Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 4/8 - 4/14

You're on edge, Aries and may perceive threats where there are none.  Your intuition is trying to show you back to a safe space but it's up to you to go.  The lack of security is an inner condition which is not being projected out into the world.  Consider this before taking any drastic action.  Look back into your past and reclaim some rituals and traditions that have been cast aside.  You might just find comfort in old, familiar practices.  You can update these practices to fit who you are now.  Make time to cut loose and play.  It's just about the most spiritual thing you can do this week.

It's starting to feel like a whole new world is opening up, Taurus and you are oh so ready.  New opportunities are taking shape and life is starting to feel more effortless.  It's hard to relax into this new energy and a part of you is still waiting for something terrible to happen.  Notice your vigilance and let it go.  You're safe now.  Continue to grieve an ending that has challenged you to your core.  Soon you'll be moving into new delights and the pain will fade and fly away.  Get out and explore new pleasures.  You're ripe for discovery and now is the time to stumble into joy. 

You're a little moody and extra emotional this week, Gemini as you try and figure out exactly what you want.  You keep changing your mind and your feelings are shifting even more quickly.  Just allow yourself to entertain a whole host of possibilities without feeling like you need to choose one now.  The vision you seek is taking shape, so give it some space to do so.  There's a new wisdom emerging and it can help you feel safe even when you have no evidence to support this notion.  Get quiet and listen when you can because the information coming through will stun and delight you.

You've been embroiled in quite a lot of conflict and it's taking a toll on you, Cancer.  You may win this round but victory is not satisfying.  You've been feeling alone and unsupported in your battles and even though you're winning it's not bringing the support and validation you seek.  Put down your weapons for in being willing to be vulnerable, you'll find what you seek.  The betrayal that seems so clear to you is really just a shadow and a phantom.  No one is out to get you.  As soon as you see this, your abundance energy and feeling of security will start to take on deeper roots, allowing you to relax again.

It's an excellent time for risk and expansion, Leo.  You're ready so shake of the doubt and grab the tiger by the tail.  You need adventure now and if you don't honor this need, things could get very unpleasant.  Find a healthy outlet for your wanderlust.  A shadow's been hanging over you.  It has something to do with regret and failure but did you really fail here?  Get yourself off the hook because what didn't work out was not due to lack of effort on your part.  Somethings just aren't meant to be.  Mixed messages are making it worse.  Drill down to your own truth because it's real and healing.

You're being dragged into chaos this week and you're not in the mood.  It's time to get organized and clean stuff up Virgo, so having so much conflict and tension in your environment is hard to handle.  You can excuse yourself from all the messes you didn't create.  All you need is permission to do so.  Save your healing energy for spaces that can actually catalyze your life and propel you forward.  Employ patience with yourself and others as it will serve you in staying calm and centered.  An opportunity is coming soon.  Seize it as soon as you see it without hesitation.  Don't let your mind talk you out of it.

You have the ability to see past all the fluff on top this week.  A part of you wants to get snowed, Libra.  You want to believe everything is nice and pretty but this won't serve you.  See the manipulation even if it breaks your heart a little.  Knowing what's really going on will help you make clear choices and direct action.  Expect to feel moody as you sift through what's real and imagined.  Let your mind consider all possibilities.  You've been unknowingly limiting your potential and it's time to stop.  Allow for more flow so that you can move easily from one space to the next with no drag.

Heavy energies are lifting, leaving you freer to explore and play.  Don't let lingering stress prevent you from moving forward fully and with optimism.  Your creative energy is high and it's causing you to feel impatient and anxious.  find a way to get this energy flowing, Scorpio.  There's no need to let it become a problem.  You're very aware of things you no longer enjoy or that aren't functioning the way you want them to.  Now is your chance to redefine your role and create your life to reflect who you are becoming, not who you've been.  Take full advantage of this awareness.

You're anxious to review something from the past that has reemerged with intensity.  The thing is, Sagittarius, there isn't much to look at.  You've already extracted all the value you can, so give yourself permission to move forward.  feeling irritable is a sign that you're ready to find new outlets for your creativity.  Get out and explore.  Your dreams have clues, so try and jot down the most powerful images upon waking.  You'll be amazed at the guidance coming through now.  Balance has never been your forte but it's worth working on now.  Put some energy into areas of your life that have languished from lack of care.

You have the time and space to focus on pleasure this week but will you do it? Indulge, Capricorn.  Appeal to all five senses.  Keep it healthy and make time to love that body and life of yours.  You've been working diligently on a long term project.  You've yet to see results but it's clear that this will bring tremendous success at some point in the future.  Continue to work away but allow breaks.  This is not a race.  A whole new world is starting to unveil itself to you.  The beauty and the magic ahead is stunning and you might find yourself distrusting it or trying to downplay your excitement.  Stop it and just enjoy!

It's a magical time in your life, Aquarius.  You're taking big risks and creating soft landings.  It's making you even bolder and wilder.  It's an excellent time to take charge of something that has been unruly and difficult to manage.  You've been putting off taking this on but it's time.  A part of your feels like working on this will derail other projects.  Not so.  Getting things tidied up will actually make you more productive over time.  Notice an old wound and be willing to sit with it for a moment.  Just acknowledging it could be all you need to heal it. Honor the pain for it has wisdom to share with you.

It's time to lay in old grudge to rest.  It just doesn't serve you to carry this around, Pisces.  You may not realize how much this old resentment has been defining who you are now.  Once you see it clearly, you'll be glad to get rid of it.  There's something you want so badly that it actually causes pain.  Perhaps its time to take another look at this desire and set yourself free?  If you can get a little space from it and the intense feelings around it you can actually manifest an updated and very satisfying version of it.  A burst of creative fire can take you far.  Work with it and let it carry you.  There's no need to try and control it.


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