Monday, July 16, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/16 - 7/22


There are tons of opportunities coming down the pike this week and we might be overwhelmed by the immensity of it all.  There's no need to be in a rush.  We can take our time and feel these opportunities out to see which ones we want to participate in.  Expect to feel anxious.  We're anxious to choose the right things but if we adopt an experimental attitude, we'll have more fun discovering what fits and what doesn't.  There's simply no way to make a mistake, so be willing to take something on and change direction if necessary.  Some of what's being offered feels like too much too soon.  Sometimes we don't know we're up to the task until we step in and try.  The overarching theme this week is all about willingness and sloughing off the need for perfection.  Be loose and jump in.

Monday 7/16
Wonderful things can happen if we believe it's possible.  Our limitations are getting pushed out, whether we're ready or not.  This will cause us to suffer from pangs of crippling doubt.  Just notice it but don't let it stop what's happening.  Let wonder infuse everything.  Shake of the cynicism and let the magic happen.  It's so much easier than we let it be.

Tuesday 7/17
It's going to take a little concerted effort to break an old mold.  This rut or groove is worn and familiar and even though it's become a little stifling, it's rather comfortable.  Notice this and decide to try something different.  Even a small step out of the norm can go a long way towards breaking us open to new ways of seeing and feeling our lives.

Wednesday 7/18
It's time to take a step up in the way that we approach life and its challenges.  Get tough.  Speak the truth.  Be willing to feel uncomfortable in order to clarify agreements and find a new space of balance.  We don't have to be mean, we just need to be direct.  Don't confuse the two.  When we're clear about what we want, it's much easier to manifest.

Thursday 7/19
We can draw on our alchemical abilities today in order to transform spaces that feel heavy, stagnant and unyielding.  It beings by owning the vision we have of what we'd like to create.  No more apologizing for wanting what we want.  Let's put it out there and get some energy behind it.  This is much better than railing about why we never get what's wanted.  Go for it.

Friday 7/20
Things are starting to move faster and faster and while much of what's happening is exciting and dynamic, it's a challenge to stay grounded with so much movement.  Invest some time in activities that help sooth and calm frayed nerves.  It's okay to step away in order to find the center of the storm.  Nothing that belongs to us will fade away if we step away just for a moment or an hour. 

Saturday 7/21
It's time to throw out some old junk.  The inner world is crowded with goals and dreams that no longer apply.  Take time to just clear the slate.  Decide to let go of anything that no longer applies or holds charm.  It's easy to do with focused intention.  The urge to make it complicated is powerful.  Just say no for today and let the outdated slide away.

Sunday 7/22
It's time to get some passion moving and flowing.  No more thinking about it, take action.  There's a spark inside and it's growing in strength.  This spark needs room to expand and flourish.  It needs to be fed and nurtured.  Don't be afraid of the fire.  It's volatile, yes but it has the power to transform the whole scene into something wondrous, amazing and brimming with miracles.

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It is!  Walk on into it.

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