Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/1 - 7/7

Caution Aries!  Slow down a little this week and attend to details.  There are some threatening energies coming at you and while they're not that big of a deal, things could snowball is you're not paying attention.  There seems to be little guidance to lead you right now.  You'll have to relay on your own resources for a bit.  This will actually be great in the end because you'll discover things about yourself you didn't know before.  The strength you're about to tap into is immense and will serve you for years to come.  Take care of yourself while you work it through.

There's a ton of pressure on you this week Taurus and you're struggling to manage it.  Your burdens will be instantly lighter when you decide to lower your expectations, especially the ones you've placed on yourself.  There's no need to do it all perfectly.  In fact, the drive for perfection is keeping your creativity captive.  Loosen up and start to find the play in all of this.  Repressing your true thoughts and feelings is causing stress.  Find healthy outlets so that you can move through energy more quickly.  Don't worry about having the resources you need.  They are right here, right now.

You're more and more clear about what needs to be done, Gemini.  You might not relish what's ahead but it's much worse when you think about it all instead of taking concrete action.  Once you start getting in motion, you'll find it all starts coming together.  You're starting to feel centered in a way that you've never experienced before and this is excellent news.  Keep doing what you're doing to cultivate even more stability and belief in your own abilities.  An old pain is rising up to be healed.  You can't push it away so go ahead and bring it out into the open.  It will diminish as you do so.

Your mind is starting to explode with new ideas.  Maybe you're not sure where to put the focus just yet and that's ok, Cancer.  Let all of this new insight and information settle in a bit.  It's time to make a big that you've been putting off.  It doesn't really matter what you choose, what's important is that you decide and go.  The debate is not getting you closer to your dreams, so choose a path and go!  Make time to celebrate and gather with friends this week.  You've accomplished so much.  Make sure you validate all the hard work so that the next chapter starts off with a dose of great energy.

Circles are important this week.  You're in the midst of completing more than one cycle, Leo and it's as if you have many balls int he air that need your attention.  As you tie up loose ends, you'll notice a ton of life force energy coming back to you.  This will feel so good and it'll help you start something new and grand.  Your abundance is perking up and it's feeling playful to indulge yourself a bit.  Have fun acquiring a few treats.  You deserve it.  Make peace with an old resentment.  It's been eating away at your happiness.  You can put it to rest now even if it isn't exactly resolved the way you want it to be.

Go after what you want, Virgo.  There will never be a better time than now.  If you keep talking yourself out of taking a chance, you'll regret it down the road when you're still involved in spaces and places you don't truly enjoy.  Big lessons are happening.  Not all of it is fun but it's all valuable.  You're starting to get a much better sense of who you are and the gifts you can bring to the table.  It's becoming apparent that you are rich in wisdom and skills and when you start to get behind this, amazing opportunities will manifest.  Know your value.  It's big.

You have a chance to achieve the balance you so dearly love, Libra.  It won't come without a degree of effort on your part.  It start with making it a priority.  Explore new ways to let go of stress and create harmony in your environment.  If this requires you to step away from someone who's giving off really hard energy, do it.  Taking a break to work on yourself is an excellent idea but expect this person to try and shame you for it.  You're on the cusp of a much richer reality.  You can feel it but can't see the details.  This is causing a little trepidation.  Don't worry, you're going somewhere fantastic.

You're being awfully hard on yourself for falling short this week, Scorpio.  Your expectations are so high, you drive yourself so hard.  Perhaps this dip in your life and your energy is a signal to slow down and give yourself a break.  Try as you might you just can't move into a space that you so want to belong to.  Could it be a blessing in disguise that the door is closed?  Perhaps this isn't the right club to join and you just don't know it.  Trust that what's not working is a way to get free for things that will work in wonderful ways.  You are changing on so many levels.  Give yourself time to catch up with it all.

Magical things are happening this week.  Your diligence of late did not come naturally but you've stuck with some hard things and are now reaping the rewards.  Be patient, Sagittarius.  A part of you wants to leap into new things without thinking or reflection.  You're feeling reactive and this can cause trouble.  There are definitely some tough energies coming your way but going into fight or flight isn't the answer.  You know how to navigate this, so slow down and take calculated action.  Having a good understanding of your boundaries can help immensely.

Big gains are in the works this week, Capricorn and it feels great to be back in action.  Seeds you planted a while back are starting to bear fruit.  You might be surprised by how it all plays out.  You're lucky now and what you touch turns to gold.  Enjoy this cycle!  Your body needs attention.  It would be easy to overlook your simplest needs in order to make the most of your good fortune.  This is a huge mistake and will cause the flow to trickle down.  The degree to which you care for your body is the degree to which you'll succeed.  Stay active and balance it with rest and meditation for best results.

You're conflicted this week and unsure of who to back up and what direction to go.  You may need more time to suss it all out, Aquarius.  This is tough because you want to have certainty and focus now.  Get comfortable with being uncertain for a while.  It feels like you're all alone as you dig deep for answers.  The people around you are giving you conflicting advice and this is complicating your thinking.  Unhook and really tune into your own guidance.  As soon as you do, you'll find the answers you need.  Resisting what you don't like will actually make your life harder.  Do what you can to relax.

Be at peace, Pisces even if the world around you is in an uproar.  If you wait for everyone around you to get their bearings before attending to your own needs, you're going to get resentful, quickly.  It's a wonderful time to journey and explore your own depths.  The mystery of your heart is calling you, so heed it.  Good things are coming to you quickly and wonderfully.  There's so much, you might feel like sharing. Be discriminating and invite your best of friends into this circle of magic.  Others will try and break down the door, so be prepared.  Don't let the usurious types take all of your treasures.


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