Monday, July 23, 2012

Fortune Forecast 7/23 - 7/29


We're feeling richer on many levels now.  What we once clung to for security has passed away, leaving us reaching deeper for the abundance we need.  It's amazing to find a wellspring of inner resources, resources that help us feel safe no matter what comes.  Notice the beauty all around. The world offers riches of all kind in every moment.  Don't be swayed when looking at older sources of comfort and security.  These are spaces that have run their course.  Instead, look for what's shiny and new and possibly very simple. It's here that treasure awaits. Don't fear the stripping down that's happening now.  Once the superfluous is gone, we'll see what's real and lasting and the truth of this is more than magnificent, it's miraculous.

Monday 7/23
It's an excellent day to tie up loose ends.  There are new things awaiting but they can't arrive until space is created for them.  Be willing to let go of even more, even if it's frightening and disorienting.  Just let go.  It will feel so good to ease out of resisting the changes and instead, just letting them happen.  Surrender is a beautiful thing.

Tuesday 7/24
We're inspired today and everything feels bigger, better and more possible.  There are so many new ideas that we might not know which ones to pursue.  Time can cure this so try not to be impatient.  Let the most exciting ideas percolate.  We tend to cast these off first because they seem outrageous and unobtainable.  Refuse to cast off the dream.

Wednesday 7/25
We need balance today and we can find it if we make it a priority.  Parts of our lives have languished as we put everything into one project, relationship or idea.  We can spread our energies out now and repair areas that have faltered from lack of attention and care.  This will give us even more energy to make even more magic.

Thursday 7/26
It's time to take charge.  Get on top of a situation that is becoming more and more of a problem.  All it takes is the decision to do it.  We know what needs to happen here and we can get it done with focused action.  There's no need to be afraid of taking on authority here.  May gifts will come from seizing control and directing the energy.

Friday 7/27
Find ways to slide out of stress, anxiety and fear in order to heal, relax and discover more enjoyment.  Tension's been building and it's had no real outlet.  We can correct this today and find a new kind of peace.  Maybe life will remain imperfect but in our own space, we can rest in contentment despite the chaos of the external realm.

Saturday 7/28
Throw energy into a new space.  There's a level of uncertainty about what's possible but with patience, amazing things will happen.  Dig into it and keep digging.  This is an excellent day to slow down and just observe everything that's playing out around us.  We don't need to engage, judge or react.  Just observe and let the observations inform what we want to infuse ourselves into. 

Sunday 7/29
It's going to be a challenge today to stay focused.  there are a myriad of distractions pulling us in every direction.  These are tough conditions to deal with but certainly not impossible.  Keep coming back.  Keep coming back!  A small spot of relief grows bigger when we validate and play in it.  Give permission to step away from it all in order to restore.

need help with the energy this week?


Connect to the moment and to the earth this week.  Spend time outside if possible, enjoying the air and the sounds of nature.  Find the center and relish it.  Being grounded can help us handle whatever comes along.

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