Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fumbling in the Dark

It's funny how when we move to new spaces how the unfamiliarity of it all shows up.  I've been in my new home for about two weeks now but when I wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or close a window, I find myself moving hesitantly and quite often bumping into stuff.  The confidence I felt in my old space, moving around in the dark is not quite rooted in this reality and I've stubbed a toe or two waiting for it.

We take for granted the ease of movement we have in familiar spaces.  Even in the dark, if its familiar there's not only an understanding of the terrain, there's a level of confidence about moving around in it.

And so it is with energy.  When it's familiar, even if we've grown weary of it, we know how to navigate, even in nearly, complete darkness.  There's a level of confidence we take for granted simply because we know the layout, the map, the territory.  This all comes into question the moment we shift and shift, we do!

This is a profound time of change.  Even if you're reading this and thinking "my life isn't changing...nothing is happening here," you ARE changing.  The energetic patterns in your inner world are shifting.  Our pathways are in flux and it may be causing the disoriented feeling you'd experience of you were to suddenly pick up and move to a new town.

Notice this.  Notice the hesitation.  The uncertainty.  Let's stop seeing this as a problem and rather as a reason to celebrate.

If you're experiencing trepidation right about now, be assured.  You're adjusting to the shifts that are unavoidable at this point in time.  We're not sure where we are.  We feel disoriented and unsure.  We move into new energies, great energies but there's hesitation at first.  We're unsure and nervous about fumbling, bumping and falling.  The light is gone for a moment and we suddenly have no idea where we are.

It just takes time.  It's hard to be patient and let that sense of familiarity begin anew but it's coming my friends.  It's coming and when the light comes back on and we see the grandeur and expansiveness of this new space, we'll be glad to have experienced a bit of shadow to get here.

Let's stub a few toes and stop telling ourselves there must be something terribly wrong.  It's all RIGHT.


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