Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 6/3 - 6/9

Watch your back, Aries.  There are unseen forces pulling at what you've worked so hard to create and maintain.  Someone is jealous and working to get what you have.  Once you see the threat, you'll know how to navigate through this.  Don't let your need to see everyone as good keep you from recognizing this minor threat.  It's difficult to find a spot of fun this week.  You're only interested in what might bring results.  Perhaps it's time to think again about what you really desire.

You're inspired this week Taurus and have lots of new ideas and energy coming in.  It feels exciting and refreshing to be going in a new direction.  Give yourself a little more time to let the plan show itself to you.  You're in for a happy surprise as pursuing your new goals will be easy and energizing.  Be willing to say goodbye to a space that once provided shelter and comfort.  It's over and it's time to move on.  Doing so will free you for the amazing adventure up ahead.

A wish is about to come true.  You can feel the tingle of anticipation Gemini and it's very difficult to wait for it all to come together.  You worry that something will mess it all up but nothing is going to get in the way of what you want and need now.  Passion is the theme and you are bursting with it.  Everyone is moved by your energy and you can create healing wherever you go with charm and optimism.  Try not to let your worries crash the party.  Believe that it can be fantastic.  It is.  

It's chaotic right now and you're having a hard time coping.  Ease up on the pressure you're applying to do it all perfectly, Cancer.  No one needs you to be a super hero.  If you could just get grounded, everything would look and feel so much better.  Do what you can to dig into the earth a bit this week, to find your center of calm.  You're in a much more solid position than you realize.  There's just no need to worry.  Once you get through this transition, you'll be back in action with a vengeance.

You need a party to go to, Leo.  You're in the mood to dress up, flirt and be seen as the star you are.  Make it a top priority to find opportunities to show yourself off.  There are big changes unfolding for you but they're subtle on some level. It's difficult for you to measure your progress but it's happening.  Validate your work.  Tensions are growing in a space where you desperately want control.  You're probably not going to get control but you will get a shot in the arm by trying.

There's a lot of energy coming at you, trying to get you to make a compromise of some sort.  You're doing your best to defend against it, Virgo but at some point you might be better served by walking away.  This will seem like defeat at first until you feel your energy coming back to you.  This has been a slow drain for too long.  The pace is quickening and you have a lot of loose ends to attend to.  It will go quickly once you find a new focus.  That focus needs to be you and your fulfillment.

Take charge, Libra. You know you want to.  It's all waiting right there for you but you've got to get aggressive.  Mood swings are making it more challenging to know what you want from minute to minute but if you really tune in, you'll find a grain of truth at the bottom of it all.  You're becoming a master when it comes to focusing your intention.  Others want to learn from you, which is causing them to flock around you.  You might enjoy the attention and you might not but you might as well get used to it.

You're being awfully hard on yourself for things that are simply beyond your control, Scorpio.  See your role in what might have gone wrong and forgive.  You did your best and you'll soon see rewards from your efforts, you just can't see it yet.  Tie up loose ends and get organized because big opportunities are coming and you're going to want to jump in without hesitation.  Know that you are on the cusp of a whole new way of living.  It's going to feel amazing once you get a little further into it.

You're in the mood for love, Sagittarius.  It's about the only thing you're interested in right now so let it be your top priority.  Wander and play with the feelings.  Find new people to forge connections with and spend time with your old favorites.  Good fortune is working in your favor and life is beautiful.  You have a chance to start a new project or business that can yield big results with time and patience.  Are you ready to commit?  If so, you might just be on to the next, big thing.

Life is intense for you this week, Capricorn.  You are in the fire of transformation and might be a little disoriented by it all.  Ride it out and try to repress the need to control it all.  What you need now is fluidity.  You're getting a chance to play with your magic like never before.  Have fun with it and try not to be too serious.  What you want will come together in time.  Just hold steady and don't forget to take good care of yourself as you build this new reality.  It's lovely beyond belief.

You're a little stressed out, Aquarius.  Perhaps more than you realize?  The people around you can see and feel it and they are trying to get you to settle down.  Don't let this bring out your anger if you can help it.  Part of what's bothering you is a lack of clarity.  You just don't have a sense of where you're at or how to move forward.  Relax because the answers are coming.  You need a moment to let the dust settle from recent shifts before you can see the terrain ahead.

It's time to take the mask off and show the world how serious you are about your dreams and goals.  You don't want anyone to perceive you as a threat or competition but this attitude is holding you back, Pisces.  Don't hesitate to shine at every opportunity and let the world know the special qualities you bring to everything you invest in.  It's almost time to take on a new brand of power.  Let it start slowing and anchor it into your body.  Big things are awaiting you up ahead. 


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