Monday, May 7, 2012

Fortune Forecast 5/7 - 5/13


What we want has been shifting and changing in subtle and not so subtle ways.  How can we create what we want when that space is in flux?  Par to four challenge this week is to observe the shifts.  Just watch and notice all that's coming in and going out.  There's no need to make big decisions right now.  Just let the new vision take shape.  Don't be surprised to discover that some of what was once so fervently needed, now holds little weight.  This is a good thing.  Sometimes we need to sit down and clean out all the old goals that are no longer wanted.  This makes space for the new.

Monday 5/7
We need to get creative today so that we can see past what's directly in front of us.  We need a bigger viewpoint from which to make our choices.  If feeling overwhelmed by it all and unsure of the details, contemplate the kind of energy you want in your life.  Call that energy in and let the rest fall into place.  Don't get stuck on the littleness of what's standing in the way.

Tuesday 5/8
It's safe today to let feelings lead the way. Our intuition is sharp and our insights have power.  Let's follow with an attitude of openness and discovery.  There's a fire inside.  Sometimes it wanes and sometimes it burns bright.  Make more space for this fire to light the way and trust it even though it seems irrational and possibly unbalancing. 

Wednesday 5/9
We're moving into a whole new reality and it couldn't be more exciting.  We're being pushed out of familiar territory, which is a little scary.  There's no need to be in a rush even though the energy happening today is dynamic and unsettling.  Take time to reflect and really tap into what's in the heart...the seat of desire.  There's information waiting here.

Thursday 5/10
It's time to tie up loose ends and acknowledge and ending.  Don't hold on to something outdated just because it once delivered a sense of security.  It's time to go and we need to pack light.  Take only what's loved and what's useful.  The rest can be put to bed.  Though we don't know it yet, amazing things are waiting to happen once there's space for them to unfold.

Friday 5/11
Indulge the creativity today.  Break out some tools and let that part have space to play.  We can nourish this part of ourselves with relative ease just by acknowledging it.  If we don't spend time in the play space, we can expect to feel pressure building internally.  The image of a caged animal comes to mind.  Something like a leopard, pacing and anxious to get out.

Saturday 5/12
Details need attending to today whether we're in the mood or not.  If we can hold the focus, we're going to achieve some big goals and with ease.  if we're scattered and out of it, we'll struggle.  If needed, step back and just breathe a bit.  Find the bearings and the center.  Taking time for this is totally worth it if it helps us come back to the task at hand with purpose.

Sunday 5/13
We need soothing today as we encounter obstacle after obstacle.  It's hard to keep tempers in check and we might feel tested to the core.  Whatever appears as an impediment has the potential to become an ally in our quest to move our lives forward.  All it takes is a new angle and fresh perspective.  Put the challenges to work and stop fighting the wrong fight.

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If distractions keep you from contemplation, sit down and make time for quiet.  Put it on the schedule in the form of a walk, a rest or even a movie or book.  Don't rush through right now.  There's too much to be missed.

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