Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 6/10 - 6/16

You can't quite see the blessings that are available to you this week, Aries.  It's going to take a little work to recognize them but it's so worth it.  Start to move your attention from what you don't have to what you do have.  Once you make this shift, everything is going to look better and brighter.  Part of what's difficult is the intensity of your feelings and they're shifting rapidly and without reason.  It's a challenge to let the energy move through you.  Get creative with what's happening now and you'll be back on track in no time.

You're in no mood to be trifled with, Taurus.  In fact, you need the people around you to understand that you have a focus and a plan and you're ready to pursue it with total gusto.  Don't hesitate to tell people ho you feel and what you need for support.  Your loved ones will get in line if they know what you need.  You might be wondering if your hard work will pay off.  You're a little jittery this week about your ability to make it all happen.  Put your worries aside.  It's your time now.

You're so in the mood to be done with a certain cycle.  It's difficult to stay present when you just want to move forward but attention must be paid here, Gemini.  Finish and do your best so that you can go forward with a clean slate.  Heavy energies are lifting but it's taking time and your patience is low.  Keep going!  Trying to stay balanced is taking a lot of energy.  It might be time to make a choice about which path to follow.  If you try and continue this juggling act, you might just drop all the balls.

Big energies are pushing you to find more balance this week, Cancer.  Everything is topsy turvy in your world as you work to rearrange what's not working.  Don't forget to care for your body with sensual treats and rest as you move through some potent and difficult energy.  A fantasy is rapidly becoming real, leaving you wondering what's next.  It's a little anticlimactic to get what you want, after all.  Get ready for a big push forward.  You've prepared the ground and will see big growth soon.  Are you ready?

You're being awfully hard on yourself this week, Leo.  There's just no need to apply such impossible standards to your work and yourself.  Can you lighten it up a bit?  You'll feel so much better when you find your amusement again.  Big gains are close at hand.  You're about to be rewarded and recognized.  Get ready for attention and praise.  Let the validation help fuel your next step.  You know what you want, now you just nee to dig a little deeper to find the guidance inside you to get there.  You can do it!

You're energized and ready to take on new projects, Virgo.  Unfortunately, the world is not moving as fast as you are, which is causing a little frustration.  Hold steady with your vision despite minor opposition.  You're getting there.  A part of you is being driven by fear right now.  If you can root this out and heal it, you'll find that what you're creating is more abundant and more beautiful than you thought possible.  Get ready to travel.  Whether you actually leave home or just drift with your mind, you're on your way to new places.

It's a great week for celebrating, connecting and recognizing the magic in your world.  You've come far, Libra and need a moment to get your head around it all.  Relax now.  You can afford to pause and feel it all.  A burst of energy is about to arrive and it's going to propel you into new adventures.  Get a little rest now before this next wave hits.  People are treating you with more respect.  Your power is becoming more and more visible.  Enjoy being seen and heard, as your word becomes manifest.  The limits are falling quickly away.

You might feel attacked this week, Scorpio but the conflict you're experiencing didn't originate with you and it can't be resolved by you.  Can you allow this to leave your life, without defensiveness or justification?  It's worth trying.  Play is calling and it's time to answer.  You've been working hard and putting off recreation.  You need to play now and get your spirits up and alive.  Holding back on important communication is stressful.  If you can't express it directly, find other ways to get it all off your chest.  This will feel oh, so good. 

You're a tad defensive this week Sagittarius, which is causing you to perceive threats where there might not be any.  Check yourself, especially when you start thinking someone's out to get you.  Chances are, they're not trying to get you and you're just tired and slightly depressed.  A big idea is about to show up and it will bring the inspiration you need.  Hang in there.  You've simply taken on too much and need time to decide what you're going to continue with and what you're ready to let go of.  Be discriminating and choose the best of the best.

You're tuckered out, Capricorn and it's manifesting as negativity.  if you can just stop and give your body some attention and care, much of what looks like trouble will clear up with ease.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  You're doing an excellent job of moving through tough energy.  Open up to abundance.  You've got the door closed, thinking you need to preserve and hoard but what you really need is flow and faith.  The resources are coming, so relax and enjoy the now.

You're int he mood to experiment this week, Aquarius, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.  An innocence is infusing you with new energy and a desire to connect in a new way.  Trust your instincts and know that whatever you do, it will open up space to love more deeply and truly.  Everything feels fresh and exciting and you see new opportunities in spaces that once looked dry and dusty.  Enjoy your freedom.  At the same time, old traditions are suddenly more appealing.  It'll be fun to find a way to integrate the old with the new.

Hard work doesn't feel hard when you're in love with what you're doing and you are, Pisces.  You love the path you're on right now even if it's fraught with difficulty.  There's a deep knowing that continuing on this way will bring great rewards and it will.  A recent battle has left you feeling a little lonely.  You won but may have alienated important support in the process.  You can heal this quickly just by recognizing what happened and who might have gotten hurt.  Use your grace to smooth it all over.


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Cardamom said...

Your Pisces notes are spot on! I recently found that the very person I trusted with my business has betrayed me, but I am going to keep moving on....thank you dear lady. xo