Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/20 - 5/26

You are so ready for your life to look and feel different, Aries.  You're bored out of your mind this week and may have doubts that things are actually in a very dynamic space of change.  Hang in there.  Could you be rushing because there are uncomfortable feelings rising to the surface?  Focus on healing so that you're not carrying old junk into your new future.  Stress relief techniques will pay off in a major way if you invest a little time and energy exploring them.

You're your own worst enemy this week, Taurus.  You want something and you want it fervently.  Why not admit it and make it ok?  Trying to repress or hide from your own intensity is going to get painful quickly.  Be willing to entertain the depths of what's driving your right now, without judgement.  You're getting ready to launch a big project and it's starting to come together.  Get ready for success.  It's pretty much guaranteed.

You're in the midst of powerful change, Gemini.  It's a bit of a mixed bag.  Parts of your life are soaring, while other parts seem stuck and unyielding.  Try not to think too deeply about what it all means.  You're just trying to catch up with your own growth.  Life can be more relaxed and easy if you let go of your need to figure it all out.  Find healthy ways to distract your mind.  It's ok to indulge in some healthy escapism this week.  You need a break!

This is not the most exciting cycle, Cancer.  You're working hard and you can see where you want to be.  Make sure you seek a bit of fun while you plug away.  Keep your spirits up for the long haul.  There are lots of new opportunities coming your way.  It's difficult to know which ones to throw your weight behind.  Go for the ones that take you out of your comfort zone.  Test new skills and put yourself in spaces that push you to be creative.  Experiencing this will come in handy.

You're in the mood to pull back a little this week, Leo.  The world is a little too nuts for you right now and a wonderful stream of new information is trying to come in.  Make quiet a priority and don't waste a second feeling guilty about it.  People are tugging on you because they want a does of your sunshine.  What they don't know is, if you don't get some rest you won't have any energy to offer them.  Let love fill you up so that you can offer it to those in need.

You might be puzzled by some of the emotions moving through you this week, Virgo.  There's an incredible complexity happening in your inner world that's difficult to articulate or explain.  There are people around you offering support and care.  Lean on them if you need to.  If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you'll find that validation for who you are and all that you offer comes pouring in.  Let it in.  Bask in it and let this energy help you forge your next step.

You're not feeling your best this week, Libra.  You just don't have a lot of energy or enthusiasm and that's ok.  Let yourself be filled up again.  You don't have to push it, just allow.  A new idea has you feeling overwhelmed.  You're not sure how to put this into play.  You don't need to know just yet.  It's all going to become clear so take a deep breath.  If you get an invitation, accept and go.  You need connection now to lift your spirits and get your laughing.

You're in a position of power, Scorpio and there's nothing to fear.  All the resources you need for success are at hand.  The funny thing is, it doesn't feel the way you thought it would.  It's not that fulfilling because what you really want is more connection and love.  All the material success in the world isn't as amazing as feeling close and loved.  You're planting seeds to create it.  It's going to take a little time for those seeds to flower but it's all coming together and soon.

You're so busy juggling tow difficult situations that you have little energy left for the rest of your life.  It might be time to make a choice, Sagittarius.  Decide where you want to be and get behind it.  You don't need to put up with things you no longer enjoy or find fulfilling.  Give yourself permission to move on.  Once you make peace with your need to get free, you'll find that opportunities for fun, play and adventure pop up out of nowhere.  It's incredibly validating.

You are so ready to be in a different space, Capricorn.  You know it's coming but this last little wait is agonizing.  Cheer up.  Find ways to entertain yourself.  You're being recognized for you expertise.  Let the praise sink in so that it can help fuel a risk or two.  Something you've been longing to create is quickly becoming a source of pain.  Perhaps it's time to update your goals and see where you are in your life.  You've outgrown more than you realize.

Everything is moving and changing, Aquarius.  You might find yourself positively disoriented.  Stay loose and let yourself be carried into unfamiliar terrain.  You're more ready than you realize.  You might find yourself worried about money and resources but you have what you need and there's more on the way.  Explore your creativity.  Some of your ideas are little goldmines.  All you need to do is stop talking yourself out of taking a leap.

Potent healing energies are coming in and giving you exactly what you need.  It might not feel like it as first, Pisces.  Just relax into it all and see what happens.  It's safe to trust now and your intuition is powerful.  Listen and let it guide you.  The pace is a bit frantic.  Can you slow down?  You don't need to let the frantic quality of the energy throw you off balance.  Step away when you need to to find your center.  As you do, your heart expands and overflows with magic.


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