Monday, July 30, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/30 - 8/5


There are many miracles both big and small happening in our world right now.  We don't always see and feel them but if we start to ask to see and feel them, we will.  Open up to the magic.  It's subtle at times but it's here.  It's here in the Sun, the Moon, the trees and the rivers.  It's here in the flowers and the bees, the clouds and the breezes.  It's everywhere.  More and more we're grappling with the realization that in this perfectly, imperfect reality, there's little we can control beyond our own, internal universe and even this expansive terrain tends to be wild and unwieldy.  Keep coming back to this moment, this body, this breath.  There's nothing beyond THIS.  Come home.

Monday 7/30
The love is flowing today.  Will you let it in and express it back out?  It's not hard if we just decide to let it happen.  There's no need to be guarded.  All is well and even if it isn't it IS well when love is the focus.  Healing wants to happen and we don't have to do anything to create it except allow.

Tuesday 7/31
We can bring a lot of power into any and all spaces that need it today.  The problem is we might get giddy and overreach in our enthusiasm.  Be careful with power now because shortcuts and subtle half truths are seductive.  Stay on the straight and narrow to the degree possible.

Wednesday 8/1
Whether we partner up with a friend today or decide to create deeper union with ourselves, we can accomplish so much when we heal the rifts and connect.  Be willing to share ideas and brainstorm together.  The support and the flow that happens when we let people in can't be beat, even the person we let in is us.

Thursday 8/2
Don't fret when things don't come together quite the way we expect.  It's in the stars today that there will be glitches and upsets.  Prepare for them by staying loose and adaptable.  Why do we take it so personally when things get wonky?  Let's stop that right now.

Friday 8/3
There's no way to avoid feeling disappointment today.  It may be momentary or it may be slightly lasting.  It's not a bad thing, either.  See this is a dip in the energy...a chance to check in, slow down and make repairs in areas that are in need of shoring up.  Most of all, find a pathway back to the body.  Bring love in.

Saturday 8/4
It's a day for conservation and care.  We're not in the position for grand gestures and big expenditures.  Keep it simple and don't over extend.  Step away when the need arises.  Rest is valuable.  Don't underestimate it and don't let anyone make you think otherwise.  Miracles happen when we get a little quiet.

Sunday 8/5
It's time to go after what's wanted.  We can take small steps though we might be so inspired that we end of taking big leaps today.  We're feeling freer to take chances than we have in quite some time.  Sometimes it doesn't matter what we're chasing, it just matters that we're in motion.

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Just slow down.  Slow it all down.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/29 - 8/4

You are stressed out Aries and could really use a break.  You've got to make the break happen.  You can't afford to wait for the right time.  Your attitude about what's possible is taking a nosedive and it's all about being exhausted.  When you get some rest and restoration, you'll find that your fighting spirit comes back quickly and shockingly.  You have no idea how much can be resolved if you just have a chance to pause.  Big ideas are coming and you're ready to tackle all aspects.  Get ready for new things and a surge on all levels.  It's coming.  Know this and refuse to fret in the meantime.

You're feeling conflicted this week, Taurus.  You have two potential paths to explore and they're both pretty thrilling.  Perhaps you don't need to choose just yet.  Keep gathering information and getting a taste of both.  You're going to choose soon, you're just not quite ready.  Make sure you aren't being motivated by the need to escape something uncomfortable.  There's no doubt that you have tremendous pressure on you but the only way to get through it is to keep on going.  Trying to get away from it will prolong the struggle.  Take heart knowing you're on the cusp of a breakthrough.

You're a ball of nerves this week, Gemini.  You have a lot to attend to and your ability to care for yourself is getting lost in the shuffle.  You can see that you close to completion on an important project and this is part of why you're pushing so hard.  There are no prizes that can compensate for the toll all this pressure is exacting.  Stop.  Now.  Both head and heart need space to share their wisdom and insight with you. You'll tap into the wisdom of both if you make time to pause.  Could it be that you aren't pausing because you don't want to listen?  Ask yourself what you're resisting and everything will settle down nicely.

You're tapping into tons of magic, Cancer.  A part of you is tempted to use you magic to get back at people who've hurt you and caused you pain.  This might feel good as an idea but it won't deliver satisfaction if you try and go through with it.  Don't waste your energy on this nonsense when you could be using it to create the life you want, need and deserve!  You've been edgy and impatient as you wait for things to line up.  Don't wait, get busy taking small action to move your dream into reality.  Part of this is taking care of your body, mind and spirit.  Simply attending to basic needs will pay off big now.

You're feeling freer and easier than you have in a long while.  It's not like all your problems have found a tidy conclusion, you've just found a way to live with the imperfections.  How wonderful, Leo!  Life is offering you lots of gifts this week and you're allowing it all in.  There's a wonderful sense of security taking root in your and it's helping you prepare to expand and grow.  Your dreams are off the charts and you can use what's happening on the astral in all kinds of art and expression.  You've tapped into a collective wisdom and can translate for others.  This makes you magical, indeed.

You're psyching yourself out, Virgo.  Things aren't as dire as they seem and you have more room to maneuver than you realize.  It's possible that you might have to let the negative thinking run its course and that's ok.  Just let it all come up and out.  Big healing wants to wash over you and there's nothing you need to do except let it happen.  A new vision is on the cusp of taking root.  There's no need to worry or get stressed out more than you already are.  let go of the effort you believe you need to further your dream.  It's happening now!  Let it unfold and be sure to pause for rest.  It;s the most important work you can do now.  

It's your favorite thing, Libra...Love!  Play in it.  Express it.  Extend it.  Relish it.  You're attracting a lot of attention this week and it feels great to be noticed and validated for your many gifts.  Your drive is fierce and you're ready to conquer.  There are lurking fears that emerge as you take on bigger and better risks.  Don't let these shadows and phantoms stop you.  Let those old limitations drop away as you discover that it's safe to be whatever you want to be.  You're capable of more than a few breakthroughs with all this potent energy flowing through you.  Make the most of it.

Harness your power, Scorpio.  You have so much to offer.  You need to know it!  Be confident when approaching people who can help further your dreams.  You'll garner a ton of support and resources if you just ask.  When you see what you want, grab it.  Don't hesitate and don't hold back.  Amazing opportunities are popping up.  You're not going to want all of them, so discrimination is essential.  Don't sell out by taking something less than what you really and truly want.  This week, you get very clear about your next step and how to get there.  Get ready to move.  It's time for the best of everything on all levels.

It's an incredibly potent time in your life Sagittarius.  Every decision feels so serious.  It's nearly impossible to lighten up but you can try.  No one seems to understand what you're going through and you're completely unable to articulate it.  This is causing you to feel very isolated as you soldier through tough times.  There's a ton of good luck, waiting to land in your life.  Open up to it.  You just don't have to work as hard as you are working right now.  You've drifted far from your own optimism and it feels terrible to be without it.  Go on a quest to find it again because when you do, everything will right itself.

Your impatience could cause problems this week, Capricorn.  You're so anxious to move into new things that you might be tempted to leave a few things undone or done halfway.  This will come back to haunt you later.  Do what you can to slow down and attend to details even though it's the last thing you're interested in.  There are conflicts and chaos in your environment.  This feels distracting and exhausting.  Perhaps you need to step back and be mindful of what's yours to fix and what's not.  Figuring this out will help you find your center again and once that happens everything will start moving again.

You're feeling guarded this week, Aquarius.  You just aren't sure who and what you can trust.  Having strong boundaries is appropriate right now.  You're not imagining threat in your environment.  These threats are real, though they're not as powerful as you might think.  Seeing them will help you know how to confront them.  New plans are starting to come together, which is bringing you peace.  Your vision is clear and you know what needs to be done to make it real.  Carry on.  Expect chaos in the world around you.  You can notice it without letting it blow you out.  Don't even think of trying to fix it.

Relax into the good things that are happening for you, Pisces.  You've experienced a victory and can bask in your success.  You need to bask in it, actually.  It's a wonderful form of refreshment for your sometimes, weary soul.  You've been going through tremendously deep after the next, without many breaks.  Give yourself a moment to just stop.  As you energy comes up, you'll be asked to make a choice.  You've been putting this off, hoping that it would become absolutely clear which one your should pick.  It's not clear and you need to pick anyway and then trust your choice.  It's going to work.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Radio Thursday

I've got some radio time coming up tomorrow (Thursday) and I sure hope you'll join me.  First, I'm taking over Laura Out Loud on at 10am pacific/1pm eastern.  We're going to talk about LONGING.  I know many are longing for better times right now.  We long for better jobs, better relationships, better health and more.  Let's take a look at the energy of longing and see what we come up with.

After Laura's show, I'll be joining Andrew Wilbury Smith on the Andy Wilbury Show on stickham at 11am pacific, 2pm eastern.  I'll be jumping into the show about an hour in at noon pacific.  Andy has an amazing radio show that's pure music and musical facts.  I've picked out some songs to share and we're going to talk what music means, what certain songs mean.  If you love music, you're going to love the Andy Wilbury Show, straight out of the UK.

I'm happy to announce that I'll be offering some teaching at the Center for Inner Truth here in Santa Fe, NM.  The director of the Center, Juli Somers has given me an incredibly, warm welcome and I'm so tickled to have found a place to offer workshops, classes and who knows what else! If you live in the Santa Fe region, consider checking out the Center and I'll be sure to keep you up to date as I create events and classes.

It's a little intense out there, my friends.  Nerves are frayed and people are on edge.  Please slow down and take care of body, mind and spirit!  Make it a priority like you never have before.  It's important.

I notice that since my move, I'm ever more aware of the energy patterns at play.  I feel them on a much more visceral level.  Reflecting back on my Colorado, mountain town, I can see that I was removed on some level from the deeper aspects of FEELING the energy.  It was a more observant-type reality.  Now I am IN it and so glad to be!  I had a desire to come out and engage the world in a much more active way and boy, did I get what I asked for.

I'm out and about almost every day, meeting new people and getting involved in the community.  It's been magical to see so many opportunities coming my way after a couple years of being almost cloistered in the Colorado mountains. 

The challenging thing is managing the energy.  It's a challenge these days to be in the world but not of it, so to speak.  There's a frantic undertone playing out as we adjust to major shifts in energy on our little, magic planet.  Waiting for peace to come, or waiting for a break in the energy means waiting a long time.  More than ever, we have to carve out the peace and quiet we crave.  Longing for it is understandable.  Let's make it happen instead!

Tune in to the radio Thursday and let's play!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/23 - 7/29


We're feeling richer on many levels now.  What we once clung to for security has passed away, leaving us reaching deeper for the abundance we need.  It's amazing to find a wellspring of inner resources, resources that help us feel safe no matter what comes.  Notice the beauty all around. The world offers riches of all kind in every moment.  Don't be swayed when looking at older sources of comfort and security.  These are spaces that have run their course.  Instead, look for what's shiny and new and possibly very simple. It's here that treasure awaits. Don't fear the stripping down that's happening now.  Once the superfluous is gone, we'll see what's real and lasting and the truth of this is more than magnificent, it's miraculous.

Monday 7/23
It's an excellent day to tie up loose ends.  There are new things awaiting but they can't arrive until space is created for them.  Be willing to let go of even more, even if it's frightening and disorienting.  Just let go.  It will feel so good to ease out of resisting the changes and instead, just letting them happen.  Surrender is a beautiful thing.

Tuesday 7/24
We're inspired today and everything feels bigger, better and more possible.  There are so many new ideas that we might not know which ones to pursue.  Time can cure this so try not to be impatient.  Let the most exciting ideas percolate.  We tend to cast these off first because they seem outrageous and unobtainable.  Refuse to cast off the dream.

Wednesday 7/25
We need balance today and we can find it if we make it a priority.  Parts of our lives have languished as we put everything into one project, relationship or idea.  We can spread our energies out now and repair areas that have faltered from lack of attention and care.  This will give us even more energy to make even more magic.

Thursday 7/26
It's time to take charge.  Get on top of a situation that is becoming more and more of a problem.  All it takes is the decision to do it.  We know what needs to happen here and we can get it done with focused action.  There's no need to be afraid of taking on authority here.  May gifts will come from seizing control and directing the energy.

Friday 7/27
Find ways to slide out of stress, anxiety and fear in order to heal, relax and discover more enjoyment.  Tension's been building and it's had no real outlet.  We can correct this today and find a new kind of peace.  Maybe life will remain imperfect but in our own space, we can rest in contentment despite the chaos of the external realm.

Saturday 7/28
Throw energy into a new space.  There's a level of uncertainty about what's possible but with patience, amazing things will happen.  Dig into it and keep digging.  This is an excellent day to slow down and just observe everything that's playing out around us.  We don't need to engage, judge or react.  Just observe and let the observations inform what we want to infuse ourselves into. 

Sunday 7/29
It's going to be a challenge today to stay focused.  there are a myriad of distractions pulling us in every direction.  These are tough conditions to deal with but certainly not impossible.  Keep coming back.  Keep coming back!  A small spot of relief grows bigger when we validate and play in it.  Give permission to step away from it all in order to restore.

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Connect to the moment and to the earth this week.  Spend time outside if possible, enjoying the air and the sounds of nature.  Find the center and relish it.  Being grounded can help us handle whatever comes along.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/22 - 7/28

Slow everything down, Aries.  It feels wrong to your warrior nature not to rush but if you slow down, you'll discover opportunities where you never saw them before.  You are moving into better times, you just don't know it yet.  Notice the feelings of frustration and impatience and just let it all slide away.  You're going through big change right now and it's normal to feel disoriented.  Allow the chaos to play out, without succumbing to the need to control it all.  Control is not helpful now.  Surrender is.

You're ready to relax and bring in more pleasure, Taurus.  Your work load has been heavy and you've held steady for a long time.  Now it's time for some rest and relaxation.  Gifts of all shape and size are showing up for you.  Will you let it in?  Please do!  Your mind is racing and it's preventing you from being more present in your body.  You'll feel so much better if you find ways to unhook from the frantic quality of the mental energy.  Bring out more heart and let it lead for awhile.  You'll enjoy where you end up of you do.

Your mind is in expansion-mode this week and you're starting to see further and further down the road.  It's as if you're being reborn on some level, Gemini and finding your enthusiasm again.  Fears about money and security are bringing you down a bit but you're safer than you feel.  Don't let these fears bring you down or cause you to be reactive or impulsive with resources.  Hard work and diligent effort will pay off.  It might not seem like it right now but you are getting somewhere good.  Keep going.

It's going to take time to work through some of the problems that recently popped up, Cancer.  Don't get discouraged because it will all get resolved.  Instead, find a way to pace yourself to keep frustration and fear at a minimum.  A bright new idea is starting to take shape.  You're at the very beginning of this exciting new project, so give yourself room to keep dreaming and fleshing it out.  As you move forward, you'll discover the treasure trove of resources at your disposal.  This in and of itself is a huge gift.

You're on the verge of a breakthrough, Leo though you might not know it.  Life feels sticky, heavy and perhaps unyielding as you struggle to express your energy the way you want to.  Instead of seeing this as a problem, recognize it as a transition.  Your intuition can offer powerful guidance.  Take the time to listen and respond.  What you're hearing goes against what you think is the truth and this is upsetting but also liberating.  It's ok to be scattered right now.  You're going to find the focus soon.

Clarity is coming and a plan is taking shape. Good fortune is your, Virgo so relax and let the magic happen.  You've been tense of late and life has felt hard.  Know that you're moving into a new phase and it's time to let go of the hypervigilance.  Let love expand in your own heart and in your exchanges with others.  People want to support and assist you now.  If you break your biggest goals into smaller pieces, a lot can be achieved.  Tiny steps will carry you to the finish line, so ease up on the pressure you're applying to yourself.

Negativity is creeping in.   You hold yourself to such high standards that it's nearly impossible to feel good about what you're achieving.  Drop the perfection, Libra.  It's going to be hard but try, you must.  This is often a messy reality and no amount of effort on your part can clean it all up, all the way.  You've been attempting to mediate a dispute but seem to be getting nowhere.  Maybe it's time to abandon this problem.  You didn't create and you can't fix it.  The sooner you see this the better.  Save your energy for better things.

You're at the end of a cycle,  Scorpio and may have mixed feelings about moving forward.  There is so much you loved about the space that's coming to a close.  It's hard to say goodbye.  Know that there just isn't any energy or inspiration left here.  This will help you move on.  You've got powerful magic to offer new projects and relationships.  Be aware of how you're directing your energy.  Trying to pretend you don't want something won't help you get it.  Be forthright, especially with yourself.

It's an excellent week to take time off for recreation and play.  You've earned a break by applying yourself with diligence to many, important projects.  Take a break, Sagittarius and get away from it all for a bit.  You're finding new ways to create more balance in your life and it feels good.  Areas that have suffered neglect are getting much-needed attention now.  As you find your center, new inspiration is coming in and showing you things you never thought possible.  What a delight!

Confusion is causing you to doubt the viability of your plans.  Hold steady, Capricorn.  You just need to wait for more answers to arrive and they will.  Your fears are potent and you might feel as though you're out of your depths.  The good news is that being in a space of uncertainty helps you find your certainty.  You have more resources to bring to the table than you know.  This is what you're about to discover.  Validate and connect with your supporters.  Their belief in you can help boost you up.

You're running low on energy, Aquarius.  It's hard to see your options when you're this tired.  If you can just hold still for a minute and resist the urge to push your way through, you'll find that a lot of what's bothering you starts to find resolution without much effort on your part.  Big lessons and learning opportunities are popping up all over the place.   You'll enjoy a lot of what you're experiencing now if you see the opportunity for growth and expansion.  Patience is not easy but it will serve you well now.

Your head and heart are seeking ways to communicate with each other to achieve a desired goal.  It's a challenge to hear both and implement the wisdom.  There are angry energies playing out all around you and it's hard not to be effected by them.  Though this energy isn't your problem, it's becoming your problem.  Tighten up your boundaries, Pisces and create the protection you need.  You don't have clarity yet but it's coming.  Can you find ways to entertain yourself while your vision comes into focus?  Do it!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Moon in Cancer

Tomorrow (Wednesday) brings a New Moon in Cancer.  Our thoughts are on home, family, safety and security as this energy washes over us.  We're seeking comfort now and looking at where we can retreat to for rest.  We might feel like the shelter we need isn't available.  That's the gift of the New Moon, no matter what sign it's in.  It shows us what needs healing and often how to create that healing.

The beginning of a healing is the dawning awareness that something's not right.  As our attention moves into seeing what needs fixing, adjusting and changing, we might get spooked by the immensity of it all.  Don't let the spook get the best of you!  Welcome the awareness because this is the beginning of making changes that move us into the flow we so love.

My thoughts have definitely been on home, family, safety and security as I continue to adjust to my new environment.  I'm watching my children and my cats and my husband move through their feelings about being in a new space as well.  My son is longing for the Colorado mountains.  He seems to be struggling the most with this change.  Sometimes, witnessing someone else's struggle is harder than living through our own.  I've had to hold steady for my little man, assuring him that with time, he'll fall in love with the high, mountain desert as well.

What are you longing for?  What is it that you feel like you're missing?  This is worthy of attention as we move into the New Moon magic.  We might try and brush away some of what we want because we think it's silly to want it or maybe we think it's impossible to have.  Just notice this.  No matter how great or small our desires are, they are the clues we need to find more fulfillment.  Welcome the longing and let it inform the choices you make today.

I'm excited to announce that the Stonestreet Cafe at will relaunch in August on Fridays at 11am pacific/2pm eastern.  I've longed for that platform over the last few months and it feels so good to be coming back home.  Since I was last there, we've created a 12radio app for the iphone, ipad and ipod.  The app makes listening to easy wherever you go.  It's free, so download it and get more access to shows that are playing live as well as the archives.

In other news, I'm now doing readings here in Santa Fe and would love to connect with you!  If you're interested in learning more about my work or want to set up an appointment, shoot me an email (look to the left side of the blog) and let's get started.  If you're not in this region, you can still find me at and we're going to have a big sale tomorrow (Wednesday) in honor of the New Moon.  Come by and let's carve out some comfort.

Lastly, my website is getting a major facelift.  As I close in on a launch date, I want to let you know that Leonine Times will be moving over to the new site.  The sad part of this move is that the feed that sends these posts to you via email, can't be moved.  I'm going to lose some of you, which is a major bummer.  I'll be sure and send a reminder or two when it all comes down so that you can come with me to the new site.  If you want to be sure and stay in touch during the transition, come on over to facebook and 'like' my page.

So there you have it.  I'm coming home to and creating a new home for the blog.  Are you home?  Home is worth looking at with Cancer in the skies.  Let's get cozy!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/16 - 7/22


There are tons of opportunities coming down the pike this week and we might be overwhelmed by the immensity of it all.  There's no need to be in a rush.  We can take our time and feel these opportunities out to see which ones we want to participate in.  Expect to feel anxious.  We're anxious to choose the right things but if we adopt an experimental attitude, we'll have more fun discovering what fits and what doesn't.  There's simply no way to make a mistake, so be willing to take something on and change direction if necessary.  Some of what's being offered feels like too much too soon.  Sometimes we don't know we're up to the task until we step in and try.  The overarching theme this week is all about willingness and sloughing off the need for perfection.  Be loose and jump in.

Monday 7/16
Wonderful things can happen if we believe it's possible.  Our limitations are getting pushed out, whether we're ready or not.  This will cause us to suffer from pangs of crippling doubt.  Just notice it but don't let it stop what's happening.  Let wonder infuse everything.  Shake of the cynicism and let the magic happen.  It's so much easier than we let it be.

Tuesday 7/17
It's going to take a little concerted effort to break an old mold.  This rut or groove is worn and familiar and even though it's become a little stifling, it's rather comfortable.  Notice this and decide to try something different.  Even a small step out of the norm can go a long way towards breaking us open to new ways of seeing and feeling our lives.

Wednesday 7/18
It's time to take a step up in the way that we approach life and its challenges.  Get tough.  Speak the truth.  Be willing to feel uncomfortable in order to clarify agreements and find a new space of balance.  We don't have to be mean, we just need to be direct.  Don't confuse the two.  When we're clear about what we want, it's much easier to manifest.

Thursday 7/19
We can draw on our alchemical abilities today in order to transform spaces that feel heavy, stagnant and unyielding.  It beings by owning the vision we have of what we'd like to create.  No more apologizing for wanting what we want.  Let's put it out there and get some energy behind it.  This is much better than railing about why we never get what's wanted.  Go for it.

Friday 7/20
Things are starting to move faster and faster and while much of what's happening is exciting and dynamic, it's a challenge to stay grounded with so much movement.  Invest some time in activities that help sooth and calm frayed nerves.  It's okay to step away in order to find the center of the storm.  Nothing that belongs to us will fade away if we step away just for a moment or an hour. 

Saturday 7/21
It's time to throw out some old junk.  The inner world is crowded with goals and dreams that no longer apply.  Take time to just clear the slate.  Decide to let go of anything that no longer applies or holds charm.  It's easy to do with focused intention.  The urge to make it complicated is powerful.  Just say no for today and let the outdated slide away.

Sunday 7/22
It's time to get some passion moving and flowing.  No more thinking about it, take action.  There's a spark inside and it's growing in strength.  This spark needs room to expand and flourish.  It needs to be fed and nurtured.  Don't be afraid of the fire.  It's volatile, yes but it has the power to transform the whole scene into something wondrous, amazing and brimming with miracles.

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It is!  Walk on into it.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/15 - 7/21

You're in an excellent position this week Aries.  You pretty much get the pick of the litter in every area of life.  You've won this and it's important that you make the most of it.  It's time to make peace with something that has caused a lot of resentment over a long period of time.  Can you move on now?  Please do.  You may never see the kind of justice you think should happen.  Still you can move forward and stop giving this old pain another drop of your precious, life force energy.  Ask how you can create more balance in your world and then follow through with the insight that arrives.  It's time.

Someone is offering to rescue you, Taurus.  It's difficult for you to trust this offer and you might find yourself tied up in knots trying to decide whether or not to jump into it.  The offer is solid.  Will it fix everything?  Probably not but it will go a long way towards restoring your ability to see the good in your fellow human.  Let someone help for a change.  You've been very focused on being independent and strong.  It's time to start putting attention on receiving because tons of wonderful things want to come to you.  Let them in!  A wave of wise guidance is rising up inside you.  This will confirm what you need to know.

Slow and steady wins the race this week, Gemini.  There's no need to rush into anything, especially if you feel pushed.  Trust that what's unfolding is what's right for right now.  A recent abandonment is still smarting.  You can't figure out what exactly happened to cause someone you trust to just disappear.  It has more to do with them than it does to you.  Try not to take it all so personally.  This person will come back at some point with an explanation and a degree of remorse.  It remains to be seen if you will welcome this or keep the door closed.  Big success is coming, so get ready!

You're falling in love Cancer and it's a little bit scary.  At the same time, you're so ready!  It feels good to just jump into the pool of love and splash around.  Don't fight what's happening here even if it's requiring you to give up something you think you need.   Sacrifice is important now and it's a signal that amazing things are about to show up.  Be willing to let go even though you have no real evidence of why or what might happen when you do.  Life is calling you away from your comfort zone.  Will you wander?  Please do!  The world awaits you with open arms and gifts of all shape and size.

There's conflict all around you and it's so tempting to join in.  The thing is. it's not your battle to fight.  You're just looking for a way to release some turbulent energy, Leo and that's okay.  Just know what you're doing so that you don't get carried away.  it seems that no one is really interested in your hard work.  This hurts but it's also giving you a chance to learn more about validating your own efforts.  Unhook from needing others to see and approve of what you're doing.  Someone is about to show up with a gift.  This opportunity could really take you far if you've got the time and patience to walk the walk.

You're alone this week in your struggles.  Actually, Virgo you have tons of support, you're just not feeling connected to it.  In many ways, the challenges you're wresting with need to be wrestled with alone.  Just know that if you need someone to talk to or someone to encourage you, it's available.  New things are about to get underway.  You might have an inkling of this.  Know it so that you can feel encouraged about all the hard work you've been doing to get yourself in a more rewarding position.  Your creative energy is bursting for expression.  What can you do today to get this energy moving?  Do it.

A new opportunity to create abundance is coming your way, Libra.  this opportunity is an excellent fit for your skills and abilities.  There's no doubt that you'll need patience to see this to fruition.  It's okay to be debating whether or not you want to do this.  You're most likely going to decide to go forward but you might not be there quite yet and it's okay.  Your heart is opening to love and you're more willing to be vulnerable.  It feels good to have more flow in your relationship zone.  You're ready to rekindle an old flame after struggling with uncertainty.  Big love is about to land in your life.

It's time to celebrate, Scorpio!  Your hard work is paying off and the rewards are many and wonderful.  Plan a way to celebrate your victories, both great and small.  Heavy energy that has plagued you for a long time is lifting away now.  Can you feel it?  A part of you is hesitant to get too excited, just in case it comes back.  It's not coming back and you need to let this sink into the cells of your body.  An old fear seems to be showing up in a new form.  The great thing about it is your ability to approach this in a fresh way.  Trust yourself here.  You know what you're doing and if you don't know it yet, you will soon.

You might be a little low on inspiration this week, Sagittarius.  Life is a tad quiet and you continue to be called to focus on some rather mundane responsibilities.  Even though you're not living the exciting life you so desire at this point in time, know that the work you're doing now is preparing you for freedom, adventure and play.  Take time to really contemplate your next step.  What do you want?  You don't need to drift along.  You can actually create more of what you want and it starts now in how you picture your future.  Let yourself wander far and wide in this imagined future.  Go beyond what you think is possible.

You're on the cusp of a big breakthrough.  It might not seem like it because the loose ends and details that need attending to seem unending.  You're not in the fun part of the cycle just yet, Capricorn but it's coming soon.  Don't forget to take time out to indulge in spaces that offer pleasure and renewal.  There's just no reason to drive yourself so hard.  Fear is making you perceive threats and enemies where there truly are none.  Could it be that you're not totally comfortable with your own methods?  The antidote to this is total honesty.  Clarify agreements and be up front about what you want and how you're going to go about getting it.

You've got a lot on your mind this week, Aquarius.  There are tons of projects that need our time and attention and finding enough energy for all of them is quite taxing.  Good fortune is yours now.  Life can be easier if you let it.  Stop coming from the idea that it's all a struggle and all very difficult.  Flow wants to come in and carry you to new places.  Let it.  This will require you to relax your defense a bit.  Can you just relax and allow more?  A part of you is really interested in maintaining control  Are you sure that's the best approach?  In your effort to be right, you're likely to alienate excellent support.

It's an incredibly rich time in your life, Pisces.  You're tapped into deep wells of wisdom, passion and foresight.  It might be a little overwhelming to have so much energy happening.  Stay in motion if you can.  You've got to find ways to keep the energy moving.  When it gets dammed up, it tends to manifest as anxiety.  Let this be a clue.  You don't need to work so hard.  Just allow things to fall into place and resist the urge to question the shape of things when it happens.  You really couldn't be in a better position for success, expansion and even a drop of enlightenment.  Relish it all. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Needing Meaning

I'm starting to get grounded here in my new home.  Wow.  I really underestimated the disorientation of the move.  I knew it would happen, I just didn't know how it would feel to live through it.  It feels great to be getting a groove going again.  New Mexico is just so beautiful to me.  I've been meeting amazing people and having a really great time exploring the city.  Luckily, it's been cool and rainy, which has made the transition softer and lovelier.

Lately, I've been really noticing the ways we assign meaning to things.  When things are running smoothly, we tend to question less.  When things go awry, we start to search for meaning.  We create a story around events to help us weather the ups and downs.  Sometimes these stories help us feel more empowered and sometimes, they make us feel more oppressed.

What if there is no story?  What happens when we move into such fluid space that we no longer ascribe events with either positive or negative significance?  It's hard to imagine what this would be like.  It's so second nature to project whatever we want into whatever we want.

Did we not get the promotion because others are jealous?  Is it because something better awaits?  Did that relationship crumble because our partner is afraid to surrender into love?  Is it because we don't know how to let love in?  Did we get sick because we weren't grateful enough?  Or because we neglected our bodies and we're now being punished?

We need our experiences to make sense.  We need it desperately because this reality is unpredictable and quite wily.  We ask our friends, loved ones and our mentors to help us find the meaning because we just don't want to be in a world that doesn't make sense.  There's something about that notion that strikes fear to our core.

I have a feeling that we're moving into a more and more disorderly and unpredictable time period.  This is going to cause some of us to go into overdrive trying to understand it all.  Doesn't that sound stressful?  It's not the events themselves that cause stress as much as the desperate quest to keep it tidy and organized in a neat, little story.

So I ask you, my friends, to really take a closer look at the meaning you assign to the events in your life.  What are these stories?  Are they based in love or punishment?  What would it feel like to have no story?  Let's ponder this and see what happens.  Perhaps we'll float and be free in a way we've never allowed ourselves before.  Let's see...


Monday, July 9, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/9 - 7/15


There's no need to be defensive.  Nothing bad is about to happen.  It's time to relax the need for protection.  We've been hanging on to what we have as if it's about to be snatched away.  This desire to hoard is based on the false notion that:
1. There's not enough. 
2. Someone's trying to get what's mine. 
3. This reality just isn't safe and trust is a folly.
When we get a look at the list, we can see that this posture is not abundant, loving or open to miracles, both great and small.  There may be valid reasons why we've retreated to such a constricted space.  Now it's time to come back out.  The conditions that caused us to contract are no longer active.  Fluff up, expand and get back to the loveliness of living.  Things may not be in order and there is certainly more work ahead but let's stop guarding our energy and our hearts and allow more flow.  Life can be so amazing, when we let it.

Monday 7/9
There are inner resources that have yet to be tapped.  Some of us are looking out and longing for something out there.  We think if we can only attain this thing, everything will feel better and more complete.  All the while, treasure sits inside, just waiting to be uncovered.  Do some digging today.  Seek out what's needed in the familiar.  It's slightly hidden and totally accessible.

Tuesday 7/10
We need healthy boundaries today.  There's no need to let fear take over, causing constriction but being aware is important.  Know what can be brought to the table.  Don't underestimate skills and abilities.  Say no to what's not working and avoid saying yes out of desperation.  It's not easy and it requires focus to walk with strength.  This is worthy of our full attention.

Wednesday 7/11
We're not feeling our best today.  That's no reason to go into a tailspin.  We can be with what's causing pain without letting it take over the whole show.  Honor the feelings of being hurt or betrayed without projecting this onto a greater reality.  It's safe now to process old wounds.  That's why we feel this heaviness.  Let it come up and out, into the light so that we can be free of it once and for all.

Thursday 7/12
There are subtle untruths in the air today.  We have a sense that we're being manipulated but might not want to really look at it. It hurts but pretending it isn't happening is not helpful.  Let's not talk ourselves out of the powerful information coming through our intuition.  As soon as we get our minds and hearts around the truth, we'll experience a surge of power and clarity.  Navigating from here will bring us to a better place fast.

Friday 7/13
We continue to have the opportunity to pull our energy out of old pain.  The foundation we've created is strong enough to allow us to revisit wounds that never quite healed.  Are you ready?  It's not healthy to keep pushing this stuff away.  Once we allow old junk to come up, we can start pulling our valuable life force energy out and reclaiming it for now.  Let's get our energy back!

Saturday 7/14
It's difficult to see what's happening in and around our environment today.  There's a fuzzy quality and seeing what real versus what's imagined is beyond challenging.  Notice the fear and just let it be there.  Don't let ti run the show but don't expect to get rid of it either.  Something important is happening.  We're in transition, going somewhere amazing. Take heart and keep on going.

Sunday 7/15
We might feel discouraged to the point of giving up on something we've invested in heavily over time.  Just because this space is in transition and is not looking its best, is no reason to give up.  This is a chance, however to shift how we're going to operate in this space going forward.  have we been giving too much time and energy at the expense of other projects?  Make adjustments now.

need help the energy this week?


Take time to relish it all.  Life is sweet.  Be in it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/8 - 7/14

Make peace with recent difficulties.  You did the best you could Aries and though you might feel as if you've lost a battle, you very well might win the war.  Part of what you're working on right now is compromise and diplomacy.  These are not your strongest suits but they can and will add dimension to your warrior ways.  A loving connection will help sooth your nerves and show you that your best effort is enough.  Let go of resentment, especially the ones you carry regarding your own choices and decisions.  It's time to move through life with more love and more willingness to stumble and fall.  Slough off the need for perfection and embrace the unknown and untested.

Negativity is lurking, just waiting to take hold of you, Taurus.  You'll notice it creeping in when suddenly your dreams and goals seem impossible and unruly.  It's going to be a challenge to keep this heavy energy from taking over.  You're in the process of getting into alignment with powerful forces that will take you far, fast.  Let the fresh energy take root.  You're frightened because you don't see much evidence of change.  Just give it a little more time!  Soon you'll be moving into big things with much less effort.  Know that what's happening now is an important part of your process even though it all looks rather useless.

Are you being hard on yourself this week Gemini?  If you are, it's a sign that you've taken on too much and you're spinning into overwhelm.  Can you let yourself off the hook and get some rest?  This is crucial if you want to bounce back and get happy again.  You simply can't continue this frenzied pace much longer.  Part of you wants to stay busy so that you won't have to stop and feel some of the deeper energies working through you.  It's a little lonely when you tune in to your inner world and this is something you're anxious to avoid.  The thing you don't realize is that under what looks unpleasant, a treasure of insight awaits.  Get to it.

You're on fire this week and have a wonderful way of inspiring everyone around you as well.  It's an excellent time to take risks and try new things, Cancer because even if things don't come out the way you want, you'll learn a ton trying.  Fears are not a factor now.  You've freed yourself from nagging concerns.  Take advantage of it.  Slow changes are starting to bring results, which is so gratifying.  It's great to see your hard work coming to fruition.  Be in an exploratory space when it comes to matters of the heart.  You're about to stumble into a treasure or two.  It's okay to change your mind as long as you don't make promises.

You're in the mood to play and be silly this week, Leo and it's wonderful not only for you but for everyone who crosses your path.  You're radiating amazing, healing energy so don't be surprised if people want to crowd around you.  It's easy to connect with what's beautiful and magical and embody it.  Wishes are coming true and good fortune is showing up in ways that surprise and delight you.   Take care of your body and indulge your senses with a multitude of pleasures.  This will bring your creative energy even higher than it already is.  Your childish energy is helping others to feel free and easy.  Throw a party and accept all invitations while this social wizardry lasts.

You've just begun to invest in new ways of expressing your creativity.  The more you experiment, the more you discover.  This is such a wonderful time of freedom and play, Virgo.  Enjoy it and know that you've earned it.  Lurking fears about security are keeping you from totally relishing the moment.  You have more than enough but for some reason you can't connect with this truth.  A big decision will help you feel more grounded.  It's definitely time to choose your path and go.  Though there are no assurances of future success, you sense that wonderful things await you up ahead.  Indeed, they do.

Dig in and create new roots, Libra.  You've been going through tremendous change for a long time now and might need a moment or two to just catch up with it all.  You might even discover that this new space of yours is lovely and amazing.  Stability is returning now and you're feeling much safer.  New ideas are coming in fast and furious and you're not sure yet, where to put the focus.  Give yourself a little time to dream on it all.  You heart has something to tell you.  You haven't had much time to listen but if you get quiet this week and really tune in, you'll get valuable insight to help you with your next, big step.

You're getting mixed messages from multiple sources which is making it very difficult to figure out which direction to take.  The more you try and get to the truth, the more muddled it becomes.  Instinct and intuition offer much better guidance this week, Scorpio.  Do what you can to limit other peoples' input.  Most of them just don't understand the many angles at play.  A wave of good fortune is coming for you.  Amazing opportunities are going to pop up all over the place.  This wave will make your troubles seems silly and totally solvable.  Until then, resist the urge to be reactive and keep tuning in to your own guidance.

You're stressed out, Sagittarius and it's causing things to look more difficult and more tenuous than they really are.  if you could only make rest a priority, your mood would shift and life would look so much more doable.  You've got plenty to feel good about and can afford to step away from responsibility.  You've created an excellent platform of stability and abundance.  Holding back on expressing your true feelings and thoughts isn't good for you.  If you can start to let more of it out, you'll find that a lot of the heavy, sticky feelings you're struggling with start to lighten up. allowing you to once again see the magic in your world.

Indulge this week, Capricorn.  You could use a lightening up.  You've been so focused on the straight and narrow that you've completely forgotten how to play.  Things are as orderly as you can get them to be so why not do something else for a change?  As you break out of your normal routine, you'll find that your creative energy takes a big step up.  New ideas and insights are ready to come in and infuse you with fresh energy and focus.  People are attracted to your energy, so get ready to field more than a few offers.  Part of you is impatient to move into new things now.  It's all coming soon, so get ready.

Life is slowing down a d bit this week, much to your chagrin.  You're in no mood for delays, Aquarius but what can you do?  Don't hurt yourself trying to force things to move.  It's not time and no amount of effort on your part is going to change this simple fact.  Tune in to your body and your environment.  There's much to be enjoyed here and if you take time out to do so, you'll notice lots of wonders and delights.  Conserve energy now because the path is going to get clear soon and you'll want to be ready when that moment comes.  Get ready to run and run fast.  Your moment will be here sooner than you think.

This is a magical time in your life Pisces.  You're learning so much about how to unite with yourself and bring your greatest gifts forward.  Your alchemy is profound right now and though not every experiment comes out the way you want it to, you're able to extract value from everything you're involved in.  There's so much opportunity in your world that you might feel a tad overwhelmed by it all.  Resist the urge to rush into anything new that doesn't feel quite right.  There's just no need to hurry when wonderful things continue to come along.  Slow down and really reach out for what you want.  Don't settle for less.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Busy Isn't Beautiful

Good morning, friends!

I hope those of you in US had a great holiday.  It's disorienting to have a holiday in the middle of the week, don't you think?  I have to tell you, I find the 4th of July rather depressing and always have.  It's not that I'm not patriotic (though I do have plenty of concerns about this great nation).  It's more that I don't like feeling pressured to have fun.  I always feel like everyone is having such a good time while I'm just not connecting to the energy.  It can lead to a pensive moment or two.

It could be that when the Sun's in Cancer, our moods take on extra power, both positive and negative and this year, we have the added energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 3rd.  When the Moon's in Capricorn we tend to get serious about our goals.  Life suddenly gets intense and we may experience frustration about what's not moving in the right direction.  Do you feel it?

We live in a world in which desire is a powerful force.  On top of that we've been conditioned to believe that if we work hard enough, long enough and think the right thoughts, it will all come together.  The American Dream is one that rewards striving.  I wonder sometimes, how healthy this is?

I've read a few articles over the last week about how busy we all are.  Friends call or write and we talk about how busy our lives are and how we barely have time to connect.  Being busy is a badge of honor almost, or perhaps an excuse to not show up.

I noticed this this week when I took my kids for a swim.  They were laughing and splashing in the pool while I listed all the things I need to get done.  I just couldn't get into the moment with them and was watching the clock, hoping to get them tuckered out enough to allow me time to focus on my own goals.  Needless to say, it didn't feel good.  At some point I just took a deep breath, noticed the sun on my skin and the sound of the leaves rustling.  The sky was blue and the summer breeze was warm.  It felt so good.  I brought my attention to my surroundings...the sounds, smells and textures of the moment.  It was a brief reprieve but a good one.

It's so easy to get stuck in the fun house of the mind.  Often the fun house is not fun at all when it becomes an endless list of things to do.  Even a holiday can turn into another project or goal to be wrangled.  I suggest we all stop.  For a minute or an hour and just feel the surroundings.  It's what we're here for.  We can desire, strive and build but unless and until we stop to feel it, what does it matter?

So I ask you today, in this post holiday energy, to really contemplate what it is to be alive right now.  To let go of the anxieties and pressure and busy-ness long enough to take a deep breath and just be here.  I'm joining you in the beauty of the NOW!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/2 - 7/8


It's a lovely week, with many wonderful surprises at every turn.  This is the kind of time period that reminds us that something greater is at work in our lives and though it might have a dash of mischief, it truly is a loving force.  This is not to say that everything is perfect.  Things are not perfect but the small miracles coming in take the edge off and help us find our amusement.  We're being offered the opportunity to turn away from what's vexing us and instead just enjoy it all.  We can make the space of enjoyment even stronger by deciding to.  That's right.  All we have to do is decide to see what's wonderful and amazing and in doing so, pull our energy out of what we just don't enjoy anymore.

Monday 7/2
Just let go of old ideas about who you are and what you want.  I know...easier said than done. It's time for a clean slate and the clean slate will bring fresh perspective and fresh perspective will help us see new and bigger opportunities.  There's really no downside, so whatever it is, the story that's helped everything make sense, now's the time to chuck it.

Tuesday 7/3
There's a heightened sense of discovery in the air.  We have the ability to suspend expectations in order to see what's really available and how to make the most of it and we can do just that today.  We have a chance for rebirth and regeneration under the sway of all this magic, so welcome it, relish it and let it wash the troubles away once and for all.

Wednesday 7/4
It's so tempting to dwell on something difficult today.  It's so hard to shake out of it, even though hanging out here isn't helping.  It's going to take discipline to lead the mind away from this painful space.  Part of what's needed is permission to do something else.  Perhaps we're ruminating because we think we should?  Just say no to that nonsense!

Thursday 7/5
Follow the feelings today.  There is such powerful information coming through.  We're not going to like all of it because our instincts are showing us layers of manipulation that have affected us and it's an unpleasant realization.  Let it in and use it to shift direction.  There's an easier path unfolding and it's about high time.

Friday 7/6
Don't rush into any decisions just yet.  It's hard to wait for clarity when there's so much energy urging us to take action.  Do something productive with that energy and trust that a clear path of action is taking shape.  Once that path becomes more clear and the first step has been identified, moving forward will be joyous and without effort.  It's worth waiting for.

Saturday 7/7
The same restless energy that was pushing for action yesterday is bleeding into today.  It's time to get creative and find outlets for this fiery force.  Physical activity is one solution.  Staying in motion helps smooth the flow of passion, so that it serves us as opposed to hindering us.  Bottled up passion can get pretty nasty, pretty fast.

Sunday 7/8
Saying goodbye to something that provided a lot of needs is very challenging but the end has come and there's no way to delay it.  We have a chance to honor something or someone that played a tremendous role in our lives.  Instead of sinking into grief, let's rise up and celebrate the gift this is and was.  It's time to move on.

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Really!  Just stop!!  Make time to slow down and relish it all.