Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking It In

In a cool space today.  Feeling like I just want to soak up this beautiful day and FEEL it all.  It's hard to stay connected to these bodies, don't you think?  Through the body, we experience the most profound pleasure as well as the most taxing pain.

So here I am, in a world that serves me well.  My attention is fully on the beauty, the sacredness and the magic.

Join me here!  I'm waiting...


Monday, May 28, 2012

Fortune Forecast 5/28 - 6/3


We're about to enter into a period of movement and dynamic change.  Many have felt stagnant, stuck and uninspired.  It's all changing now, so let's stop looking at what's not moving and put attention on what is.  It will take time to get momentum and speed.  Be patient and allowing.  Soon we'll be so darn busy and active that we might just look back on this quieter period with a degree of fondness.    

Monday 5/28
It's very difficult to get a sense of everything that's happening right now.  There are so many layers and meanings and dimensions to look at that it's positively overwhelming.  We might have to accept this for a little while because fighting it isn't going to change things.  All will become clear soon.

Tuesday 5/29
We can't see where we are or where we're going and it's easy to get spooked.  Take a few deep breaths and rest in the knowledge that everything is as it should be whether we can see it or not.  Powerful forces are taking us to new places and part of the passage is lacking in light.  It's ok.

Wednesday 5/30
It's a wonderful day, full of fantastic good fortune.  Little miracles are popping up at every turn and life feels blessed and full of ease.  It's an excellent time to play and experiment.  There's truly nothing to lose, especially after a few days of feeling disoriented and unsure.  Celebrate the return of light.

Thursday 5/31
The good fortune continues today.  Doors are opening and it's easier to move into positions that are prosperous and powerful.  The only downside to all this magic is trying to pick our favorite thing.  It's all so beautiful.  There's no need to rush into anything just yet.  Let it all settle in.

Friday 6/1
We need pleasure for the body today, healthy, nourishing pleasure.  Make an investment in self and the care of the body.  It's easy to shift energy and create healing when we value it and put attention on it.  Even small steps to create more health will feel good and have an impact.  Jump into it!

Saturday 6/2
Suddenly, what was once stagnant has started to move again.  It might not seem like a lot of movement at first but validate it anyway.  As we recognize the shift that's underway, we give it even more energy to clear away the old, heavy junk that was keeping us in place.  Be free now.

Sunday 6/3
We're reaching a breaking point with a situation that has long felt oppressive and unpleasant.  Get ready for a pop in the energy.  The best part of this whole thing is that as the energy breaks apart, we'll cease to criticize ourselves for the way we think we've handled things up to this point.

need help with the energy this week?

Let's stop the inner dialogue.  You know the one that's sarcastic and mean?  The one that looks on everything with scorn?  Let's instead be loving and amused with where we're at.  This will get things moving and create flow.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/27 - 6/2

You can move mountains this week Aries and it will be tempting to take on a little too much.  It's really important for you to identify and throw your weight behind exactly what you want, even if you think it's a long shot.  Good things want to come to you.  Take a deep breath and let it all in.  A part of you is so used to battling for you want that it's a challenge to just relax and sink into it.  There's no need to worry though you might.  You're in a stable time period, so do what you can to stop fretting.

It feels like the walls are closing in on you Taurus.  Your fears are potent and it's not clear what the best action is.  Somewhere inside you, you have all the told you need to weather this storm and prosper.  You have to get quiet fist, so that you can access your own wisdom.  There is so much dynamic energy in your world right now that part of your anxiety is really overwhelm.  Hold steady to the degree that you can because you're on the cusp of a big victory.  As you are seen as more of an expert, your fears will abate.

You're on fire, Gemini and are bursting for new opportunities and adventures.  You need a lot of room to roam this week.  If you try and force yourself to stay in the straight and narrow, you might end up in a pile of steaming frustration.  Some of your experiments are yielding brilliant results and others are falling flat.  What matters is your willingness.  Big lessons are unfolding and you might find yourself shocked to discover just how much you know and just how much magic you can bring to anything and everything.

You know so much about what's happening with the people around you.  The irrational behavior you're seeing is a sign that no one is grounded or centered.  They are depending on you Cancer to hold a space of safety and calm for them and when you're predisposed with your own projects, they might get angry.  Shake it off.  A new plan is starting to take shape and it's requiring a lot of attention.  Be willing to focus on what you want and let everyone else find their own way.  They'll thank you later.  

You're at a crossroads, Leo and it's time to pick a path.  There's no way to make a mistake here so just go, wherever on a whim.  Being practical can help but don't let it talk you out of pursuing a dream.  If you're willing to really commit, you'll find you can achieve just about anything.  Something wonderful is going to present itself this week.  Be prepared to act quickly if you want a piece of it.  There won't be a lot of time for contemplation, so trust your instincts and reach for what you want when it runs by.

Work your contacts this week, Virgo.  By communicating and spreading your message you'll find support and assistance in spaces you never could have anticipated.  This will boost your confidence and help you continue to work with diligence and focus.  It's time to open up to more feeling.  You keep a lot to yourself but in sharing it, healing can happen for you and everyone around you.  Your intuition can help lead you to new awareness and a new level of trust in your own wisdom.

Your mood swings are difficult to understand this week. Libra.  You're moving from happy to sad and back again with incredible rapidity.  Part of what's called for now is more.  You need more adventure, more excitement and more stimulation.  What can you do this week to break out a bit?  There's a feeling of stagnation happening that's about to drive you over the edge.  You can work with this to reach new places of consciousness but it requires action.  Get out there and let it happen.

You're so in the mood to dress up and get flirty, Scorpio.  You're dying for a party to go to and people to meet.  You can get your space hopping by accepting all invitations.  Perhaps it's time to throw your own party?  Your creativity if on high and everyone wants to join with your plans and ideas.  Be discriminating and graceful with everyone who wants a bit of your energy and attention.  You might feel overwhelmed by all the intensity this week.  Enjoy it while it lasts and rest when you can.

Love is a powerful force and you get plenty of opportunity to learn more about it this week, Sagittarius.  Make connecting and playing with others a top priority.  Don't worry too much if certain responsibilities languish a bit.  You'll get back to them with renewed focus and intensity if you let yourself explore a little.  Stop being so hard on yourself about things you have little control over.  There's just no need and it could be that the very things that vex you might be your lucky chance.

You know what you want Capricorn.  You don't need nearly as much help as you pretend.  Perhaps you're just not ready to go all the way?  Stop pushing yourself and get back to faith.  You're going to get there. Know it.  If it helps you feel more clear, write up a plan or make a map.  It will be reassuring to see everything broken into smaller steps.  You need both head and heart to pull you forward.   Can you get these two, potent forces working together? This needs to be a top priority now.

You're mind is racing with amazing ideas.  You see so many things that could happen in amazing ways.  It's not time to choose anything just yet, Aquarius.  Continue to let your mind spin.  Soon you'll be investing all of your energy into a new project and it will feel so good.  As you give yourself time to contemplate what you really want, you'll notice elements of disharmony in your environment that need healing.  A little effort will go a long way toward helping you create more space for great new things to show up.

Can you be at peace Pisces?  You've been waiting for a tense situation to reach resolution and it's causing you a lot of stress.  Is there a way to unhook from waiting and just choose more of what you want now? This is a wonderful space to contemplate this week.  As you choose your own happiness, even more happiness will happen.  A childlike wonder is taking hold and everything looks more beautiful and promising.  Get ready for a surge of passion and creativity.  the wave is coming and it's going to sweep you up.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breaking It Down

I'm breaking my house down.  10 days until our big move.  I wish I could let go of more stuff!  It feels so Venus retrograde, handling all these things we've collected, some useful, some not.  Objects get energy in them.  There's that dress worn long ago on a date that went awry or the old, silver mirror from a Grandmother that's about to fall completely apart.  There's the big armchair that got recovered only to have unruly cats scratch it to pieces again.  So much stuff and all of it has energy, some positive, some negative.

Venus is about what we value and often what we collect...what we think we might need or what we think we should have.  Going through the packing and moving feels like a way to connect with Venus.  I want to make the most of this opportunity to purge and release stuff that's no longer wanted or desired.  I'd love to clarify what I value, what's worth striving for and what's not.  I want to make room for a new dream and a new path to unfold. 

It's a lot of work!

The other aspect of the Venus retrograde that I find amusing is the intense self consciousness I suddenly feel about carrying a few extra pounds, or the fact that I keep breaking out.  Are you feeling a little disconcerted about the way you look?  I am. 

That's about all I have today, my friends.  I really need to go confront my office and pack up some papers.  It seems ridiculous to have to cart around 3-7 years worth of old bills.  How many trees died so that I can tote this stuff around?  I think in my next incarnation, I'm going to go total online billpay.  Thanks for showing me the value of this, Venus.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Fortune Forecast 5/21 - 5/27


It's time to slow down and connect with what's happening.  Try not to get too carried away into possible future scenarios.  Just be here with it all.  This may mean that rest is needed in one moment and in the next, we might need a lot of action.  The fluctuations in energy are fast and furious at this point, so get ready to roll.

Monday 5/21
Justice is served.  It might not look the way we imagined but it still delivers a sense of satisfaction.  Enjoy.

Tuesday 5/22
It's time to put work and responsibilities aside be unstructured and free.  It's more important than we know.

Wednesday 5/23
It's not easy to find the center today but try we must.  Indulge in things that help with moderation, healing and balance.

Thursday 5/24
Pick a path and go.  Waiting for some magical insight is impeding progress.  Action is more important than right.

Friday 5/25
Love all the beauty, abundance and bounty that's at hand.  There's plenty to go around, so share and receive it.

Saturday 5/26
It's a tough day with many challenges popping up.  Let go of perfection and just be in it.  Don't fight what's happening.

Sunday 5/27
We need something new and exciting to get involved in and it has arrived.  Jump in with gusto.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/20 - 5/26

You are so ready for your life to look and feel different, Aries.  You're bored out of your mind this week and may have doubts that things are actually in a very dynamic space of change.  Hang in there.  Could you be rushing because there are uncomfortable feelings rising to the surface?  Focus on healing so that you're not carrying old junk into your new future.  Stress relief techniques will pay off in a major way if you invest a little time and energy exploring them.

You're your own worst enemy this week, Taurus.  You want something and you want it fervently.  Why not admit it and make it ok?  Trying to repress or hide from your own intensity is going to get painful quickly.  Be willing to entertain the depths of what's driving your right now, without judgement.  You're getting ready to launch a big project and it's starting to come together.  Get ready for success.  It's pretty much guaranteed.

You're in the midst of powerful change, Gemini.  It's a bit of a mixed bag.  Parts of your life are soaring, while other parts seem stuck and unyielding.  Try not to think too deeply about what it all means.  You're just trying to catch up with your own growth.  Life can be more relaxed and easy if you let go of your need to figure it all out.  Find healthy ways to distract your mind.  It's ok to indulge in some healthy escapism this week.  You need a break!

This is not the most exciting cycle, Cancer.  You're working hard and you can see where you want to be.  Make sure you seek a bit of fun while you plug away.  Keep your spirits up for the long haul.  There are lots of new opportunities coming your way.  It's difficult to know which ones to throw your weight behind.  Go for the ones that take you out of your comfort zone.  Test new skills and put yourself in spaces that push you to be creative.  Experiencing this will come in handy.

You're in the mood to pull back a little this week, Leo.  The world is a little too nuts for you right now and a wonderful stream of new information is trying to come in.  Make quiet a priority and don't waste a second feeling guilty about it.  People are tugging on you because they want a does of your sunshine.  What they don't know is, if you don't get some rest you won't have any energy to offer them.  Let love fill you up so that you can offer it to those in need.

You might be puzzled by some of the emotions moving through you this week, Virgo.  There's an incredible complexity happening in your inner world that's difficult to articulate or explain.  There are people around you offering support and care.  Lean on them if you need to.  If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you'll find that validation for who you are and all that you offer comes pouring in.  Let it in.  Bask in it and let this energy help you forge your next step.

You're not feeling your best this week, Libra.  You just don't have a lot of energy or enthusiasm and that's ok.  Let yourself be filled up again.  You don't have to push it, just allow.  A new idea has you feeling overwhelmed.  You're not sure how to put this into play.  You don't need to know just yet.  It's all going to become clear so take a deep breath.  If you get an invitation, accept and go.  You need connection now to lift your spirits and get your laughing.

You're in a position of power, Scorpio and there's nothing to fear.  All the resources you need for success are at hand.  The funny thing is, it doesn't feel the way you thought it would.  It's not that fulfilling because what you really want is more connection and love.  All the material success in the world isn't as amazing as feeling close and loved.  You're planting seeds to create it.  It's going to take a little time for those seeds to flower but it's all coming together and soon.

You're so busy juggling tow difficult situations that you have little energy left for the rest of your life.  It might be time to make a choice, Sagittarius.  Decide where you want to be and get behind it.  You don't need to put up with things you no longer enjoy or find fulfilling.  Give yourself permission to move on.  Once you make peace with your need to get free, you'll find that opportunities for fun, play and adventure pop up out of nowhere.  It's incredibly validating.

You are so ready to be in a different space, Capricorn.  You know it's coming but this last little wait is agonizing.  Cheer up.  Find ways to entertain yourself.  You're being recognized for you expertise.  Let the praise sink in so that it can help fuel a risk or two.  Something you've been longing to create is quickly becoming a source of pain.  Perhaps it's time to update your goals and see where you are in your life.  You've outgrown more than you realize.

Everything is moving and changing, Aquarius.  You might find yourself positively disoriented.  Stay loose and let yourself be carried into unfamiliar terrain.  You're more ready than you realize.  You might find yourself worried about money and resources but you have what you need and there's more on the way.  Explore your creativity.  Some of your ideas are little goldmines.  All you need to do is stop talking yourself out of taking a leap.

Potent healing energies are coming in and giving you exactly what you need.  It might not feel like it as first, Pisces.  Just relax into it all and see what happens.  It's safe to trust now and your intuition is powerful.  Listen and let it guide you.  The pace is a bit frantic.  Can you slow down?  You don't need to let the frantic quality of the energy throw you off balance.  Step away when you need to to find your center.  As you do, your heart expands and overflows with magic.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Venus Retrograde...Oh My

Here we go...Venus is retrograde in Gemini.  Let's talk...

Venus retrograde in Gemini gives us a chance to review what we do to care for and nurture our bodies.  We might find ourselves preoccupied with our looks for better or worse.  Venus retrograde can help us make changes to boost how we feel and how we look but first, we might have to confront what we don't like.  Be forewarned. We're going to be more aware of what we consider our physical flaws as this pattern plays out.

Venus retrograde in Gemini can cause trouble with communication.  I've been getting alerts about hacking of email accounts, social media accounts and more.  It's a good time to change up those passwords. Much like a Mercury retrograde, this retrograde is in Mercury ruled Gemini, so we might find it challenging to share our thoughts and ideas in a coherent way. 

Venus retrograde in Gemini can help us think in new ways.  We're ready to open to new ideas and take up new interests.  We're going to be curious over the next few weeks.  We're going to be itchy to try new things and we'll also find ourselves changing direction quickly and possibly without rhyme or reason.  Let's move into this time period knowing we need to be flexible and adaptable.

Venus rules what we love, how we love and who we love, so relationships are also in the spotlight right now.  Gemini has us craving more freedom and we might chafe at commitment.  Keep an eye on feelings of resentment in ling standing partnerships and connections.  We may end a relationship during this cycle or find ways to spice things up in order to stay engaged.

Retrogrades can take the wind out of our sails for a bit.  We might lose motivation or feel stagnant as the retrograde begins.  Retrogrades ask us to be more internal, to reflect and look at areas that need change.  We should expect energies and issues to emerge from the depths.  As these older dynamics come to light, we might be annoyed, frustrated and flummoxed.   See these feelings as a vital part of the process.  Let it happen!

Everything we experience here is ok, especially if we make room for it and allow it.  It's the expectations that make a mess of things.  Now is an excellent time to take a look at the expectations you have about yourself, your life, your body, your work, your friends, and your partners.  This retrograde is offering a fresh start, a clean slate.  To get to the space of renewal, be willing to really acknowledge what's not working anymore and what needs to be shed.  Let the retrograde make space for NEW.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Fortune Forecast 5/14 - 5/20


Come back to this moment, this body, this home, this community.  Come back from the future, pull energy out of the past and really be a human being.  Everything we need is here.  It's not out there, hiding in some remote place.  It's all here and it can be found and enjoyed, in the body.  Let's take time this week to notice the beauty of the world we inhabit and if it's lacking in beauty, let's bring more.  Each of us is an alchemist, a magician, a poet and a priest.  We can bring the sacred to whatever is happening.  Let's do it!

Monday 5/14
The same old routine might be comforting but it's not as dynamic as we need it to be.  Venture out.  Try new things.  Delve into the unknown for in this space, new pleasures are waiting.  We've been hanging on to something old and used up.  It's okay to let it go now.  Make space for new and fresh.

Tuesday 5/15
It's time to look beyond the little details and see a bigger picture.  It's time to ask ourselves where we want to go and what we might be willing to change in order to get there.  Books and classes are appealing now as our mind is ripe for new ideas and greater expansion.  Let's go!

Wednesday 5/16
Things are starting to fall into place, in a wonderfully effortless way.  This is one of those days where we really see that our hard work has paid off, even though it seemed like it never would.  Enjoy the magical elements.  Drop the need to make everything a struggle and just let it fall together.

Thursday 5/17
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There's a wonderful feeling in the air today as we see in every corner and at every turn, the glimmering, magic of abundance.  Life feels rich and there's a sense that we can let go of the struggle.  Everything is alive with beauty.  Take time to enjoy it all.  There's no need to rush.

Friday 5/18
We're continuing with the wonderful streak of good luck that began a couple of days ago.  Good fortune has infused every moment of the day with potential, both great and small.  A celebration is called for and it's up to us to make it happen.  get some friends together and love the world as it is.

Saturday 5/19
We have time to get quiet and reflect today.  It's important and it can help us craft the next step in our journey.  Put all the work aside and just rest.  Ponder the mysteries of life...the big ones and the small ones.  Flashes of insight are ready to arrive.  Be prepared to receive them.

Sunday 5/20
Tempers are flaring today.  Could it be that as we integrate so much new energy, we have to find ways to release the older, heavier stuff? The answer is yes.  Don't use the excess energy to be destructive or rebellious.  Use it to create and make magic.  A masterpiece just might emerge.

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Shake it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/13 - 5/19

Your mind is being flooded with brilliant ideas.  There are so many gems, you hardly know where to start.  Give it a little time to sort itself out, Aries.  The best ideas will rise to the surface soon and you'll know what to do without effort or struggle.  As your new vision gets firmed up, you'll notice doubts and fears creeping in.  You might even be surprised by the intensity some of the flashes of fear bring your way.  Pay it no heed.  This is just a sign that you are on the right track.  Don't get discouraged.  You're finding new levels of wisdom and skill and it's all due to your willingness to exit the comfort zone.  Bravo.

You know what needs to be done but you're not quite ready for action, Taurus.  Partly because you're hesitant to get involved in a conflict or risk causing an escalation in an unpleasant situation.  There's only one way to get to the other side of this unnerving situation and that's to continue to walk through it.  Don't let your fear of confrontation stop you.  As soon as you get going, you'll feel immediate relief and new opportunities will arrive.  This will give you even more strength and purpose.  You're just cleaning up an old mess and once you start, you'll be so happy you did.

You're on fire Gemini!  You've got focus, purpose and passion.  The only downside is that the people around you need to understand what's happening with you so that they can either support you or get out of the way. Do your best to tell people what you need, otherwise, they are going to get run over.  You're sensitive to criticism and might perceive innocent comments as an attack.  Be mindful of this.  You don't need to be defensive, just keep going and let your actions speak for you.  Communication is what can make or break you this week.  Be honest, ask for help and minimize distractions.

It's a magical week Cancer and a lot of what you've worked so hard to create is starting to manifest.  It's exciting and yet it brings out a streak of superstition in you.  Don't waste time wondering if it's all going to fall apart.  It's nit so there's no need to worry.  Celebration is in order and it's time to throw a party.  you need connection to help you ground into all the wonderful things that are unfolding in your world.  A new love is calling and asking you to surrender.  This is challenging because it requires trust.  Can you trust yourself?  If you can, then the rest is easy.

You're tapping into something wondrously nourishing.  It feels so good, Leo.  Soak it in.  As your energy comes up, you start to see so much worth loving, including yourself.  You have the chance to be reborn this week.  Just surrender and let it happen.  An old dream or goal is hanging around collecting dust.  It's time to update what you want and need.  Being clear about what fits you now will help you focus and make it happen.  You're on the cusp of pushing through the tail end of some tough stuff.  It'll be easier when you see that it's almost over.  Use your renewal to tie up loose ends and set yourself free.

It's been awhile since you had time to daydream and drift, Virgo.  This week brings the opportunity to do so and it's about time.  Your life has been in the midst of big shifts.  Give yourself a moment or two to catch up with it all.  A conflict is reaching resolution and you're on the winning team.  Even though you're getting what you want, it isn't that satisfying.  Perhaps the warrior in you needs a new crusade?  Look for a cause to champion to keep this part of you engaged and active.  Make sure your next battle is worthy of your time and attention.  You're waking up to new power.  Use it wisely.

You're in love, Libra and nothing else matters.  Enjoy the tide of feeling.  It's making everything more beautiful and luscious.  Your senses have taken on more depth and the world is full of pleasure.  There's no use in wondering when this ride will end.  Just go with it and find out where it takes you.  You've needed a shot in the arm for quite some time now.  Life has felt dull and stagnant energies have gathered.  It's all getting blown out now.  An opportunity for more abundance has arrived as well.  There's no need to rush into it.  It's going to be there when you're ready.  Enjoy the beauty all around.  It's yours for the taking.

You've been fighting hard to resist a temptation but it's a losing battle, Scorpio.  At least consider what this temptation is all about.  There's important information hiding in this space of longing and desire and you'll never discover what it is if you refuse to open the door.  Nothing bad is going to happen.  You can trust your wisdom to guide you through any terrain you find yourself in.  It's getting close to decision time about a professional opportunity.  You know you want more, you're just not sure which path will deliver.  Both have potential so it really comes down to which one is more interesting and fun.  Choose it.

You're being asked to make changes that you're just not ready to make, Sagittarius.  It's hard but if you knew how many gifts were ready to drop into your lap after moving through it all, you'd go without hesitation.  Trust that what looks like a sacrifice is actually the biggest gift you've ever received.  There is support available to help you through this.  Just let it in.  Let others help you get through this awkward transition.  Good fortune is coming for you.  Thought it's very difficult, get some rest while you can, even if it's just a stolen moment here and there.  Life is about to move into high gear for you.  Be ready.

You know what needs to get done and how to do it.  All you have to do is get started, Capricorn and you'll find the momentum you need to go all the way. Your loved ones may be a little put off by the seriousness of your focus right now.  You're impatient with distractions and drama.  Try and be kind wile explaining this to them, especially the children in your life.  Stagnant energies are starting to move, slowly and almost imperceptively.  You just have to trust that you're moving into more of what you want even though you can't see it yet.  Get ready for more abundance.  It's coming. 

This is a powerful time in your life, Aquarius.  You've tapped into potent energies and everything is on the move.  You're waking up and seeing your life and its challenges from a new angle.  This is exciting and wonderful.  Love is all around and the world that once appeared so flawed and troubled is now infused with beauty, magic and infinite possibilities.  You're ready to try new things and your heart's desire is suddenly so attainable.   Don't waste time trying to figure out why this is happening.  Just throw yourself into it and relish every second.  It's an excellent time for travel, risk and play.

You're playing with power Pisces.  You can wield it with kindness or force and you might go back and forth between the two quite a bit this week.  You get to decide who you want to be so if you start feeling defensive, remember you can climb out of any spot with grace.  It's time to tell the truth to someone, whose feelings you've been anxious to protect.  Holding back with this person has not been good for you.  Get it all out even if you start by writing letters you never send.  You need a release and a way to express everything that's happening inside you.  Doing this will bring relief, freedom and levity. 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fire Inside

We all have a fire inside.  Sometimes it's a tiny, flickering flame and sometimes it's a raging inferno.  Some of us are seeking ways to feed the fire, to find inspiration and energy.  Others are looking for ways to quell the fire, to calm and tame it.

It's a balancing act.

I feel the fire inside!  At times its urgency keeps me ungrounded and scattered.  At other times, the fire feels dim and in need of sustenance.  Noticing the state of the fire inside can tell us a lot about how true we're being to ourselves and our inner guidance.  We're all the keepers of our own flame.

So I ask you today, what do you need to get your fire burning bright?  Does your energy need taming or stoking?  Part of what helps that fire burn evenly is expression.  How are you expressing your creativity these days?  Are you making time for it?  Is it a priority?  Are you able to speak what's on your mind without fear of censure?  Are you holding back in order to protect someone's feelings?  Are you paying attention to your own guidance and taking steps to follow it?

Lately, I have this terrible pain in my neck, communication and everything related to the 5th (throat) chakra has been on my mind.  I've been asking myself what in my life is a 'pain in the neck'?  Some of it is obvious.  I'm packing and preparing to move. I have phone calls to make and people to organize.  My work life is not getting enough attention and my self care space is a bit weak.  Frankly, it's all a big pain in the neck.

Other things are more subtle, like some of the ways I've held back in order to make others feel more comfortable.  I can think of a couple situations where I felt a wave of inspiration but didn't act on it.  I hemmed and hawed and wondered if it was the right time.  The fire was bright but I didn't respond.  Has this contributed to the pain in my neck?  I wonder...

Fortunately I've never been a stickler for wrong or right.  I'm the ultimate observer and treat every experience as a chance to learn.  I have a terrible pain in my neck signalling  me that there's stuck energy and stress pooling up.  It's ok.  Moving is stressful but one thing I'm taking from this experience is that the next time I get an overwhelming urge to do something, maybe I should just do it.  No more waiting...

In other news, I just want to thank everyone for all the wonderful notes and well wishes about my move.  It looks like Santa Fe might help me cross paths with many of you, dear readers, and for that I'm grateful 

As for the big leaps I'm preparing to take (in addition to moving) I might just have to wait a little longer, so that I can get grounded in my new space and get that self care space shored up so that I can leap with grace and aplomb.  In other words, I regret nothing and welcome everything, even if it is a pain in the neck!

BURN BRIGHT MY FRIENDS!  Express who you are.  Take risks.  Follow your guidance and trust the process.  Easier said than done and always worth striving for.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Fortune Forecast 5/7 - 5/13


What we want has been shifting and changing in subtle and not so subtle ways.  How can we create what we want when that space is in flux?  Par to four challenge this week is to observe the shifts.  Just watch and notice all that's coming in and going out.  There's no need to make big decisions right now.  Just let the new vision take shape.  Don't be surprised to discover that some of what was once so fervently needed, now holds little weight.  This is a good thing.  Sometimes we need to sit down and clean out all the old goals that are no longer wanted.  This makes space for the new.

Monday 5/7
We need to get creative today so that we can see past what's directly in front of us.  We need a bigger viewpoint from which to make our choices.  If feeling overwhelmed by it all and unsure of the details, contemplate the kind of energy you want in your life.  Call that energy in and let the rest fall into place.  Don't get stuck on the littleness of what's standing in the way.

Tuesday 5/8
It's safe today to let feelings lead the way. Our intuition is sharp and our insights have power.  Let's follow with an attitude of openness and discovery.  There's a fire inside.  Sometimes it wanes and sometimes it burns bright.  Make more space for this fire to light the way and trust it even though it seems irrational and possibly unbalancing. 

Wednesday 5/9
We're moving into a whole new reality and it couldn't be more exciting.  We're being pushed out of familiar territory, which is a little scary.  There's no need to be in a rush even though the energy happening today is dynamic and unsettling.  Take time to reflect and really tap into what's in the heart...the seat of desire.  There's information waiting here.

Thursday 5/10
It's time to tie up loose ends and acknowledge and ending.  Don't hold on to something outdated just because it once delivered a sense of security.  It's time to go and we need to pack light.  Take only what's loved and what's useful.  The rest can be put to bed.  Though we don't know it yet, amazing things are waiting to happen once there's space for them to unfold.

Friday 5/11
Indulge the creativity today.  Break out some tools and let that part have space to play.  We can nourish this part of ourselves with relative ease just by acknowledging it.  If we don't spend time in the play space, we can expect to feel pressure building internally.  The image of a caged animal comes to mind.  Something like a leopard, pacing and anxious to get out.

Saturday 5/12
Details need attending to today whether we're in the mood or not.  If we can hold the focus, we're going to achieve some big goals and with ease.  if we're scattered and out of it, we'll struggle.  If needed, step back and just breathe a bit.  Find the bearings and the center.  Taking time for this is totally worth it if it helps us come back to the task at hand with purpose.

Sunday 5/13
We need soothing today as we encounter obstacle after obstacle.  It's hard to keep tempers in check and we might feel tested to the core.  Whatever appears as an impediment has the potential to become an ally in our quest to move our lives forward.  All it takes is a new angle and fresh perspective.  Put the challenges to work and stop fighting the wrong fight.

need help with the energy this week?


If distractions keep you from contemplation, sit down and make time for quiet.  Put it on the schedule in the form of a walk, a rest or even a movie or book.  Don't rush through right now.  There's too much to be missed.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/6 - 5/12


Love is all around Aries!  Will you take time to bask in it or are you too busy?  Take time for it!  Not only are you meeting new and interesting people, your existing relationships are also getting infused with a tremendous amount of renewed hope and joy.  You're starting to see fresh ways of applying power.  Power can be used to assist others as opposed to oppressing others.  This is a space of fascination for you right now and you'll see many different forms of power play in your world this week.  Enjoy what you're creating.  It is so very, very beautiful.

A wish is coming true Taurus and it feels so good.  A part of you is a little nervous about enjoying this too much, just in case it all gos up in smoke.  Stop waiting for something bad to come along and spoil your happiness.  It's not going to happen.  You have some wonderful new ideas about how to make the most of your skills and abilities.  Even better, you know what needs to be done to get to your goal.  Now all you need to do is take the first step.  Tap into your history.  There are things you've forgotten that can help you move forward now.

You have so much going on right now Gemini that it's a challenge to attend to it all perfectly.  Lower your expectations, especially the ones you've been applying to yourself.  You'll have more fun if you can loosen up a bit and roll with it all.  Work and career are about to get a shot in the arm.  A stagnant energy is lifting, leaving you more free to be creative and forward thinking.  The more experimental you allow yourself to be, the better.  Follow your own path and trust that you have the insight and resources you need to face any challenge that might come along.

You are so ready to move into something new.  It's hard to stay where you are, Cancer because you're totally over the status quo.  Change is coming and it's coming sooner than you think.  Hang in there even though a part of you is ready to go now.  A situation that's been unfair is about to get a big correction.  This will feel so good and it will help free up some of your attention for other things.  You might be surprised to discover how much of you has been fixated on this particular injustice.  People are flocking to you for counsel.  It feels good to be sought after.

A money opportunity is coming, Leo and it's a good one.  You might feel a little intimidated by it at first but don't say no until you have a chance to really ponder it.  You need some rest.  You've been working hard to clean up an old mess and there's no one around to validate your hard work.  Don't sell yourself short just because no ones seems to notice.  It's not easy to let go of old hurts and pains but you're doing it.  Let that junk come up and out even though it feels like you're reliving it all.  You're shedding an old skin which means you and your life are on the cusp of getting a lot bigger.

A bright idea has you excited and energized.  Suddenly, what you want seems more possible.  At the same time, you're struggling with an old pattern of thinking that makes you feel limited and afraid.  It's quite a dichotomy, Virgo.  Fortunately, the optimism and permission is going to win this battle.  Notice how hard on yourself you tend to be and have a giggle.  It's silly, really.  Your world is a little chaotic as you transition into a new way of being.  Take a risk or two and see what happens.  There's really nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

Expect rewards this week, Libra.  Your hard work is about to be recognized and applauded.  It feels great to be validated but it's not curing all your woes.  You're lonely and tempted to seek contact with someone or a group you know can't meet your needs.  There's no right or wrong here but do pay attention to your boundaries.  Trying to fight your own urges and instincts isn't helping.  Consider giving yourself room to make a mess right now.  It's almost time to make a big decision.  You can't go wrong no matter what you decide so just pick the one that appeals the most.  It's a tough call.

You're in love, Scorpio.  Just be in it.  There's no need to guard yourself or be suspicious.  Just surrender into the flow of feeling because something magical is underway.  Communication is challenging this week.  Can you just say what's on your mind and suspend the worry you feel about how it might be received?  Be willing to play with your freedom in this space.  Life is coming into a new balance for you.  It feels good to have everything in its place.  Enjoy it because a wave of creativity is coming and with it, a dose of chaos.  You know how to surf these waves!  You're the master.

You need new spaces to explore and soon.  You're starting to get more than a little restless and this will bring out the rebel in you.  Before you reach a boiling point of sorts, why don't you try something new?  It might be small and seemingly innocuous but it will help save you from creating unnecessary drama.  New possibilities are starting to take shape but they're still in the seed stage and need time to mature.  Find amusement in the meantime, Sagittarius.  If you can find ways to keep your energy flowing, you'll be amazed by a powerful insight or two.

You're out of sorts this week Capricorn and it's hard to find anything satisfying.  If you know this, you can make plans to step away a bit and find time for reflection and self care.  You have big projects to attend to but hardly any energy for them.  Focus on restoring energy so that you can move through all of it with grace.  good things want to come to you.  Assistance is available.  Allow it.  So often you reject help and try to go it alone.  It's not necessary to be so stoic and alone.  The more you focus on making this process feel good, the more smoothly it will all come together.

You can make miracles happen this week, Aquarius but first you have to believe.  Allow life to be easier.  You can shift just by thinking in a different way.  There's no need to work so hard.  A conflict in your world is definitely a drag on your energy.  As soon as you see that you don't have to fix this and can't in fact, fix it, you'll feel so much better.  You're resisting giving something up.  Maybe you think it's noble to hang on or you just aren't ready to say goodbye but this thing's gotta go.  The sooner you make peace with that the better.  Be willing to move into newness.

Your wanderlust is at an all time high, Pisces.  Don't try and fight the need to wander, drift and explore.  The more room you allow right now, the more you'll discover and your discoveries are important as they will give shape to your next step.  You've been shouldering quite a burden.  It doesn't even belong to you.  When will you lay this down?  The sooner, the better and it's just a matter of giving yourself permission to do it.  Connecting and playing will help you move through your difficulties this week.  Accept all invitations and consider throwing your own party as well.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super Moon!

Here we go.  We're heading towards a Full Moon in Scorpio this Saturday.  This moon is called a Super Moon because it's closer to the earth than a regular full moon and will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter.  Are you feeling the approach of this stellar event?  Is there a little trepidation in the air?

Scorpio asks us to dig deeper.  It pushes us to uncover patterns and feelings and thoughts that we may not be aware of.  These patterns, feelings and thoughts hold sway over us, sometimes in very negative ways.  Anything we can't see clearly can potentially cause a ruckus.  Scorpio helps us dredge up some of this stuff so that it can be healed and purged.

Scorpio takes us to our depths.  How can we be who we want to be if we can't see or acknowledge what's hidden inside?  We have a big opportunity over the next few days to really see and confront some things that no longer work for us.

Sounds great, right?  The thing is, moving through it can be temporarily unpleasant.  Some of what's coming to light isn't nice.  We may be looking at elements of our own behavior and personality that we don't like and we'll certainly be more aware of what we don't like in others!

I admit, I'm a little biased because planetary activity in Scorpio tends to make me grumpy and suspicious.  That's how Scorpio affects me and it's difficult not to project that out to all of you.  Surely, a lot of people thrive with this energy, discovering truths, unwrapping riddles and finding a renewed sense of clarity.

We shall see...

Full Moons help us acknowledge what's ending, so prepare to say goodbye to something or someone.  The good news of course is that with every ending comes a new beginning.  When Scorpio rules, the new beginning means moving forward with a real sense of truth and purpose.  Good news even if getting there is a tad awkward.

In other news, I have about 4 weeks to go until my big move from Colorado to New Mexico.  Interestingly, I'm moving from a town in Colorado where the gold rush began in 1859, to a street called Placita De Oro (courtyard of gold).  I guess I'm working the gold!

What are you working?  Ready or not, you're about to find out!