Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 6/17 - 6/23

It's an excellent week to further your career and plant the seeds for more abundance.  You're being recognized as skilled and diligent, Aries and it feels good.  A wonderful opportunity is about to run by.  Grab it before it slips away.  You'll have to overcome some lingering self-doubt in order to leap into something that looks slightly beyond your capabilities.  Just do it!  A person you count on for support has left you in the cold.  This will resolve itself if you resist the urge to add fuel to the fire.  Resist the temptation to create more drama.

You're doing an excellent job of balancing energies that seem diametrically opposed, Taurus.  At some point you'll have to decide which project or relationship to focus on but for now you're waiting to see which one holds more promise.  It's difficult to trust that you have the resources you need to succeed.  Open the door and create more flow because your tendency to clamp down is causing problems.  Don't be surprised to find that people are seeking out your expertise.  Without knowing it, you're moving to the top of your field.

You're in the mood to shake everything and everyone up, Gemini.  It's just not satisfying to stick to the same, old routines anymore.  Be calculating as you move into this next phase of creating.  Focus on what you really want and be willing to say no to what's no longer interesting or dynamic.  You're being asked to give up something you treasure and it's hard to surrender.  Know that you're more ready than you realize and see the grace in this process.  Taking care of your body feels good and you're more motivated than ever to change habits that bring you down.  Enjoy!

A burst of passionate energy has you feeling unbalanced and perhaps, our of control.  This is good news Cancer.  Shake up your reality and let things get chaotic for a bit.  You'll settle into a new pattern soon and you're going to love what emerges.  Someone has a secret to share and it's going to upset and challenge you.  If you give yourself time to let it all sink in, you'll find that this new information is quite liberating.  Deep feelings have you questioning who's loyal and who's not.  There's no need to come to any conclusions just yet.

You've squeezed every last drop of abundance out of a certain project, Leo.  There's not much left here and though you may not be ready to move on, it's time.  As you tie up any last, loose ends, you'll be delighted by some of the new and exciting offers coming your way.  You're more ready than you realize to take a big step up and have the skills needed to tackle what's coming.  A chance to invest is coming your way.  Though you have no reason to believe this will pay off, get into it anyway.  There's big abundance waiting for you here.

Heavy, stuck energies are moving at last, Virgo.  You're feeling lighter and more relaxed than you have in a very, long time.  Creative energy is flowing and you're starting to explore some of your passions in more depth.  Though you won a recent battle, the victory hasn't brought what you believed it would.  This is slightly deflating but don't let it get you down for too long.  You have much to look forward to as you start to venture into spaces that are more promising than where you've been.  In other words, you've paid your dues and can now just enjoy.

You're under attack this week, Libra.  At least it feels that way.  Instead of trying to defend or justify your position, consider stepping away from it all.  It's really not about you, so don't take it to heart.  This is very difficult because you want peace and harmony.  It's time for a journey.  Putting your attention into something new will help you find the balance you crave.  Get out and explore some of the things you've been putting off.  There's no time like the present for discovering new passions and pleasures.  Whatever starts now will bring a ton of fulfillment down the road.

It's time to play, Scorpio.  You've gotten everything nice and orderly in your world, so celebrate and enjoy your hard work.  it would be easy to just soldier on but you truly need a break.  Though you don't have everything you want, you're closer than you realize.  It comes down to how you see things, so adjust your viewpoint and you'll recognize the magic.  There's a fresh wisdom taking root in you.  It's not as serious as you think it should be and yet when you apply it to your life, wonderful things happen.  others are noticing as well and it feels good to get some validation.  

Deep feelings are driving you into uncharted territory.  You're in the mood to follow your instincts and intuition and amazing things are starting to happen.  There's a part of you that's starving, for what you're not sure.  Go wander and sample new delights in order to discover what you need, Sagittarius.  You'll never find it sitting at home.  Balance is coming to a situation that has long felt out of control.  This will free up even more of your life force energy so that you can invest your energy in what really feeds your soul.  Take it all in.

Big fun is available this week, Capricorn but you need to make time to enjoy it.  Your tendency is to keep working and ticking things off your to do list but the list never shrinks.  Take a break and just enjoy the world for a bit.  Friends and loved ones are eager to spend time with you.  Don't deprive them of your company.  A part of you is very afraid to take a risk even though you know it's the right move.  Just accept the fear and leap into it.  If you wait for the fear to go away, you'll be waiting a very, long time.  You're more ready than you realize.

A new idea has you positively obsessed, Aquarius.  You can't think of anything but what this idea can become.  It's all you want to talk about and all you want to spend time on.  Be careful who you share your thoughts with.  Not everyone is in a position to support you and you might be negatively affected by criticism and cynicism.  You'll have to go it alone in the beginning but once you start, others will see the value in what you're creating.  Do what you can to get some rest. It's going to be tough but you're going to need it if you want to go all the way.

Everything you touch turns to gold this week, Pisces.  You have the midas touch.  This makes you popular and people are seeking you out for their projects and goals.  I's hard to say no but you must.  You simply can't support everyone in need.  Notice how powerful guilt is in your life.  You can change this pattern now.  Slipping away into a fantasy world is not helpful.  Though it might bring temporary relief, the problems you're running from persist.  Stay present and do what you can to face the discomfort.  Powerful things happen when you show up.


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