Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 5/6 - 5/12


Love is all around Aries!  Will you take time to bask in it or are you too busy?  Take time for it!  Not only are you meeting new and interesting people, your existing relationships are also getting infused with a tremendous amount of renewed hope and joy.  You're starting to see fresh ways of applying power.  Power can be used to assist others as opposed to oppressing others.  This is a space of fascination for you right now and you'll see many different forms of power play in your world this week.  Enjoy what you're creating.  It is so very, very beautiful.

A wish is coming true Taurus and it feels so good.  A part of you is a little nervous about enjoying this too much, just in case it all gos up in smoke.  Stop waiting for something bad to come along and spoil your happiness.  It's not going to happen.  You have some wonderful new ideas about how to make the most of your skills and abilities.  Even better, you know what needs to be done to get to your goal.  Now all you need to do is take the first step.  Tap into your history.  There are things you've forgotten that can help you move forward now.

You have so much going on right now Gemini that it's a challenge to attend to it all perfectly.  Lower your expectations, especially the ones you've been applying to yourself.  You'll have more fun if you can loosen up a bit and roll with it all.  Work and career are about to get a shot in the arm.  A stagnant energy is lifting, leaving you more free to be creative and forward thinking.  The more experimental you allow yourself to be, the better.  Follow your own path and trust that you have the insight and resources you need to face any challenge that might come along.

You are so ready to move into something new.  It's hard to stay where you are, Cancer because you're totally over the status quo.  Change is coming and it's coming sooner than you think.  Hang in there even though a part of you is ready to go now.  A situation that's been unfair is about to get a big correction.  This will feel so good and it will help free up some of your attention for other things.  You might be surprised to discover how much of you has been fixated on this particular injustice.  People are flocking to you for counsel.  It feels good to be sought after.

A money opportunity is coming, Leo and it's a good one.  You might feel a little intimidated by it at first but don't say no until you have a chance to really ponder it.  You need some rest.  You've been working hard to clean up an old mess and there's no one around to validate your hard work.  Don't sell yourself short just because no ones seems to notice.  It's not easy to let go of old hurts and pains but you're doing it.  Let that junk come up and out even though it feels like you're reliving it all.  You're shedding an old skin which means you and your life are on the cusp of getting a lot bigger.

A bright idea has you excited and energized.  Suddenly, what you want seems more possible.  At the same time, you're struggling with an old pattern of thinking that makes you feel limited and afraid.  It's quite a dichotomy, Virgo.  Fortunately, the optimism and permission is going to win this battle.  Notice how hard on yourself you tend to be and have a giggle.  It's silly, really.  Your world is a little chaotic as you transition into a new way of being.  Take a risk or two and see what happens.  There's really nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

Expect rewards this week, Libra.  Your hard work is about to be recognized and applauded.  It feels great to be validated but it's not curing all your woes.  You're lonely and tempted to seek contact with someone or a group you know can't meet your needs.  There's no right or wrong here but do pay attention to your boundaries.  Trying to fight your own urges and instincts isn't helping.  Consider giving yourself room to make a mess right now.  It's almost time to make a big decision.  You can't go wrong no matter what you decide so just pick the one that appeals the most.  It's a tough call.

You're in love, Scorpio.  Just be in it.  There's no need to guard yourself or be suspicious.  Just surrender into the flow of feeling because something magical is underway.  Communication is challenging this week.  Can you just say what's on your mind and suspend the worry you feel about how it might be received?  Be willing to play with your freedom in this space.  Life is coming into a new balance for you.  It feels good to have everything in its place.  Enjoy it because a wave of creativity is coming and with it, a dose of chaos.  You know how to surf these waves!  You're the master.

You need new spaces to explore and soon.  You're starting to get more than a little restless and this will bring out the rebel in you.  Before you reach a boiling point of sorts, why don't you try something new?  It might be small and seemingly innocuous but it will help save you from creating unnecessary drama.  New possibilities are starting to take shape but they're still in the seed stage and need time to mature.  Find amusement in the meantime, Sagittarius.  If you can find ways to keep your energy flowing, you'll be amazed by a powerful insight or two.

You're out of sorts this week Capricorn and it's hard to find anything satisfying.  If you know this, you can make plans to step away a bit and find time for reflection and self care.  You have big projects to attend to but hardly any energy for them.  Focus on restoring energy so that you can move through all of it with grace.  good things want to come to you.  Assistance is available.  Allow it.  So often you reject help and try to go it alone.  It's not necessary to be so stoic and alone.  The more you focus on making this process feel good, the more smoothly it will all come together.

You can make miracles happen this week, Aquarius but first you have to believe.  Allow life to be easier.  You can shift just by thinking in a different way.  There's no need to work so hard.  A conflict in your world is definitely a drag on your energy.  As soon as you see that you don't have to fix this and can't in fact, fix it, you'll feel so much better.  You're resisting giving something up.  Maybe you think it's noble to hang on or you just aren't ready to say goodbye but this thing's gotta go.  The sooner you make peace with that the better.  Be willing to move into newness.

Your wanderlust is at an all time high, Pisces.  Don't try and fight the need to wander, drift and explore.  The more room you allow right now, the more you'll discover and your discoveries are important as they will give shape to your next step.  You've been shouldering quite a burden.  It doesn't even belong to you.  When will you lay this down?  The sooner, the better and it's just a matter of giving yourself permission to do it.  Connecting and playing will help you move through your difficulties this week.  Accept all invitations and consider throwing your own party as well.


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