Wednesday, June 13, 2012

B is for Body

Bodies.  They've been on my mind lately.  With Venus continuing her retrograde in Gemini, we might find ourselves thinking more and experiencing a degree of mental stress.  This tends to pull our attention away from the body and a neglected body is a terrible thing, don't you think?

It is through these bodies that we experience the world.  We take in all kinds of information through the five senses and when the body is 'off' it's not that fun to be here.  If heaven is here on earth, our experience of it comes via the body.  The lusciousness of taste, sight, sound, touch and smell.  The body and all things material have been getting heavy play with the recent emphasis on Taurus.  That's shifting now, as Jupiter moves into Gemini, moving our focus to the mind.

I had a good time joking with people over on facebook about Jupiter's move into mutable Gemini.  I was musing that this shift will probably help some of us get back on track in terms of any space where overindulgence has been an issue.  Jupiter in Taurus encouraged us to pursue pleasure of all manner and kind and as much as I love pleasure, there's such a thing as too much.

The facebook conversation showed me that I'm not the only one ready to get back into a new routine.  A lot of us are feeling the effects for too much...too much food, too much drink, too much spending...TOO MUCH.  The thing is, with Jupiter moving into Gemini we're about to experience too much thinking, too much changing our minds and too much scheming in the internal world.  It's going to be a challenge now to find new ways to express all the fresh inspiration coming through.  Jupiter in Gemini could trap some of us in the mind, making it difficult to take focused action.

Gemini is curious and sometimes has a hard time sticking with one thing.  Jupiter tends to amplify whatever sign it's in and in this case, our tendency to flit and flirt and stay in motion is going to get bigger.  It'll be interesting to see if we can stick with one idea to see it to completion or if it's more favorable to just explore.  Get ready.

So, back to the body.  Love that body up even if you're dealing with the after-affects of TOO MUCH.  Keep it simple, start small and get back to moderation.  Notice the mind as it begins to race ahead like a well-bred stallion.  The mind and body balancing act will continue to demand our attention.  As the body settles the mind will agitate.  It might be time to start exploring meditation and other mind-calming techniques.  Certainly, with Jupiter in Gemini, we're going to want to experience EVERYTHING.

I can't wait to see what happens as this plays out...


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