Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cultivate the Calm

I'm working on my house today.  Getting ready to break out the boxes and start packing.  I'm moving in about 4 weeks.  Wow.  It's exciting and I can't wait to get to Santa Fe.

I had a shift over the last few days where I began to visualize more of what the house could be like.  I have a more developed sense of what it's most likely to be (small) and what it can look and feel like.  Julia New Mexico style.  Being able to picture it has been just one of the many stages of initiation I've been through since deciding to move.  I'm connecting to the experience.

What changes are you cooking up or perhaps being cooked by?

What I notice of late is that there's a core center of calm and then some turbulence all around it.  A lot of people are talking about this, experiencing both...the calm and the turbulence on top.  The elements of hysteria and frantic frenzy mixed in creates imbalance and leaves us uncertain. 

So many people have lately made reference to the calm place inside and their awareness of it.  This is the space I'm interested in.  This is the space worth seeking.

We seem to go in and out of contact with it but it's here.  We've been getting time with it.  And this is important.  This calm, certain place is where we make the best choices about our lives.  This is the wise part of us showing up to help. Acknowledge it and let it lead.

So I'm off to pack and connect to the calm center of knowing that no matter what life is leading you through, no matter how complicated your circumstances, there's a calm place of you the knows exactly what to do and what's unfolding.  May this calm center show us all the gifts of what we're going through.

Come see me Friday for the New Moon in Taurus.  I'll be taking calls Friday and Saturday morning and I'll also be available for Psychic Sunday.  All at  Let's talk New Moon, the calm center, living through change and whatever else pops up.

New Moon in Taurus, you ask?  Love your body.  Slow it all down.  Connect with the diligence it takes to see a goal to fruition.  Get earthy under this New Moon and indulge your senses.  Taurus is about connecting with the material...a curious and inquisitive approach to what feels good.  There's innocence to the bull.  A quality of wonder and a willingness to open to everything.  Let's let the jaded go and find the calm!


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You couldn't have said it any better, Julia! There is a calm at my very core, I haven't felt it for awhile. It feels very nice, not sure where I am heading today, but loving this feeling. I can feel new energy happening everywhere around me. How nice to know I can go to the security of that place of calm within. I'm sending you all kinds of love on your new journey! Thanks for what you share! Mary