Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/1 - 7/7

Caution Aries!  Slow down a little this week and attend to details.  There are some threatening energies coming at you and while they're not that big of a deal, things could snowball is you're not paying attention.  There seems to be little guidance to lead you right now.  You'll have to relay on your own resources for a bit.  This will actually be great in the end because you'll discover things about yourself you didn't know before.  The strength you're about to tap into is immense and will serve you for years to come.  Take care of yourself while you work it through.

There's a ton of pressure on you this week Taurus and you're struggling to manage it.  Your burdens will be instantly lighter when you decide to lower your expectations, especially the ones you've placed on yourself.  There's no need to do it all perfectly.  In fact, the drive for perfection is keeping your creativity captive.  Loosen up and start to find the play in all of this.  Repressing your true thoughts and feelings is causing stress.  Find healthy outlets so that you can move through energy more quickly.  Don't worry about having the resources you need.  They are right here, right now.

You're more and more clear about what needs to be done, Gemini.  You might not relish what's ahead but it's much worse when you think about it all instead of taking concrete action.  Once you start getting in motion, you'll find it all starts coming together.  You're starting to feel centered in a way that you've never experienced before and this is excellent news.  Keep doing what you're doing to cultivate even more stability and belief in your own abilities.  An old pain is rising up to be healed.  You can't push it away so go ahead and bring it out into the open.  It will diminish as you do so.

Your mind is starting to explode with new ideas.  Maybe you're not sure where to put the focus just yet and that's ok, Cancer.  Let all of this new insight and information settle in a bit.  It's time to make a big that you've been putting off.  It doesn't really matter what you choose, what's important is that you decide and go.  The debate is not getting you closer to your dreams, so choose a path and go!  Make time to celebrate and gather with friends this week.  You've accomplished so much.  Make sure you validate all the hard work so that the next chapter starts off with a dose of great energy.

Circles are important this week.  You're in the midst of completing more than one cycle, Leo and it's as if you have many balls int he air that need your attention.  As you tie up loose ends, you'll notice a ton of life force energy coming back to you.  This will feel so good and it'll help you start something new and grand.  Your abundance is perking up and it's feeling playful to indulge yourself a bit.  Have fun acquiring a few treats.  You deserve it.  Make peace with an old resentment.  It's been eating away at your happiness.  You can put it to rest now even if it isn't exactly resolved the way you want it to be.

Go after what you want, Virgo.  There will never be a better time than now.  If you keep talking yourself out of taking a chance, you'll regret it down the road when you're still involved in spaces and places you don't truly enjoy.  Big lessons are happening.  Not all of it is fun but it's all valuable.  You're starting to get a much better sense of who you are and the gifts you can bring to the table.  It's becoming apparent that you are rich in wisdom and skills and when you start to get behind this, amazing opportunities will manifest.  Know your value.  It's big.

You have a chance to achieve the balance you so dearly love, Libra.  It won't come without a degree of effort on your part.  It start with making it a priority.  Explore new ways to let go of stress and create harmony in your environment.  If this requires you to step away from someone who's giving off really hard energy, do it.  Taking a break to work on yourself is an excellent idea but expect this person to try and shame you for it.  You're on the cusp of a much richer reality.  You can feel it but can't see the details.  This is causing a little trepidation.  Don't worry, you're going somewhere fantastic.

You're being awfully hard on yourself for falling short this week, Scorpio.  Your expectations are so high, you drive yourself so hard.  Perhaps this dip in your life and your energy is a signal to slow down and give yourself a break.  Try as you might you just can't move into a space that you so want to belong to.  Could it be a blessing in disguise that the door is closed?  Perhaps this isn't the right club to join and you just don't know it.  Trust that what's not working is a way to get free for things that will work in wonderful ways.  You are changing on so many levels.  Give yourself time to catch up with it all.

Magical things are happening this week.  Your diligence of late did not come naturally but you've stuck with some hard things and are now reaping the rewards.  Be patient, Sagittarius.  A part of you wants to leap into new things without thinking or reflection.  You're feeling reactive and this can cause trouble.  There are definitely some tough energies coming your way but going into fight or flight isn't the answer.  You know how to navigate this, so slow down and take calculated action.  Having a good understanding of your boundaries can help immensely.

Big gains are in the works this week, Capricorn and it feels great to be back in action.  Seeds you planted a while back are starting to bear fruit.  You might be surprised by how it all plays out.  You're lucky now and what you touch turns to gold.  Enjoy this cycle!  Your body needs attention.  It would be easy to overlook your simplest needs in order to make the most of your good fortune.  This is a huge mistake and will cause the flow to trickle down.  The degree to which you care for your body is the degree to which you'll succeed.  Stay active and balance it with rest and meditation for best results.

You're conflicted this week and unsure of who to back up and what direction to go.  You may need more time to suss it all out, Aquarius.  This is tough because you want to have certainty and focus now.  Get comfortable with being uncertain for a while.  It feels like you're all alone as you dig deep for answers.  The people around you are giving you conflicting advice and this is complicating your thinking.  Unhook and really tune into your own guidance.  As soon as you do, you'll find the answers you need.  Resisting what you don't like will actually make your life harder.  Do what you can to relax.

Be at peace, Pisces even if the world around you is in an uproar.  If you wait for everyone around you to get their bearings before attending to your own needs, you're going to get resentful, quickly.  It's a wonderful time to journey and explore your own depths.  The mystery of your heart is calling you, so heed it.  Good things are coming to you quickly and wonderfully.  There's so much, you might feel like sharing. Be discriminating and invite your best of friends into this circle of magic.  Others will try and break down the door, so be prepared.  Don't let the usurious types take all of your treasures.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Volatile Energy Alert!

We've got volatile energy happening lately.  It's definitely reflected in current weather patterns.  Some regions are getting extreme rain and other regions are getting extreme heat.  It's a time of extremes. 

The notion of balance seems out of reach right now, on a global level, in smaller communities and in our own bodies.  If you are not experiencing this, I's happy for you and if you are experiencing this, let life get rearranged.  Don't fight what's unfolding on an energy level.  Let it happen.

Last week kicked off a larger pattern, a pattern that will take nearly three years to play out.  Uranus in Aries is moving in and out of a square with Pluto in Capricorn.  This is the epitome of planetary volatility and yet, there's no need to fear.

Uranus in Aries wants to have a revolution.  It wants to leave all the old stuff behind in favor of the new and untested.  Uranus in Aries is willing to take tremendous risks, often without considering the consequences beforehand.  Uranus in Aries is raw, sometimes rude and very assertive.  It's primal fire.

Pluto in Capricorn wants to preserve traditions.  It values and respects ancient patterns.  Pluto in Capricorn is more conservative, more calculating and slower to change. Pluto in Capricorn has endurance, patience and quiet strength to draw from and it finds Uranus in Aries to be quite crass and unreliable.  It's cold earth.

So we have these two titans, both wanting control, clashing with each other to be in the lead.  As this series of squares plays out over the next three years (there are 7 squares to be exact), we're going to see this struggle between the revolutionary and the traditionalist becoming more and more heated. 

So it's time to ask ourselves on an individual level, what's worth preserving?  What traditions and structures are worth holding on to?  And on the flip side, where do we need radical change?  A revolution and a fresh start?  Both Aries and Capricorn want the same thing.  They're both cardinal (leadership) signs.  They just have very different methods of creating change.  if we can drill down to the root of this, we can get both of them to work together to create this shared goal.

It's going to get interesting, people!

I know so many of us are longing for a break in the energy.  A chance to catch our breaths and rest.  Those breaks are available but they depend on us making time for it.  It's not going to come from the external.  We have to make rest and restoration a priority and really do it because if we wait for the intensity to abate, we'll be waiting a long time.

It's natural to feel fear on some level as these energies apply pressure to the world as we know it.  There's an uncertainty in the air that's difficult to get comfortable with.  Let's play in this space of uncertainty.  Let's do what we can to find a new level of comfort in NOT knowing. 

We'll have plenty of time to practice this over the next few years.  One thing I've noticed for myself is that the more I let go and get into the moment, the less stressed I feel about whatever, whenever and however.  It's a practice and one worthy of our full attention.  Let's do it together.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Fortune Forecast 6/25 - 7/1


We get a chance to start a new story this week and though it's a continuation of a bigger story, there's something wonderful and liberating about the this new chapter.  We can recast our role now, just be deciding who we want to be.  Are we the hero?  Villain?  Savior?  Martyr?  It's all up for grabs and all of the roles are plum parts.  Why not try something new on for size?  Approach challenges as if it's just a role in a story.  Perhaps doing so can free us up to be more creative, more lighthearted and more effective.  When we stop taking ourselves so deathly, seriously, we actually create magic of a different caliber.  This is the focus for the week, so go ahead and play, play, play.

Monday 6/25
We're dealing with a fair amount of distortion today in the way that we view our lives and our challenges.  Things just don't look good and we've temporarily lost the ability to see, taste, smell and hear the beauty that's all around.  Know that this will pass and refrain from making decisions based on the distortion.  Say no to lack.

Tuesday 6/26
Healing is coming through in all directions today.  It might not feel like it.  Healing tends to push the pain to the surface, so beware.  We'll know something profound is happening when it all start to feel out of control.  Welcome this, even though it's counter-intuitive to do so.  Intuitive hits are on the mark.  Pay heed and respond.

Wednesday 6/27
The fires of creativity are burning bright today.  It's exciting and unsettling to have so much energy coursing through our bodies.  The energy is not that easy to channel. It's hot and volatile and it takes effort to figure out how to get it running smoothly.  Though being patient is very difficult, it's a necessity.  Keep the energy moving.

Thursday 6/28
Instead of focusing on what went wrong, let's focus on what's going right!  If we're not producing the results we wanted, perhaps we're not focused on the right results?  It's time to re-frame things a bit and shake off feelings of failure.  Often these feelings are a signal that we're depleted and exhausted.  Rest up and see if this doesn't shift reality a bit.

Friday 6/29
Follow it.  Don't shut it down or judge it or even try to figure it out.  Just follow.  Perhaps the idea will end up being rather useless but where it leads is incredibly valuable.  The idea is a hint of sorts on a greater path to treasure, so pay attention, be observant and don't hesitate to take a trip to find out what's at the end of this rainbow.

Saturday 6/30
We're starting to get a sense of movement and the slow building momentum we need to make life look and feel differently.  It's subtle right now but it's going to start to become more and more apparent.  Small steps pay off now.  There's no need for giant pressure.  Just take it a piece at a time and before long, everything will be new, fresh and very, very exciting.

Sunday 7/1
Follow the feelings today.  Some of us are resisting this because we just don't want to feel it all.  The thing we forget is, once we make space for everything to be with us, we shift. It really is that simple.  Move out of resistance and into flow and life will take on a totally, new dimension.  It really is that simple, so let's sink into it and go.

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There's no need to rush into anything.  Just move into it all slowly and with mindfulness.  What's waiting for us won't disappear.  It's always there, so give up the need to rush and just take one step at a time.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 6/24 - 6/30

The wheels are in motion are a period of monumental effort.  It's about time, Aries and you're excited about the challenges ahead.  It's been frustrating getting here and the world just doesn't move as quickly as you want it to but you can count on having momentum going forward.  Now that you've got things moving in the direction you want to go, you can turn your focus to matters of the heart.  There's healing happening here and a part of you feels like running away.  Face it and let some magic happen.  It doesn't have to be so hard.

You're in your element this week, Taurus.  Things are moving along at a pace that feels manageable and still exciting.  You've got projects int he works that make your heart sing.  It's wonderful to feel so completely invested in your life.  That's not to say things are perfect.  There is much that you long to experience.  Know that you're getting there.  Allow your heart to open a bit.  It's safe now.  As you relax your defense you might be taken by storm with attention, offers and an invitation to surrender into love.  Do it!

You're starting to find your footing after a very, dynamic period of creating.  Balance is coming and just in time.  You could use a little rest, Gemini because there's another wave up ahead and you're going to want to be ready when it arrives.  Think big.  Push past that nagging voice that says 'no way.'  You might feel like no one is supporting you and it's true that people are distracted.  Perhaps this is a good thing?  This gives you more space to connect with what you really want, without the influence of others.  You can do this all on your own.

Mood swings are taking you to new places in your psyche, Cancer.  It's safe to explore old pain now, so let this process unfold without resistance or fear.  You've been through many changes very quickly and you're just now starting to get oriented to your new environment.  There's just no need to make any rash decisions just yet.  Time is your biggest ally and can help you forge a new plan, one that you'll love for years to come.  Be patient even though there's an underlying feeling of anxiousness inside you.  It's all coming together.

You can see far this week and make long ranging plans.  It feels great to have so much clarity about where you want to go and how to get there, Leo.  Break it all down into small steps so that you don't get overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all.  You are wealthy on so many levels and finally have a chance to bring all your skills to the table.  Doing so shows you even more of your strengths and abilities.  Your energy is high and people are attracted to you.  Enjoy being the center of attention and let it fuel your next big risk.  It's coming soon.

Your energy is a bit uneven this week, Virgo.  You're bursting with inspiration but it's hard to find outlets to channel it into to.  This is causing frustrations and perhaps even some anger.  Stay in motion and keep the energy flowing!  A big opportunity is coming into view and it's something you've wanted for a long time.  Still, as it comes up on you, you're experiencing hesitation and doubt.  Just grab it and think later.  If you don't you might regret it.  Take on more leadership in any area that needs it.  The rewards will be rich and satisfying.

You so want to be in love, Libra but you just don't feel safe enough to surrender.  You keep waiting for a sign that it's ok but the signs aren't forthcoming.  Maybe you should just throw yourself into it and stop the mental chatter?  Yes!  It's time to trust who you are and what you love.  You don't need any reassurance and until you see this, you won't get any.  Trying to hold back is starting to cause a lot of pain.  Let yourself get behind your own dream with passion and focus.  You're so beautiful when you let yourself go.

You can create a ton of magic this week, Scorpio but first you have to give up the cynicism.  How can a dream come true if you don't believe its possible?  An old lament is dragging you down.  You didn't do anything wrong here and trying to figure out why it all went awry is causing stress.  Can you move forward now?  As you allow yourself to let go of this old situation, you'll start seeing your life differently and the feeling of liberation is going to blow you away.  Get ready to travel on all levels.  You're about to launch like a rocket.

It's an excellent week to put the focus back on you and your needs, Sagittarius.  You can address any areas that have suffered from neglect without worrying that your whole world will come crashing down.  Your body needs a break from some of the demands that have been coming fast and furious.  Just step away.  Some of the tension that's been affecting you isn't of your own making and you can't solve it.  Just step away!  As you unhook from the madness, you'll start to see more of what you want and need coming into form. 

A big idea has you a little overwhelmed Capricorn.  You're not sure where to start and you're not sure you have what it takes to see this through.  This is causing you to go into a space of apathy about it all.  Don't be too hard on yourself about your lack of action.  You're just getting ready on a deeper level.  Harness the power of mind and heart to achieve your goals.  If you leave one of them out in favor of the other, your work will have much less impact.  You're about to move into high gear, so get ready.

You're not at your best this week, Aquarius.  There's tremendous pressure affecting you and it feels unending.  You're on the verge of a breakthrough but it doesn't feel like it.  Don't let the tension affecting you spill over into important connections.  This is going to be incredibly challenging.  Your creativity is high but it has a frantic quality.  What can you do to settle down?  Put the focus on activities that help sooth you so that you can weather this storm with grace.  The peace you seek can only be found within.

Healing energies are moving through you and spreading out into the world.  This feels great but it also attracts people in crisis.  Be sure and apply some of that magic to yourself, Pisces or you risk burnout and possible depression.  Something you've been working on is reaching a temporary standstill.  It will move again but not because you try.  Put your energy into something else for now and let this rest.  It's going to be ok.  This is an excellent time to play with the idea of what you have control over and what you don't without judgement.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fumbling in the Dark

It's funny how when we move to new spaces how the unfamiliarity of it all shows up.  I've been in my new home for about two weeks now but when I wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or close a window, I find myself moving hesitantly and quite often bumping into stuff.  The confidence I felt in my old space, moving around in the dark is not quite rooted in this reality and I've stubbed a toe or two waiting for it.

We take for granted the ease of movement we have in familiar spaces.  Even in the dark, if its familiar there's not only an understanding of the terrain, there's a level of confidence about moving around in it.

And so it is with energy.  When it's familiar, even if we've grown weary of it, we know how to navigate, even in nearly, complete darkness.  There's a level of confidence we take for granted simply because we know the layout, the map, the territory.  This all comes into question the moment we shift and shift, we do!

This is a profound time of change.  Even if you're reading this and thinking "my life isn't changing...nothing is happening here," you ARE changing.  The energetic patterns in your inner world are shifting.  Our pathways are in flux and it may be causing the disoriented feeling you'd experience of you were to suddenly pick up and move to a new town.

Notice this.  Notice the hesitation.  The uncertainty.  Let's stop seeing this as a problem and rather as a reason to celebrate.

If you're experiencing trepidation right about now, be assured.  You're adjusting to the shifts that are unavoidable at this point in time.  We're not sure where we are.  We feel disoriented and unsure.  We move into new energies, great energies but there's hesitation at first.  We're unsure and nervous about fumbling, bumping and falling.  The light is gone for a moment and we suddenly have no idea where we are.

It just takes time.  It's hard to be patient and let that sense of familiarity begin anew but it's coming my friends.  It's coming and when the light comes back on and we see the grandeur and expansiveness of this new space, we'll be glad to have experienced a bit of shadow to get here.

Let's stub a few toes and stop telling ourselves there must be something terribly wrong.  It's all RIGHT.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Fortune Forcast 6/18 - 6/24


It's time to relax those defenses.  Though it might seem counter intuitive to do so.  We perceive threats that aren't really there this week.  We can see that we're overreacting but it's very hard to stop.  In many ways, we're causing the flow of abundance and love to be stunted by keeping the walls up high.  We think we're protecting ourselves but really, all we're doing is giving the universe a big, fat NO.  Come back to a space of simplicity and trust.  It's not easy but it's so worth the effort.  Anything that helps bring balance to body and mind is an excellent place to play.  If it doesn't feel safe to be completely vulnerable, at least blast a window or two in those impenetrable defenses.

Monday 6/1
We're being pulled in two different directions today, making it difficult to get anything accomplished.  Though the forces at play may seem diametrically opposed, there is a midpoint, where agreement, focus and peace can be found.  But first we gotta find it!  Look to the root and the center can be found.  From there, right action begins to flow with ease.

Tuesday 6/19
We're running low on inspiration and it's a bit of a problem.  There is something wonderful and fecund out there, waiting to be discovered but we have to break out of our normal patterns in order to recognize it.  Clinging to what's familiar is becoming a problem as it keeps us in a certain mindset.  These limitations will start to break apart as soon as we intend them to do so. 

Wednesday 6/20
Old goals and dreams tend to create stagnation when we don't take time to look back and clean them up.  Today, we feel the constraints of having our energy tied up in spaces that no longer serve us.  We can and should move forward into something fresh and exciting even if we have no idea where we'll be led.   Dream big and release old junk at the same time.  A wave of creativity will carry us forward.

Thursday 6/21
There are things unfolding now that we just don't have control over.  It's a little scary to be thrust into the unknown so radically and without warning.  Go with it!  Even the developments that look bad upon first glance have untold gifts embedded in them.  Hold the space of discovery and have the intention that wonderful things are in the works.  It's all going to come back together soon.

Friday 6/22
Information is coming through in all kinds of ways.  From the most mundane of interactions, we're seeing things in a new light and our lives are starting to look different.  It's exhilarating and possibly unnerving to be undergoing such a radical shift in perspective.  There's no need to take action just yet.  Let the insight take root and it will show us which route to travel.

Saturday 6/23
There are powerful energies trying to work through us today.  These energies feel unbalancing and uncomfortable but trying to stop the flow is not advised.  Though it might feel slightly unhinging, it's time to let it fly.  Trust what's coming through even though elements of is seem shadowy and uncertain.  Raw energy is difficult to work with.  Let's not let that stop us.

Sunday 6/24
We're chomping at the bit to test ourselves today.  We need big projects and big obstacles to test our mettle.  Don't be surprised to find the need to seek out a test or two.  Sometimes we don't know our own strength until we have a chance to see it in action.  If we try and avoid this space, we'll find ourselves brimming with dissatisfaction and that's a shame worth avoiding.

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Having big heart is actually protection.  We've been led to believe otherwise and it's one of the greatest lies out there.  Open up and let life in.  Create more flow.  Nothing terrible will happen for the heart provides the very wisdom we need the most when it's OPEN.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 6/17 - 6/23

It's an excellent week to further your career and plant the seeds for more abundance.  You're being recognized as skilled and diligent, Aries and it feels good.  A wonderful opportunity is about to run by.  Grab it before it slips away.  You'll have to overcome some lingering self-doubt in order to leap into something that looks slightly beyond your capabilities.  Just do it!  A person you count on for support has left you in the cold.  This will resolve itself if you resist the urge to add fuel to the fire.  Resist the temptation to create more drama.

You're doing an excellent job of balancing energies that seem diametrically opposed, Taurus.  At some point you'll have to decide which project or relationship to focus on but for now you're waiting to see which one holds more promise.  It's difficult to trust that you have the resources you need to succeed.  Open the door and create more flow because your tendency to clamp down is causing problems.  Don't be surprised to find that people are seeking out your expertise.  Without knowing it, you're moving to the top of your field.

You're in the mood to shake everything and everyone up, Gemini.  It's just not satisfying to stick to the same, old routines anymore.  Be calculating as you move into this next phase of creating.  Focus on what you really want and be willing to say no to what's no longer interesting or dynamic.  You're being asked to give up something you treasure and it's hard to surrender.  Know that you're more ready than you realize and see the grace in this process.  Taking care of your body feels good and you're more motivated than ever to change habits that bring you down.  Enjoy!

A burst of passionate energy has you feeling unbalanced and perhaps, our of control.  This is good news Cancer.  Shake up your reality and let things get chaotic for a bit.  You'll settle into a new pattern soon and you're going to love what emerges.  Someone has a secret to share and it's going to upset and challenge you.  If you give yourself time to let it all sink in, you'll find that this new information is quite liberating.  Deep feelings have you questioning who's loyal and who's not.  There's no need to come to any conclusions just yet.

You've squeezed every last drop of abundance out of a certain project, Leo.  There's not much left here and though you may not be ready to move on, it's time.  As you tie up any last, loose ends, you'll be delighted by some of the new and exciting offers coming your way.  You're more ready than you realize to take a big step up and have the skills needed to tackle what's coming.  A chance to invest is coming your way.  Though you have no reason to believe this will pay off, get into it anyway.  There's big abundance waiting for you here.

Heavy, stuck energies are moving at last, Virgo.  You're feeling lighter and more relaxed than you have in a very, long time.  Creative energy is flowing and you're starting to explore some of your passions in more depth.  Though you won a recent battle, the victory hasn't brought what you believed it would.  This is slightly deflating but don't let it get you down for too long.  You have much to look forward to as you start to venture into spaces that are more promising than where you've been.  In other words, you've paid your dues and can now just enjoy.

You're under attack this week, Libra.  At least it feels that way.  Instead of trying to defend or justify your position, consider stepping away from it all.  It's really not about you, so don't take it to heart.  This is very difficult because you want peace and harmony.  It's time for a journey.  Putting your attention into something new will help you find the balance you crave.  Get out and explore some of the things you've been putting off.  There's no time like the present for discovering new passions and pleasures.  Whatever starts now will bring a ton of fulfillment down the road.

It's time to play, Scorpio.  You've gotten everything nice and orderly in your world, so celebrate and enjoy your hard work.  it would be easy to just soldier on but you truly need a break.  Though you don't have everything you want, you're closer than you realize.  It comes down to how you see things, so adjust your viewpoint and you'll recognize the magic.  There's a fresh wisdom taking root in you.  It's not as serious as you think it should be and yet when you apply it to your life, wonderful things happen.  others are noticing as well and it feels good to get some validation.  

Deep feelings are driving you into uncharted territory.  You're in the mood to follow your instincts and intuition and amazing things are starting to happen.  There's a part of you that's starving, for what you're not sure.  Go wander and sample new delights in order to discover what you need, Sagittarius.  You'll never find it sitting at home.  Balance is coming to a situation that has long felt out of control.  This will free up even more of your life force energy so that you can invest your energy in what really feeds your soul.  Take it all in.

Big fun is available this week, Capricorn but you need to make time to enjoy it.  Your tendency is to keep working and ticking things off your to do list but the list never shrinks.  Take a break and just enjoy the world for a bit.  Friends and loved ones are eager to spend time with you.  Don't deprive them of your company.  A part of you is very afraid to take a risk even though you know it's the right move.  Just accept the fear and leap into it.  If you wait for the fear to go away, you'll be waiting a very, long time.  You're more ready than you realize.

A new idea has you positively obsessed, Aquarius.  You can't think of anything but what this idea can become.  It's all you want to talk about and all you want to spend time on.  Be careful who you share your thoughts with.  Not everyone is in a position to support you and you might be negatively affected by criticism and cynicism.  You'll have to go it alone in the beginning but once you start, others will see the value in what you're creating.  Do what you can to get some rest. It's going to be tough but you're going to need it if you want to go all the way.

Everything you touch turns to gold this week, Pisces.  You have the midas touch.  This makes you popular and people are seeking you out for their projects and goals.  I's hard to say no but you must.  You simply can't support everyone in need.  Notice how powerful guilt is in your life.  You can change this pattern now.  Slipping away into a fantasy world is not helpful.  Though it might bring temporary relief, the problems you're running from persist.  Stay present and do what you can to face the discomfort.  Powerful things happen when you show up.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

B is for Body

Bodies.  They've been on my mind lately.  With Venus continuing her retrograde in Gemini, we might find ourselves thinking more and experiencing a degree of mental stress.  This tends to pull our attention away from the body and a neglected body is a terrible thing, don't you think?

It is through these bodies that we experience the world.  We take in all kinds of information through the five senses and when the body is 'off' it's not that fun to be here.  If heaven is here on earth, our experience of it comes via the body.  The lusciousness of taste, sight, sound, touch and smell.  The body and all things material have been getting heavy play with the recent emphasis on Taurus.  That's shifting now, as Jupiter moves into Gemini, moving our focus to the mind.

I had a good time joking with people over on facebook about Jupiter's move into mutable Gemini.  I was musing that this shift will probably help some of us get back on track in terms of any space where overindulgence has been an issue.  Jupiter in Taurus encouraged us to pursue pleasure of all manner and kind and as much as I love pleasure, there's such a thing as too much.

The facebook conversation showed me that I'm not the only one ready to get back into a new routine.  A lot of us are feeling the effects for too much...too much food, too much drink, too much spending...TOO MUCH.  The thing is, with Jupiter moving into Gemini we're about to experience too much thinking, too much changing our minds and too much scheming in the internal world.  It's going to be a challenge now to find new ways to express all the fresh inspiration coming through.  Jupiter in Gemini could trap some of us in the mind, making it difficult to take focused action.

Gemini is curious and sometimes has a hard time sticking with one thing.  Jupiter tends to amplify whatever sign it's in and in this case, our tendency to flit and flirt and stay in motion is going to get bigger.  It'll be interesting to see if we can stick with one idea to see it to completion or if it's more favorable to just explore.  Get ready.

So, back to the body.  Love that body up even if you're dealing with the after-affects of TOO MUCH.  Keep it simple, start small and get back to moderation.  Notice the mind as it begins to race ahead like a well-bred stallion.  The mind and body balancing act will continue to demand our attention.  As the body settles the mind will agitate.  It might be time to start exploring meditation and other mind-calming techniques.  Certainly, with Jupiter in Gemini, we're going to want to experience EVERYTHING.

I can't wait to see what happens as this plays out...


Monday, June 11, 2012

Fortune Forecast 6/11 - 6/17


Our thoughts are running wild this week.  We're easily spooked by subtle shifts in the energy.  This is a problem as we might be reactive and ungrounded at the very moment we need calm.  We can tame the wild mind but it takes focus and a degree of effort.  Noticing what's happening comes first.  From there we can make choices about how we want to respond.  If we know that distortion is a possibility, we can take a moment when things are intense to ask ourselves what's real or imagined and what we want to throw our energy behind.  Though this is not the easiest place to be, it's valuable in terms of showing us how much power we have to choose the reality we want.  Sometimes finding our power requires us to feel disempowered.

Monday 6/11
There's something we want and it's withing reach but to get it we might have to bend the rules a bit.  The problem is, it won't feel right to get it this way.  We might win but won't find fulfillment.  Perhaps we need to look more closely at what's motivating this desire.  Is there an alternative path to achieving this? There is and though it might take more time, in the end it will be much more satisfying.

Tuesday 6/12
Prepare to feel awkward and unsure as a new passion begins to take root.  We need time to figure out how best to channel this new energy.  While we're figuring this out, things might get a little messy.  It's okay.  In fact we might as well bring in plenty of permission to make messes right now as we start to experiment and play.  A masterpiece may very well emerge. 

Wednesday 6/13
It's time to relish the hard work that has led us to this moment in time.  Are thing perfect?  No.  Is there more to do?  Yes but by pausing and acknowledging all that's transpired to bring us to this point, we make space for more magic.  Rewards come in many shapes and sizes.  Enjoy them all for they are well earned.  Pausing to take it in will fuel the next step.  Put the list of things to do aside and just sink into it.

Thursday 6/14
Sometimes we just need to stop fighting our own impulses and go explore.  There's something that's been lurking in the background for quite awhile now.  This desire is growing in intensity and it's not going to just fade away anytime soon.  Indulge it, investigate it, play with it.  There's nothing wrong with giving into temptation with awareness and wisdom on hand.

Friday 6/15
It's very easy to get spooked today.  It just looks and feels like something terrible is coming.  We're very aware of what we don't have and there's an overwhelming feeling that we might never get it.  Some of us are savvy enough to see the distortion here but it hardly matters, so powerful is this feeling of lack.  Do whatever it takes to have a laugh.  It'll require some effort but amusement will help lift the lie.

Saturday 6/16
Life feels great today and we encounter lots of opportunity to play and connect.  It's time now to celebrate life just as it is, flaws and all.  Everything feels more beautiful and we have the potential to see reality with a renewed innocence.  Being in love is easy and even the people and things we don't normally enjoy will seem charming and delightful under the sway of today's magic.

Sunday 6/17
We're at the end of the road and it's time to choose a new path, a new plan.  Now that we're at the end, we suddenly remember all we once loved about it.  The feelings that are emerging are intense and complex. We know it's time to move on but we also need a chance to say goodbye and honor all that this has been in our lives.  Allow flow and movement as a new lane opens.

need help with the energy this week?


Sensuality is the key to unhooking the anxious mind.  When we come back to the body, the mind begins to calm down.  We can even see that the fearful, frantic thinking is a sign that we've abandoned the body on some level.  To be grounded in the body is to feel safe.  Ponder this anytime the mind starts to run wild.  Just come back.  Keep coming back.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 6/10 - 6/16

You can't quite see the blessings that are available to you this week, Aries.  It's going to take a little work to recognize them but it's so worth it.  Start to move your attention from what you don't have to what you do have.  Once you make this shift, everything is going to look better and brighter.  Part of what's difficult is the intensity of your feelings and they're shifting rapidly and without reason.  It's a challenge to let the energy move through you.  Get creative with what's happening now and you'll be back on track in no time.

You're in no mood to be trifled with, Taurus.  In fact, you need the people around you to understand that you have a focus and a plan and you're ready to pursue it with total gusto.  Don't hesitate to tell people ho you feel and what you need for support.  Your loved ones will get in line if they know what you need.  You might be wondering if your hard work will pay off.  You're a little jittery this week about your ability to make it all happen.  Put your worries aside.  It's your time now.

You're so in the mood to be done with a certain cycle.  It's difficult to stay present when you just want to move forward but attention must be paid here, Gemini.  Finish and do your best so that you can go forward with a clean slate.  Heavy energies are lifting but it's taking time and your patience is low.  Keep going!  Trying to stay balanced is taking a lot of energy.  It might be time to make a choice about which path to follow.  If you try and continue this juggling act, you might just drop all the balls.

Big energies are pushing you to find more balance this week, Cancer.  Everything is topsy turvy in your world as you work to rearrange what's not working.  Don't forget to care for your body with sensual treats and rest as you move through some potent and difficult energy.  A fantasy is rapidly becoming real, leaving you wondering what's next.  It's a little anticlimactic to get what you want, after all.  Get ready for a big push forward.  You've prepared the ground and will see big growth soon.  Are you ready?

You're being awfully hard on yourself this week, Leo.  There's just no need to apply such impossible standards to your work and yourself.  Can you lighten it up a bit?  You'll feel so much better when you find your amusement again.  Big gains are close at hand.  You're about to be rewarded and recognized.  Get ready for attention and praise.  Let the validation help fuel your next step.  You know what you want, now you just nee to dig a little deeper to find the guidance inside you to get there.  You can do it!

You're energized and ready to take on new projects, Virgo.  Unfortunately, the world is not moving as fast as you are, which is causing a little frustration.  Hold steady with your vision despite minor opposition.  You're getting there.  A part of you is being driven by fear right now.  If you can root this out and heal it, you'll find that what you're creating is more abundant and more beautiful than you thought possible.  Get ready to travel.  Whether you actually leave home or just drift with your mind, you're on your way to new places.

It's a great week for celebrating, connecting and recognizing the magic in your world.  You've come far, Libra and need a moment to get your head around it all.  Relax now.  You can afford to pause and feel it all.  A burst of energy is about to arrive and it's going to propel you into new adventures.  Get a little rest now before this next wave hits.  People are treating you with more respect.  Your power is becoming more and more visible.  Enjoy being seen and heard, as your word becomes manifest.  The limits are falling quickly away.

You might feel attacked this week, Scorpio but the conflict you're experiencing didn't originate with you and it can't be resolved by you.  Can you allow this to leave your life, without defensiveness or justification?  It's worth trying.  Play is calling and it's time to answer.  You've been working hard and putting off recreation.  You need to play now and get your spirits up and alive.  Holding back on important communication is stressful.  If you can't express it directly, find other ways to get it all off your chest.  This will feel oh, so good. 

You're a tad defensive this week Sagittarius, which is causing you to perceive threats where there might not be any.  Check yourself, especially when you start thinking someone's out to get you.  Chances are, they're not trying to get you and you're just tired and slightly depressed.  A big idea is about to show up and it will bring the inspiration you need.  Hang in there.  You've simply taken on too much and need time to decide what you're going to continue with and what you're ready to let go of.  Be discriminating and choose the best of the best.

You're tuckered out, Capricorn and it's manifesting as negativity.  if you can just stop and give your body some attention and care, much of what looks like trouble will clear up with ease.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  You're doing an excellent job of moving through tough energy.  Open up to abundance.  You've got the door closed, thinking you need to preserve and hoard but what you really need is flow and faith.  The resources are coming, so relax and enjoy the now.

You're int he mood to experiment this week, Aquarius, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.  An innocence is infusing you with new energy and a desire to connect in a new way.  Trust your instincts and know that whatever you do, it will open up space to love more deeply and truly.  Everything feels fresh and exciting and you see new opportunities in spaces that once looked dry and dusty.  Enjoy your freedom.  At the same time, old traditions are suddenly more appealing.  It'll be fun to find a way to integrate the old with the new.

Hard work doesn't feel hard when you're in love with what you're doing and you are, Pisces.  You love the path you're on right now even if it's fraught with difficulty.  There's a deep knowing that continuing on this way will bring great rewards and it will.  A recent battle has left you feeling a little lonely.  You won but may have alienated important support in the process.  You can heal this quickly just by recognizing what happened and who might have gotten hurt.  Use your grace to smooth it all over.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stuff's Gonna Break

That's what I was thinking last Sunday as I watched a trio of strong men pile my stuff into the back of a big Uhaul.  I have no idea how they got it all in.  The truck was packed to the ceiling but they did it, despite the rain and despite the fact that it was rapidly becoming night.

The moving experience was full of glitches, too many to mention here and there were moments where I felt like puking my guts out.  Thanks to some dear friends and supporters, that truck got packed, the old house got cleaned, cats got in their carriers and away we went.

I drove that truck over 400 miles, from Idaho Springs, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was exhilarating, exhausting and I'm pretty darn proud of myself.  From Trinidad on into New Mexico, I managed to find amazing radio stations to sooth and calm as I pushed that truck to go faster, faster, faster.

Now that I've been here a few days and my stuff is finding it's place in the new house, I look back and feel as if I've been catapulted across the sky to get here.  It's as if someone put my in a sling shot or something and here I am now, in a new city, a new neighborhood and a new house.

Surprisingly, not much got broken.  One small plate and a piece of art that I was pretty ambivalent about.  I didn't crash the truck (though I had more than a few flashes of it while driving).  The cats survived (though one soiled herself on the way) and the kids are happy and fine.  They even found new friends on our new block.

So here we are.  I finally accomplished this thing that was hanging out there in the future.  This thing that I put everything else on hold for and I gotta say, I'm damn happy about it!  Unfortunately, in the mad rush to get here, not only did I tell the Leos in their weekly horoscope that they were about to get a sh!t in the arm, I also was unable to complete the weekly Fortune Forecast for this week.

These events along with the many other glitches I encountered really got me thinking about perfection...the perfected pictures we have of how things are going to be.  Well, my perfect pictures got blown to hell somewhere along the way, leaving me sweaty, nauseous, chaotic and irritated at my inability to do it all and do it all well.  Stuff broke after all, as I found myself breaking into a new kind of freedom.  The freedom to just do it.  Stuff that stuff in the truck and go.  Catapult into a new reality.

I have no doubt that if you're reading this, you too are in the process of looking at the perfect pictures that dominate your attention.  I hope you're blowing that stuff up.  Stuff's gonna break and when we're lucky, it's the stuff we didn't really want and need anymore anyway.


ps.  Thanks to all the Leos who wrote me hilarious letters about the sh!t in the arm.  You guys are priceless.  I'm getting my new groove and will be back in action at soon for readings, healings and more.  Let's connect and share the joy of the journey.  BIG LOVE.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 6/3 - 6/9

Watch your back, Aries.  There are unseen forces pulling at what you've worked so hard to create and maintain.  Someone is jealous and working to get what you have.  Once you see the threat, you'll know how to navigate through this.  Don't let your need to see everyone as good keep you from recognizing this minor threat.  It's difficult to find a spot of fun this week.  You're only interested in what might bring results.  Perhaps it's time to think again about what you really desire.

You're inspired this week Taurus and have lots of new ideas and energy coming in.  It feels exciting and refreshing to be going in a new direction.  Give yourself a little more time to let the plan show itself to you.  You're in for a happy surprise as pursuing your new goals will be easy and energizing.  Be willing to say goodbye to a space that once provided shelter and comfort.  It's over and it's time to move on.  Doing so will free you for the amazing adventure up ahead.

A wish is about to come true.  You can feel the tingle of anticipation Gemini and it's very difficult to wait for it all to come together.  You worry that something will mess it all up but nothing is going to get in the way of what you want and need now.  Passion is the theme and you are bursting with it.  Everyone is moved by your energy and you can create healing wherever you go with charm and optimism.  Try not to let your worries crash the party.  Believe that it can be fantastic.  It is.  

It's chaotic right now and you're having a hard time coping.  Ease up on the pressure you're applying to do it all perfectly, Cancer.  No one needs you to be a super hero.  If you could just get grounded, everything would look and feel so much better.  Do what you can to dig into the earth a bit this week, to find your center of calm.  You're in a much more solid position than you realize.  There's just no need to worry.  Once you get through this transition, you'll be back in action with a vengeance.

You need a party to go to, Leo.  You're in the mood to dress up, flirt and be seen as the star you are.  Make it a top priority to find opportunities to show yourself off.  There are big changes unfolding for you but they're subtle on some level. It's difficult for you to measure your progress but it's happening.  Validate your work.  Tensions are growing in a space where you desperately want control.  You're probably not going to get control but you will get a shot in the arm by trying.

There's a lot of energy coming at you, trying to get you to make a compromise of some sort.  You're doing your best to defend against it, Virgo but at some point you might be better served by walking away.  This will seem like defeat at first until you feel your energy coming back to you.  This has been a slow drain for too long.  The pace is quickening and you have a lot of loose ends to attend to.  It will go quickly once you find a new focus.  That focus needs to be you and your fulfillment.

Take charge, Libra. You know you want to.  It's all waiting right there for you but you've got to get aggressive.  Mood swings are making it more challenging to know what you want from minute to minute but if you really tune in, you'll find a grain of truth at the bottom of it all.  You're becoming a master when it comes to focusing your intention.  Others want to learn from you, which is causing them to flock around you.  You might enjoy the attention and you might not but you might as well get used to it.

You're being awfully hard on yourself for things that are simply beyond your control, Scorpio.  See your role in what might have gone wrong and forgive.  You did your best and you'll soon see rewards from your efforts, you just can't see it yet.  Tie up loose ends and get organized because big opportunities are coming and you're going to want to jump in without hesitation.  Know that you are on the cusp of a whole new way of living.  It's going to feel amazing once you get a little further into it.

You're in the mood for love, Sagittarius.  It's about the only thing you're interested in right now so let it be your top priority.  Wander and play with the feelings.  Find new people to forge connections with and spend time with your old favorites.  Good fortune is working in your favor and life is beautiful.  You have a chance to start a new project or business that can yield big results with time and patience.  Are you ready to commit?  If so, you might just be on to the next, big thing.

Life is intense for you this week, Capricorn.  You are in the fire of transformation and might be a little disoriented by it all.  Ride it out and try to repress the need to control it all.  What you need now is fluidity.  You're getting a chance to play with your magic like never before.  Have fun with it and try not to be too serious.  What you want will come together in time.  Just hold steady and don't forget to take good care of yourself as you build this new reality.  It's lovely beyond belief.

You're a little stressed out, Aquarius.  Perhaps more than you realize?  The people around you can see and feel it and they are trying to get you to settle down.  Don't let this bring out your anger if you can help it.  Part of what's bothering you is a lack of clarity.  You just don't have a sense of where you're at or how to move forward.  Relax because the answers are coming.  You need a moment to let the dust settle from recent shifts before you can see the terrain ahead.

It's time to take the mask off and show the world how serious you are about your dreams and goals.  You don't want anyone to perceive you as a threat or competition but this attitude is holding you back, Pisces.  Don't hesitate to shine at every opportunity and let the world know the special qualities you bring to everything you invest in.  It's almost time to take on a new brand of power.  Let it start slowing and anchor it into your body.  Big things are awaiting you up ahead.