Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/27 - 6/2

You can move mountains this week Aries and it will be tempting to take on a little too much.  It's really important for you to identify and throw your weight behind exactly what you want, even if you think it's a long shot.  Good things want to come to you.  Take a deep breath and let it all in.  A part of you is so used to battling for you want that it's a challenge to just relax and sink into it.  There's no need to worry though you might.  You're in a stable time period, so do what you can to stop fretting.

It feels like the walls are closing in on you Taurus.  Your fears are potent and it's not clear what the best action is.  Somewhere inside you, you have all the told you need to weather this storm and prosper.  You have to get quiet fist, so that you can access your own wisdom.  There is so much dynamic energy in your world right now that part of your anxiety is really overwhelm.  Hold steady to the degree that you can because you're on the cusp of a big victory.  As you are seen as more of an expert, your fears will abate.

You're on fire, Gemini and are bursting for new opportunities and adventures.  You need a lot of room to roam this week.  If you try and force yourself to stay in the straight and narrow, you might end up in a pile of steaming frustration.  Some of your experiments are yielding brilliant results and others are falling flat.  What matters is your willingness.  Big lessons are unfolding and you might find yourself shocked to discover just how much you know and just how much magic you can bring to anything and everything.

You know so much about what's happening with the people around you.  The irrational behavior you're seeing is a sign that no one is grounded or centered.  They are depending on you Cancer to hold a space of safety and calm for them and when you're predisposed with your own projects, they might get angry.  Shake it off.  A new plan is starting to take shape and it's requiring a lot of attention.  Be willing to focus on what you want and let everyone else find their own way.  They'll thank you later.  

You're at a crossroads, Leo and it's time to pick a path.  There's no way to make a mistake here so just go, wherever on a whim.  Being practical can help but don't let it talk you out of pursuing a dream.  If you're willing to really commit, you'll find you can achieve just about anything.  Something wonderful is going to present itself this week.  Be prepared to act quickly if you want a piece of it.  There won't be a lot of time for contemplation, so trust your instincts and reach for what you want when it runs by.

Work your contacts this week, Virgo.  By communicating and spreading your message you'll find support and assistance in spaces you never could have anticipated.  This will boost your confidence and help you continue to work with diligence and focus.  It's time to open up to more feeling.  You keep a lot to yourself but in sharing it, healing can happen for you and everyone around you.  Your intuition can help lead you to new awareness and a new level of trust in your own wisdom.

Your mood swings are difficult to understand this week. Libra.  You're moving from happy to sad and back again with incredible rapidity.  Part of what's called for now is more.  You need more adventure, more excitement and more stimulation.  What can you do this week to break out a bit?  There's a feeling of stagnation happening that's about to drive you over the edge.  You can work with this to reach new places of consciousness but it requires action.  Get out there and let it happen.

You're so in the mood to dress up and get flirty, Scorpio.  You're dying for a party to go to and people to meet.  You can get your space hopping by accepting all invitations.  Perhaps it's time to throw your own party?  Your creativity if on high and everyone wants to join with your plans and ideas.  Be discriminating and graceful with everyone who wants a bit of your energy and attention.  You might feel overwhelmed by all the intensity this week.  Enjoy it while it lasts and rest when you can.

Love is a powerful force and you get plenty of opportunity to learn more about it this week, Sagittarius.  Make connecting and playing with others a top priority.  Don't worry too much if certain responsibilities languish a bit.  You'll get back to them with renewed focus and intensity if you let yourself explore a little.  Stop being so hard on yourself about things you have little control over.  There's just no need and it could be that the very things that vex you might be your lucky chance.

You know what you want Capricorn.  You don't need nearly as much help as you pretend.  Perhaps you're just not ready to go all the way?  Stop pushing yourself and get back to faith.  You're going to get there. Know it.  If it helps you feel more clear, write up a plan or make a map.  It will be reassuring to see everything broken into smaller steps.  You need both head and heart to pull you forward.   Can you get these two, potent forces working together? This needs to be a top priority now.

You're mind is racing with amazing ideas.  You see so many things that could happen in amazing ways.  It's not time to choose anything just yet, Aquarius.  Continue to let your mind spin.  Soon you'll be investing all of your energy into a new project and it will feel so good.  As you give yourself time to contemplate what you really want, you'll notice elements of disharmony in your environment that need healing.  A little effort will go a long way toward helping you create more space for great new things to show up.

Can you be at peace Pisces?  You've been waiting for a tense situation to reach resolution and it's causing you a lot of stress.  Is there a way to unhook from waiting and just choose more of what you want now? This is a wonderful space to contemplate this week.  As you choose your own happiness, even more happiness will happen.  A childlike wonder is taking hold and everything looks more beautiful and promising.  Get ready for a surge of passion and creativity.  the wave is coming and it's going to sweep you up.


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