Monday, July 2, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/2 - 7/8


It's a lovely week, with many wonderful surprises at every turn.  This is the kind of time period that reminds us that something greater is at work in our lives and though it might have a dash of mischief, it truly is a loving force.  This is not to say that everything is perfect.  Things are not perfect but the small miracles coming in take the edge off and help us find our amusement.  We're being offered the opportunity to turn away from what's vexing us and instead just enjoy it all.  We can make the space of enjoyment even stronger by deciding to.  That's right.  All we have to do is decide to see what's wonderful and amazing and in doing so, pull our energy out of what we just don't enjoy anymore.

Monday 7/2
Just let go of old ideas about who you are and what you want.  I know...easier said than done. It's time for a clean slate and the clean slate will bring fresh perspective and fresh perspective will help us see new and bigger opportunities.  There's really no downside, so whatever it is, the story that's helped everything make sense, now's the time to chuck it.

Tuesday 7/3
There's a heightened sense of discovery in the air.  We have the ability to suspend expectations in order to see what's really available and how to make the most of it and we can do just that today.  We have a chance for rebirth and regeneration under the sway of all this magic, so welcome it, relish it and let it wash the troubles away once and for all.

Wednesday 7/4
It's so tempting to dwell on something difficult today.  It's so hard to shake out of it, even though hanging out here isn't helping.  It's going to take discipline to lead the mind away from this painful space.  Part of what's needed is permission to do something else.  Perhaps we're ruminating because we think we should?  Just say no to that nonsense!

Thursday 7/5
Follow the feelings today.  There is such powerful information coming through.  We're not going to like all of it because our instincts are showing us layers of manipulation that have affected us and it's an unpleasant realization.  Let it in and use it to shift direction.  There's an easier path unfolding and it's about high time.

Friday 7/6
Don't rush into any decisions just yet.  It's hard to wait for clarity when there's so much energy urging us to take action.  Do something productive with that energy and trust that a clear path of action is taking shape.  Once that path becomes more clear and the first step has been identified, moving forward will be joyous and without effort.  It's worth waiting for.

Saturday 7/7
The same restless energy that was pushing for action yesterday is bleeding into today.  It's time to get creative and find outlets for this fiery force.  Physical activity is one solution.  Staying in motion helps smooth the flow of passion, so that it serves us as opposed to hindering us.  Bottled up passion can get pretty nasty, pretty fast.

Sunday 7/8
Saying goodbye to something that provided a lot of needs is very challenging but the end has come and there's no way to delay it.  We have a chance to honor something or someone that played a tremendous role in our lives.  Instead of sinking into grief, let's rise up and celebrate the gift this is and was.  It's time to move on.

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Really!  Just stop!!  Make time to slow down and relish it all.

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