Monday, June 11, 2012

Fortune Forecast 6/11 - 6/17


Our thoughts are running wild this week.  We're easily spooked by subtle shifts in the energy.  This is a problem as we might be reactive and ungrounded at the very moment we need calm.  We can tame the wild mind but it takes focus and a degree of effort.  Noticing what's happening comes first.  From there we can make choices about how we want to respond.  If we know that distortion is a possibility, we can take a moment when things are intense to ask ourselves what's real or imagined and what we want to throw our energy behind.  Though this is not the easiest place to be, it's valuable in terms of showing us how much power we have to choose the reality we want.  Sometimes finding our power requires us to feel disempowered.

Monday 6/11
There's something we want and it's withing reach but to get it we might have to bend the rules a bit.  The problem is, it won't feel right to get it this way.  We might win but won't find fulfillment.  Perhaps we need to look more closely at what's motivating this desire.  Is there an alternative path to achieving this? There is and though it might take more time, in the end it will be much more satisfying.

Tuesday 6/12
Prepare to feel awkward and unsure as a new passion begins to take root.  We need time to figure out how best to channel this new energy.  While we're figuring this out, things might get a little messy.  It's okay.  In fact we might as well bring in plenty of permission to make messes right now as we start to experiment and play.  A masterpiece may very well emerge. 

Wednesday 6/13
It's time to relish the hard work that has led us to this moment in time.  Are thing perfect?  No.  Is there more to do?  Yes but by pausing and acknowledging all that's transpired to bring us to this point, we make space for more magic.  Rewards come in many shapes and sizes.  Enjoy them all for they are well earned.  Pausing to take it in will fuel the next step.  Put the list of things to do aside and just sink into it.

Thursday 6/14
Sometimes we just need to stop fighting our own impulses and go explore.  There's something that's been lurking in the background for quite awhile now.  This desire is growing in intensity and it's not going to just fade away anytime soon.  Indulge it, investigate it, play with it.  There's nothing wrong with giving into temptation with awareness and wisdom on hand.

Friday 6/15
It's very easy to get spooked today.  It just looks and feels like something terrible is coming.  We're very aware of what we don't have and there's an overwhelming feeling that we might never get it.  Some of us are savvy enough to see the distortion here but it hardly matters, so powerful is this feeling of lack.  Do whatever it takes to have a laugh.  It'll require some effort but amusement will help lift the lie.

Saturday 6/16
Life feels great today and we encounter lots of opportunity to play and connect.  It's time now to celebrate life just as it is, flaws and all.  Everything feels more beautiful and we have the potential to see reality with a renewed innocence.  Being in love is easy and even the people and things we don't normally enjoy will seem charming and delightful under the sway of today's magic.

Sunday 6/17
We're at the end of the road and it's time to choose a new path, a new plan.  Now that we're at the end, we suddenly remember all we once loved about it.  The feelings that are emerging are intense and complex. We know it's time to move on but we also need a chance to say goodbye and honor all that this has been in our lives.  Allow flow and movement as a new lane opens.

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Sensuality is the key to unhooking the anxious mind.  When we come back to the body, the mind begins to calm down.  We can even see that the fearful, frantic thinking is a sign that we've abandoned the body on some level.  To be grounded in the body is to feel safe.  Ponder this anytime the mind starts to run wild.  Just come back.  Keep coming back.

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