Monday, June 25, 2012

Fortune Forecast 6/25 - 7/1


We get a chance to start a new story this week and though it's a continuation of a bigger story, there's something wonderful and liberating about the this new chapter.  We can recast our role now, just be deciding who we want to be.  Are we the hero?  Villain?  Savior?  Martyr?  It's all up for grabs and all of the roles are plum parts.  Why not try something new on for size?  Approach challenges as if it's just a role in a story.  Perhaps doing so can free us up to be more creative, more lighthearted and more effective.  When we stop taking ourselves so deathly, seriously, we actually create magic of a different caliber.  This is the focus for the week, so go ahead and play, play, play.

Monday 6/25
We're dealing with a fair amount of distortion today in the way that we view our lives and our challenges.  Things just don't look good and we've temporarily lost the ability to see, taste, smell and hear the beauty that's all around.  Know that this will pass and refrain from making decisions based on the distortion.  Say no to lack.

Tuesday 6/26
Healing is coming through in all directions today.  It might not feel like it.  Healing tends to push the pain to the surface, so beware.  We'll know something profound is happening when it all start to feel out of control.  Welcome this, even though it's counter-intuitive to do so.  Intuitive hits are on the mark.  Pay heed and respond.

Wednesday 6/27
The fires of creativity are burning bright today.  It's exciting and unsettling to have so much energy coursing through our bodies.  The energy is not that easy to channel. It's hot and volatile and it takes effort to figure out how to get it running smoothly.  Though being patient is very difficult, it's a necessity.  Keep the energy moving.

Thursday 6/28
Instead of focusing on what went wrong, let's focus on what's going right!  If we're not producing the results we wanted, perhaps we're not focused on the right results?  It's time to re-frame things a bit and shake off feelings of failure.  Often these feelings are a signal that we're depleted and exhausted.  Rest up and see if this doesn't shift reality a bit.

Friday 6/29
Follow it.  Don't shut it down or judge it or even try to figure it out.  Just follow.  Perhaps the idea will end up being rather useless but where it leads is incredibly valuable.  The idea is a hint of sorts on a greater path to treasure, so pay attention, be observant and don't hesitate to take a trip to find out what's at the end of this rainbow.

Saturday 6/30
We're starting to get a sense of movement and the slow building momentum we need to make life look and feel differently.  It's subtle right now but it's going to start to become more and more apparent.  Small steps pay off now.  There's no need for giant pressure.  Just take it a piece at a time and before long, everything will be new, fresh and very, very exciting.

Sunday 7/1
Follow the feelings today.  Some of us are resisting this because we just don't want to feel it all.  The thing we forget is, once we make space for everything to be with us, we shift. It really is that simple.  Move out of resistance and into flow and life will take on a totally, new dimension.  It really is that simple, so let's sink into it and go.

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There's no need to rush into anything.  Just move into it all slowly and with mindfulness.  What's waiting for us won't disappear.  It's always there, so give up the need to rush and just take one step at a time.

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