Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super Moon!

Here we go.  We're heading towards a Full Moon in Scorpio this Saturday.  This moon is called a Super Moon because it's closer to the earth than a regular full moon and will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter.  Are you feeling the approach of this stellar event?  Is there a little trepidation in the air?

Scorpio asks us to dig deeper.  It pushes us to uncover patterns and feelings and thoughts that we may not be aware of.  These patterns, feelings and thoughts hold sway over us, sometimes in very negative ways.  Anything we can't see clearly can potentially cause a ruckus.  Scorpio helps us dredge up some of this stuff so that it can be healed and purged.

Scorpio takes us to our depths.  How can we be who we want to be if we can't see or acknowledge what's hidden inside?  We have a big opportunity over the next few days to really see and confront some things that no longer work for us.

Sounds great, right?  The thing is, moving through it can be temporarily unpleasant.  Some of what's coming to light isn't nice.  We may be looking at elements of our own behavior and personality that we don't like and we'll certainly be more aware of what we don't like in others!

I admit, I'm a little biased because planetary activity in Scorpio tends to make me grumpy and suspicious.  That's how Scorpio affects me and it's difficult not to project that out to all of you.  Surely, a lot of people thrive with this energy, discovering truths, unwrapping riddles and finding a renewed sense of clarity.

We shall see...

Full Moons help us acknowledge what's ending, so prepare to say goodbye to something or someone.  The good news of course is that with every ending comes a new beginning.  When Scorpio rules, the new beginning means moving forward with a real sense of truth and purpose.  Good news even if getting there is a tad awkward.

In other news, I have about 4 weeks to go until my big move from Colorado to New Mexico.  Interestingly, I'm moving from a town in Colorado where the gold rush began in 1859, to a street called Placita De Oro (courtyard of gold).  I guess I'm working the gold!

What are you working?  Ready or not, you're about to find out!



Anonymous said...

Awesome information. Thank you. Scorpio is actually one of my favorite signs (and I'm not a Scorpio) But this Full Moon is conjunct my Scorpio Venus in the 7th house ... which is actually opposing Jupiter in Taurus ... say what :) Good luck with your move !!

Julia Stonestreet Smith said...

hmmm, i have a feeling you're in for some love and money! or money and love! how exciting.

i secretly envy Scorpio and always wanted to be one but when the planets gather there, i get so grumpy!

looking forward to the afterglow of this moon.