and open with everyone who crosses your path.  This will help you create more depth and connection with the people you love the most.  Are you in the mood for a party?  The invitations are starting to pour in.  You're giving off such great energy that everyone wants a piece of it.  It will be interesting for you to find that balance between quiet study and all the lovely parties.

Hard work is in the stars this week, Virgo but it doesn't have to be drudgery.  You're honing important skills and working towards tremendous reward.  Keep going even if it seems like no one is noticing.  Make time for bursts of fun.  You're in the mood to explore and experiment and indulging this need will open you to new creativity.  A part of you is so ready to have your life look different.  You can hardly wait another second but wait you must.  You're moving into something exciting, it's just no quite here yet.  It's coming.

It's been a little heavy in your reality of late, Libra.  You're just not feeling your best and you find yourself wondering when things will turn in your favor.  You can facilitate healing by being kinder and gentler to yourself while you ride out this rough patch.  You have plenty of great resources to help you weather this little storm but it's hard to know how to apply what you have to the challenge in front of you.  Get some rest and love up your body.  Feeling better is the first step to moving into an easier time.  Indulge in the simplest of pleasures.

It's almost time to launch your latest project, Scorpio and you're filled with excitement and trepidation.  There's a ton of support rallied behind you, so relax into it and let it carry you through your nervousness.  Celebration is important.  Don't skip over it in your hurry to take on something new.  Bask in the validation people are offering so generously.  You earned it and it can help fuel the next wave of your creativity.  Don't hesitate to make a big decision now.  You won't feel totally ready but go anyway.  Moving forward is what's important here.

Things are moving quickly now and it's very difficult to get all the details right.  Cut yourself some slack, Sagittarius.  You don't need perfection right now.  Decide to have more fun with everything happening in your world because the truth is, it's pretty exciting.  You're having a hard time sinking into all the good things coming your way.  A part of you is suspicious that it could all disappear.  That's not going to happen.  In fact, more and better things are going to continue to come your way.  Get used to it and consider throwing a party to spread the bounty.

Tune in to what you're feeling Capricorn.  You've been letting your mind lead for a while now and there are feelings that could be important guidance and information for you.  Get more rest, be willing to dream and relax.  You're on the cusp of major change and may not know how to pull everything together.  Get more comfortable with the mystery of it all and know that it will come together.  Get in touch with past traditions.  You can find a lot of comfort in what used to offer structure and comfort.  Find a way to freshen it all up.

It's time to let your heart have a more prominent role in your life, Aquarius.  Allow your feelings to lead you a bit.  You tend to rely on intellect to navigate.  Now is the time for a shift.  Let how you feel guide you to new pleasures and adventures.  The old ways of dealing with problems isn't working anymore and it's frustrating.  Give yourself a chance to experiment and possibly fail.  No one's keeping track of this except you, anyway and you've always held yourself to nearly impossible standards.  You can try something new now and why not?

New ideas are coming in fast and furious, Pisces.  It's exciting and somewhat destabilizing because you simply don't know where to put the focus.  Give yourself a little time to let the best ideas rise to the top.  You're impatient and ready for change.  Adjust your pace because it's going to take some time to get everything in motion the way that you want it.  Plenty of people want to assist you.  Listen and contemplate the wisdom being offered to you.  You're almost ready to bust out and make magic happen.  It's going to be bigger and better than anything you can imagine.


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