Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/15 - 7/21

You're in an excellent position this week Aries.  You pretty much get the pick of the litter in every area of life.  You've won this and it's important that you make the most of it.  It's time to make peace with something that has caused a lot of resentment over a long period of time.  Can you move on now?  Please do.  You may never see the kind of justice you think should happen.  Still you can move forward and stop giving this old pain another drop of your precious, life force energy.  Ask how you can create more balance in your world and then follow through with the insight that arrives.  It's time.

Someone is offering to rescue you, Taurus.  It's difficult for you to trust this offer and you might find yourself tied up in knots trying to decide whether or not to jump into it.  The offer is solid.  Will it fix everything?  Probably not but it will go a long way towards restoring your ability to see the good in your fellow human.  Let someone help for a change.  You've been very focused on being independent and strong.  It's time to start putting attention on receiving because tons of wonderful things want to come to you.  Let them in!  A wave of wise guidance is rising up inside you.  This will confirm what you need to know.

Slow and steady wins the race this week, Gemini.  There's no need to rush into anything, especially if you feel pushed.  Trust that what's unfolding is what's right for right now.  A recent abandonment is still smarting.  You can't figure out what exactly happened to cause someone you trust to just disappear.  It has more to do with them than it does to you.  Try not to take it all so personally.  This person will come back at some point with an explanation and a degree of remorse.  It remains to be seen if you will welcome this or keep the door closed.  Big success is coming, so get ready!

You're falling in love Cancer and it's a little bit scary.  At the same time, you're so ready!  It feels good to just jump into the pool of love and splash around.  Don't fight what's happening here even if it's requiring you to give up something you think you need.   Sacrifice is important now and it's a signal that amazing things are about to show up.  Be willing to let go even though you have no real evidence of why or what might happen when you do.  Life is calling you away from your comfort zone.  Will you wander?  Please do!  The world awaits you with open arms and gifts of all shape and size.

There's conflict all around you and it's so tempting to join in.  The thing is. it's not your battle to fight.  You're just looking for a way to release some turbulent energy, Leo and that's okay.  Just know what you're doing so that you don't get carried away.  it seems that no one is really interested in your hard work.  This hurts but it's also giving you a chance to learn more about validating your own efforts.  Unhook from needing others to see and approve of what you're doing.  Someone is about to show up with a gift.  This opportunity could really take you far if you've got the time and patience to walk the walk.

You're alone this week in your struggles.  Actually, Virgo you have tons of support, you're just not feeling connected to it.  In many ways, the challenges you're wresting with need to be wrestled with alone.  Just know that if you need someone to talk to or someone to encourage you, it's available.  New things are about to get underway.  You might have an inkling of this.  Know it so that you can feel encouraged about all the hard work you've been doing to get yourself in a more rewarding position.  Your creative energy is bursting for expression.  What can you do today to get this energy moving?  Do it.

A new opportunity to create abundance is coming your way, Libra.  this opportunity is an excellent fit for your skills and abilities.  There's no doubt that you'll need patience to see this to fruition.  It's okay to be debating whether or not you want to do this.  You're most likely going to decide to go forward but you might not be there quite yet and it's okay.  Your heart is opening to love and you're more willing to be vulnerable.  It feels good to have more flow in your relationship zone.  You're ready to rekindle an old flame after struggling with uncertainty.  Big love is about to land in your life.

It's time to celebrate, Scorpio!  Your hard work is paying off and the rewards are many and wonderful.  Plan a way to celebrate your victories, both great and small.  Heavy energy that has plagued you for a long time is lifting away now.  Can you feel it?  A part of you is hesitant to get too excited, just in case it comes back.  It's not coming back and you need to let this sink into the cells of your body.  An old fear seems to be showing up in a new form.  The great thing about it is your ability to approach this in a fresh way.  Trust yourself here.  You know what you're doing and if you don't know it yet, you will soon.

You might be a little low on inspiration this week, Sagittarius.  Life is a tad quiet and you continue to be called to focus on some rather mundane responsibilities.  Even though you're not living the exciting life you so desire at this point in time, know that the work you're doing now is preparing you for freedom, adventure and play.  Take time to really contemplate your next step.  What do you want?  You don't need to drift along.  You can actually create more of what you want and it starts now in how you picture your future.  Let yourself wander far and wide in this imagined future.  Go beyond what you think is possible.

You're on the cusp of a big breakthrough.  It might not seem like it because the loose ends and details that need attending to seem unending.  You're not in the fun part of the cycle just yet, Capricorn but it's coming soon.  Don't forget to take time out to indulge in spaces that offer pleasure and renewal.  There's just no reason to drive yourself so hard.  Fear is making you perceive threats and enemies where there truly are none.  Could it be that you're not totally comfortable with your own methods?  The antidote to this is total honesty.  Clarify agreements and be up front about what you want and how you're going to go about getting it.

You've got a lot on your mind this week, Aquarius.  There are tons of projects that need our time and attention and finding enough energy for all of them is quite taxing.  Good fortune is yours now.  Life can be easier if you let it.  Stop coming from the idea that it's all a struggle and all very difficult.  Flow wants to come in and carry you to new places.  Let it.  This will require you to relax your defense a bit.  Can you just relax and allow more?  A part of you is really interested in maintaining control  Are you sure that's the best approach?  In your effort to be right, you're likely to alienate excellent support.

It's an incredibly rich time in your life, Pisces.  You're tapped into deep wells of wisdom, passion and foresight.  It might be a little overwhelming to have so much energy happening.  Stay in motion if you can.  You've got to find ways to keep the energy moving.  When it gets dammed up, it tends to manifest as anxiety.  Let this be a clue.  You don't need to work so hard.  Just allow things to fall into place and resist the urge to question the shape of things when it happens.  You really couldn't be in a better position for success, expansion and even a drop of enlightenment.  Relish it all. 


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