Monday, June 18, 2012

Fortune Forcast 6/18 - 6/24


It's time to relax those defenses.  Though it might seem counter intuitive to do so.  We perceive threats that aren't really there this week.  We can see that we're overreacting but it's very hard to stop.  In many ways, we're causing the flow of abundance and love to be stunted by keeping the walls up high.  We think we're protecting ourselves but really, all we're doing is giving the universe a big, fat NO.  Come back to a space of simplicity and trust.  It's not easy but it's so worth the effort.  Anything that helps bring balance to body and mind is an excellent place to play.  If it doesn't feel safe to be completely vulnerable, at least blast a window or two in those impenetrable defenses.

Monday 6/1
We're being pulled in two different directions today, making it difficult to get anything accomplished.  Though the forces at play may seem diametrically opposed, there is a midpoint, where agreement, focus and peace can be found.  But first we gotta find it!  Look to the root and the center can be found.  From there, right action begins to flow with ease.

Tuesday 6/19
We're running low on inspiration and it's a bit of a problem.  There is something wonderful and fecund out there, waiting to be discovered but we have to break out of our normal patterns in order to recognize it.  Clinging to what's familiar is becoming a problem as it keeps us in a certain mindset.  These limitations will start to break apart as soon as we intend them to do so. 

Wednesday 6/20
Old goals and dreams tend to create stagnation when we don't take time to look back and clean them up.  Today, we feel the constraints of having our energy tied up in spaces that no longer serve us.  We can and should move forward into something fresh and exciting even if we have no idea where we'll be led.   Dream big and release old junk at the same time.  A wave of creativity will carry us forward.

Thursday 6/21
There are things unfolding now that we just don't have control over.  It's a little scary to be thrust into the unknown so radically and without warning.  Go with it!  Even the developments that look bad upon first glance have untold gifts embedded in them.  Hold the space of discovery and have the intention that wonderful things are in the works.  It's all going to come back together soon.

Friday 6/22
Information is coming through in all kinds of ways.  From the most mundane of interactions, we're seeing things in a new light and our lives are starting to look different.  It's exhilarating and possibly unnerving to be undergoing such a radical shift in perspective.  There's no need to take action just yet.  Let the insight take root and it will show us which route to travel.

Saturday 6/23
There are powerful energies trying to work through us today.  These energies feel unbalancing and uncomfortable but trying to stop the flow is not advised.  Though it might feel slightly unhinging, it's time to let it fly.  Trust what's coming through even though elements of is seem shadowy and uncertain.  Raw energy is difficult to work with.  Let's not let that stop us.

Sunday 6/24
We're chomping at the bit to test ourselves today.  We need big projects and big obstacles to test our mettle.  Don't be surprised to find the need to seek out a test or two.  Sometimes we don't know our own strength until we have a chance to see it in action.  If we try and avoid this space, we'll find ourselves brimming with dissatisfaction and that's a shame worth avoiding.

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Having big heart is actually protection.  We've been led to believe otherwise and it's one of the greatest lies out there.  Open up and let life in.  Create more flow.  Nothing terrible will happen for the heart provides the very wisdom we need the most when it's OPEN.

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Reshma said...

Having big heart is actually protection.....well said Julia and love the fortune forecast !