Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/22 - 7/28

Slow everything down, Aries.  It feels wrong to your warrior nature not to rush but if you slow down, you'll discover opportunities where you never saw them before.  You are moving into better times, you just don't know it yet.  Notice the feelings of frustration and impatience and just let it all slide away.  You're going through big change right now and it's normal to feel disoriented.  Allow the chaos to play out, without succumbing to the need to control it all.  Control is not helpful now.  Surrender is.

You're ready to relax and bring in more pleasure, Taurus.  Your work load has been heavy and you've held steady for a long time.  Now it's time for some rest and relaxation.  Gifts of all shape and size are showing up for you.  Will you let it in?  Please do!  Your mind is racing and it's preventing you from being more present in your body.  You'll feel so much better if you find ways to unhook from the frantic quality of the mental energy.  Bring out more heart and let it lead for awhile.  You'll enjoy where you end up of you do.

Your mind is in expansion-mode this week and you're starting to see further and further down the road.  It's as if you're being reborn on some level, Gemini and finding your enthusiasm again.  Fears about money and security are bringing you down a bit but you're safer than you feel.  Don't let these fears bring you down or cause you to be reactive or impulsive with resources.  Hard work and diligent effort will pay off.  It might not seem like it right now but you are getting somewhere good.  Keep going.

It's going to take time to work through some of the problems that recently popped up, Cancer.  Don't get discouraged because it will all get resolved.  Instead, find a way to pace yourself to keep frustration and fear at a minimum.  A bright new idea is starting to take shape.  You're at the very beginning of this exciting new project, so give yourself room to keep dreaming and fleshing it out.  As you move forward, you'll discover the treasure trove of resources at your disposal.  This in and of itself is a huge gift.

You're on the verge of a breakthrough, Leo though you might not know it.  Life feels sticky, heavy and perhaps unyielding as you struggle to express your energy the way you want to.  Instead of seeing this as a problem, recognize it as a transition.  Your intuition can offer powerful guidance.  Take the time to listen and respond.  What you're hearing goes against what you think is the truth and this is upsetting but also liberating.  It's ok to be scattered right now.  You're going to find the focus soon.

Clarity is coming and a plan is taking shape. Good fortune is your, Virgo so relax and let the magic happen.  You've been tense of late and life has felt hard.  Know that you're moving into a new phase and it's time to let go of the hypervigilance.  Let love expand in your own heart and in your exchanges with others.  People want to support and assist you now.  If you break your biggest goals into smaller pieces, a lot can be achieved.  Tiny steps will carry you to the finish line, so ease up on the pressure you're applying to yourself.

Negativity is creeping in.   You hold yourself to such high standards that it's nearly impossible to feel good about what you're achieving.  Drop the perfection, Libra.  It's going to be hard but try, you must.  This is often a messy reality and no amount of effort on your part can clean it all up, all the way.  You've been attempting to mediate a dispute but seem to be getting nowhere.  Maybe it's time to abandon this problem.  You didn't create and you can't fix it.  The sooner you see this the better.  Save your energy for better things.

You're at the end of a cycle,  Scorpio and may have mixed feelings about moving forward.  There is so much you loved about the space that's coming to a close.  It's hard to say goodbye.  Know that there just isn't any energy or inspiration left here.  This will help you move on.  You've got powerful magic to offer new projects and relationships.  Be aware of how you're directing your energy.  Trying to pretend you don't want something won't help you get it.  Be forthright, especially with yourself.

It's an excellent week to take time off for recreation and play.  You've earned a break by applying yourself with diligence to many, important projects.  Take a break, Sagittarius and get away from it all for a bit.  You're finding new ways to create more balance in your life and it feels good.  Areas that have suffered neglect are getting much-needed attention now.  As you find your center, new inspiration is coming in and showing you things you never thought possible.  What a delight!

Confusion is causing you to doubt the viability of your plans.  Hold steady, Capricorn.  You just need to wait for more answers to arrive and they will.  Your fears are potent and you might feel as though you're out of your depths.  The good news is that being in a space of uncertainty helps you find your certainty.  You have more resources to bring to the table than you know.  This is what you're about to discover.  Validate and connect with your supporters.  Their belief in you can help boost you up.

You're running low on energy, Aquarius.  It's hard to see your options when you're this tired.  If you can just hold still for a minute and resist the urge to push your way through, you'll find that a lot of what's bothering you starts to find resolution without much effort on your part.  Big lessons and learning opportunities are popping up all over the place.   You'll enjoy a lot of what you're experiencing now if you see the opportunity for growth and expansion.  Patience is not easy but it will serve you well now.

Your head and heart are seeking ways to communicate with each other to achieve a desired goal.  It's a challenge to hear both and implement the wisdom.  There are angry energies playing out all around you and it's hard not to be effected by them.  Though this energy isn't your problem, it's becoming your problem.  Tighten up your boundaries, Pisces and create the protection you need.  You don't have clarity yet but it's coming.  Can you find ways to entertain yourself while your vision comes into focus?  Do it!


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