Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/13 - 5/19

Your mind is being flooded with brilliant ideas.  There are so many gems, you hardly know where to start.  Give it a little time to sort itself out, Aries.  The best ideas will rise to the surface soon and you'll know what to do without effort or struggle.  As your new vision gets firmed up, you'll notice doubts and fears creeping in.  You might even be surprised by the intensity some of the flashes of fear bring your way.  Pay it no heed.  This is just a sign that you are on the right track.  Don't get discouraged.  You're finding new levels of wisdom and skill and it's all due to your willingness to exit the comfort zone.  Bravo.

You know what needs to be done but you're not quite ready for action, Taurus.  Partly because you're hesitant to get involved in a conflict or risk causing an escalation in an unpleasant situation.  There's only one way to get to the other side of this unnerving situation and that's to continue to walk through it.  Don't let your fear of confrontation stop you.  As soon as you get going, you'll feel immediate relief and new opportunities will arrive.  This will give you even more strength and purpose.  You're just cleaning up an old mess and once you start, you'll be so happy you did.

You're on fire Gemini!  You've got focus, purpose and passion.  The only downside is that the people around you need to understand what's happening with you so that they can either support you or get out of the way. Do your best to tell people what you need, otherwise, they are going to get run over.  You're sensitive to criticism and might perceive innocent comments as an attack.  Be mindful of this.  You don't need to be defensive, just keep going and let your actions speak for you.  Communication is what can make or break you this week.  Be honest, ask for help and minimize distractions.

It's a magical week Cancer and a lot of what you've worked so hard to create is starting to manifest.  It's exciting and yet it brings out a streak of superstition in you.  Don't waste time wondering if it's all going to fall apart.  It's nit so there's no need to worry.  Celebration is in order and it's time to throw a party.  you need connection to help you ground into all the wonderful things that are unfolding in your world.  A new love is calling and asking you to surrender.  This is challenging because it requires trust.  Can you trust yourself?  If you can, then the rest is easy.

You're tapping into something wondrously nourishing.  It feels so good, Leo.  Soak it in.  As your energy comes up, you start to see so much worth loving, including yourself.  You have the chance to be reborn this week.  Just surrender and let it happen.  An old dream or goal is hanging around collecting dust.  It's time to update what you want and need.  Being clear about what fits you now will help you focus and make it happen.  You're on the cusp of pushing through the tail end of some tough stuff.  It'll be easier when you see that it's almost over.  Use your renewal to tie up loose ends and set yourself free.

It's been awhile since you had time to daydream and drift, Virgo.  This week brings the opportunity to do so and it's about time.  Your life has been in the midst of big shifts.  Give yourself a moment or two to catch up with it all.  A conflict is reaching resolution and you're on the winning team.  Even though you're getting what you want, it isn't that satisfying.  Perhaps the warrior in you needs a new crusade?  Look for a cause to champion to keep this part of you engaged and active.  Make sure your next battle is worthy of your time and attention.  You're waking up to new power.  Use it wisely.

You're in love, Libra and nothing else matters.  Enjoy the tide of feeling.  It's making everything more beautiful and luscious.  Your senses have taken on more depth and the world is full of pleasure.  There's no use in wondering when this ride will end.  Just go with it and find out where it takes you.  You've needed a shot in the arm for quite some time now.  Life has felt dull and stagnant energies have gathered.  It's all getting blown out now.  An opportunity for more abundance has arrived as well.  There's no need to rush into it.  It's going to be there when you're ready.  Enjoy the beauty all around.  It's yours for the taking.

You've been fighting hard to resist a temptation but it's a losing battle, Scorpio.  At least consider what this temptation is all about.  There's important information hiding in this space of longing and desire and you'll never discover what it is if you refuse to open the door.  Nothing bad is going to happen.  You can trust your wisdom to guide you through any terrain you find yourself in.  It's getting close to decision time about a professional opportunity.  You know you want more, you're just not sure which path will deliver.  Both have potential so it really comes down to which one is more interesting and fun.  Choose it.

You're being asked to make changes that you're just not ready to make, Sagittarius.  It's hard but if you knew how many gifts were ready to drop into your lap after moving through it all, you'd go without hesitation.  Trust that what looks like a sacrifice is actually the biggest gift you've ever received.  There is support available to help you through this.  Just let it in.  Let others help you get through this awkward transition.  Good fortune is coming for you.  Thought it's very difficult, get some rest while you can, even if it's just a stolen moment here and there.  Life is about to move into high gear for you.  Be ready.

You know what needs to get done and how to do it.  All you have to do is get started, Capricorn and you'll find the momentum you need to go all the way. Your loved ones may be a little put off by the seriousness of your focus right now.  You're impatient with distractions and drama.  Try and be kind wile explaining this to them, especially the children in your life.  Stagnant energies are starting to move, slowly and almost imperceptively.  You just have to trust that you're moving into more of what you want even though you can't see it yet.  Get ready for more abundance.  It's coming. 

This is a powerful time in your life, Aquarius.  You've tapped into potent energies and everything is on the move.  You're waking up and seeing your life and its challenges from a new angle.  This is exciting and wonderful.  Love is all around and the world that once appeared so flawed and troubled is now infused with beauty, magic and infinite possibilities.  You're ready to try new things and your heart's desire is suddenly so attainable.   Don't waste time trying to figure out why this is happening.  Just throw yourself into it and relish every second.  It's an excellent time for travel, risk and play.

You're playing with power Pisces.  You can wield it with kindness or force and you might go back and forth between the two quite a bit this week.  You get to decide who you want to be so if you start feeling defensive, remember you can climb out of any spot with grace.  It's time to tell the truth to someone, whose feelings you've been anxious to protect.  Holding back with this person has not been good for you.  Get it all out even if you start by writing letters you never send.  You need a release and a way to express everything that's happening inside you.  Doing this will bring relief, freedom and levity. 


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