Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stuff's Gonna Break

That's what I was thinking last Sunday as I watched a trio of strong men pile my stuff into the back of a big Uhaul.  I have no idea how they got it all in.  The truck was packed to the ceiling but they did it, despite the rain and despite the fact that it was rapidly becoming night.

The moving experience was full of glitches, too many to mention here and there were moments where I felt like puking my guts out.  Thanks to some dear friends and supporters, that truck got packed, the old house got cleaned, cats got in their carriers and away we went.

I drove that truck over 400 miles, from Idaho Springs, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was exhilarating, exhausting and I'm pretty darn proud of myself.  From Trinidad on into New Mexico, I managed to find amazing radio stations to sooth and calm as I pushed that truck to go faster, faster, faster.

Now that I've been here a few days and my stuff is finding it's place in the new house, I look back and feel as if I've been catapulted across the sky to get here.  It's as if someone put my in a sling shot or something and here I am now, in a new city, a new neighborhood and a new house.

Surprisingly, not much got broken.  One small plate and a piece of art that I was pretty ambivalent about.  I didn't crash the truck (though I had more than a few flashes of it while driving).  The cats survived (though one soiled herself on the way) and the kids are happy and fine.  They even found new friends on our new block.

So here we are.  I finally accomplished this thing that was hanging out there in the future.  This thing that I put everything else on hold for and I gotta say, I'm damn happy about it!  Unfortunately, in the mad rush to get here, not only did I tell the Leos in their weekly horoscope that they were about to get a sh!t in the arm, I also was unable to complete the weekly Fortune Forecast for this week.

These events along with the many other glitches I encountered really got me thinking about perfection...the perfected pictures we have of how things are going to be.  Well, my perfect pictures got blown to hell somewhere along the way, leaving me sweaty, nauseous, chaotic and irritated at my inability to do it all and do it all well.  Stuff broke after all, as I found myself breaking into a new kind of freedom.  The freedom to just do it.  Stuff that stuff in the truck and go.  Catapult into a new reality.

I have no doubt that if you're reading this, you too are in the process of looking at the perfect pictures that dominate your attention.  I hope you're blowing that stuff up.  Stuff's gonna break and when we're lucky, it's the stuff we didn't really want and need anymore anyway.


ps.  Thanks to all the Leos who wrote me hilarious letters about the sh!t in the arm.  You guys are priceless.  I'm getting my new groove and will be back in action at soon for readings, healings and more.  Let's connect and share the joy of the journey.  BIG LOVE.

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