Friday, April 27, 2012

So Many Ideas

I'm off my game in terms of my weekly musing. There have been many thoughts and ideas coming through but for some reason, I've struggled to get anything coherent out of it.  Of course, this won't stop me from trying.


Our lives change but do WE change?  Certainly we change but can someone who has a tendency to be shy become outgoing?  Can someone who enjoys quiet time becomes a person who's out in the world, busy non-stop?  Are there certain traits that stick with us for life and if so, can we make peace with these traits and stop seeing them as impediments and problems?  Can we challenge some of our traits while honoring them at the same time?


How honest should we be?  When the bank teller asks how we are, should we tell the truth if we're having a hard day or just say "I'm great!"?  I think about this one a lot and wonder just how much I should reveal and to whom.  Will my truth be misconstrued? probably.  Will sharing my truth shift energy in a positive way?  maybe.  We often feel vulnerable telling the truth, especially if that truth reveals a weak spot in our own psyche.  Is this bad?  Good?  Does it matter?


We all need time to pull away from the buzz and hum of life.  Some of us have found healthy ways to step away and some of us have not.  I recently pulled away a bit.  It felt so good.  It was a chance for me to connect with some quiet as I prepare for big changes (moving, etc).  Even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I experienced guilt about 'disappearing.'  Is disappearing ok?   It sure felt good!!  Perhaps I need to schedule these events so that they're planned well in advance but then I wouldn't be listening and responding to what my guidance is telling me to do NOW.


I got to explore some awkwardness this week as a guest on a radio show.  I just wasn't as articulate as I wanted to be and a question at the end of the show took me by surprise and I fumbled the answer.  This gave me a chance to take a closer look at what it means to be embarrassed. Who am I worried will be put off by this miniscule radio moment?  Am I really concerned that one awkward moment is going to have a serious and lasting impact on me on any level?  So I fumbled and mumbled a bit.  It's not the end of the world! 

Which leads me to:


Do we have to take everything so seriously?  Where is the levity and the range and the ability to change direction?  Seriousness descends sometimes like a storm cloud, killing our creativity as well as our ability to explore and change.  It makes our attempts at honesty feel so very life and death.  Seriousness sometimes makes us want to escape!  And if we weren't taking it all so seriously, we'd have little to be embarrassed about.

I'm obsessed with fluidity.  Our bodies are made up with water and we all know what it's like to flow.  I'm going to have a chuckle over all the seriousness happening around me these days because I just can't take some of this ridiculousness to heart anymore.  See?   I pulled it all together.  It just took me an extra day or two!



Ronni said...

Okay, I dig this. First off, the analytical breakdown of it all. Very capricorn. :0 Just bring in that fairy silly energy to counter that seriousness. I often get lost in the seriousness. It feels like weights. Too easy for me to stay there. And really okay to disappear for awhile! Didn't a wise person tell me that it's okay to take a break and rest? Hmmmmm...

TJ said...

I personally love the way you think, write and express yourself...You DO pull it all together-perhaps better than you know....xo TJ

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

so glad you enjoyed the article! sometimes I'm not sure if i'm making sense so it's really great to hear that you 'get' it.


now i can go back to resisting the gifts of the Super Moon. YAY!