Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/29 - 8/4

You are stressed out Aries and could really use a break.  You've got to make the break happen.  You can't afford to wait for the right time.  Your attitude about what's possible is taking a nosedive and it's all about being exhausted.  When you get some rest and restoration, you'll find that your fighting spirit comes back quickly and shockingly.  You have no idea how much can be resolved if you just have a chance to pause.  Big ideas are coming and you're ready to tackle all aspects.  Get ready for new things and a surge on all levels.  It's coming.  Know this and refuse to fret in the meantime.

You're feeling conflicted this week, Taurus.  You have two potential paths to explore and they're both pretty thrilling.  Perhaps you don't need to choose just yet.  Keep gathering information and getting a taste of both.  You're going to choose soon, you're just not quite ready.  Make sure you aren't being motivated by the need to escape something uncomfortable.  There's no doubt that you have tremendous pressure on you but the only way to get through it is to keep on going.  Trying to get away from it will prolong the struggle.  Take heart knowing you're on the cusp of a breakthrough.

You're a ball of nerves this week, Gemini.  You have a lot to attend to and your ability to care for yourself is getting lost in the shuffle.  You can see that you close to completion on an important project and this is part of why you're pushing so hard.  There are no prizes that can compensate for the toll all this pressure is exacting.  Stop.  Now.  Both head and heart need space to share their wisdom and insight with you. You'll tap into the wisdom of both if you make time to pause.  Could it be that you aren't pausing because you don't want to listen?  Ask yourself what you're resisting and everything will settle down nicely.

You're tapping into tons of magic, Cancer.  A part of you is tempted to use you magic to get back at people who've hurt you and caused you pain.  This might feel good as an idea but it won't deliver satisfaction if you try and go through with it.  Don't waste your energy on this nonsense when you could be using it to create the life you want, need and deserve!  You've been edgy and impatient as you wait for things to line up.  Don't wait, get busy taking small action to move your dream into reality.  Part of this is taking care of your body, mind and spirit.  Simply attending to basic needs will pay off big now.

You're feeling freer and easier than you have in a long while.  It's not like all your problems have found a tidy conclusion, you've just found a way to live with the imperfections.  How wonderful, Leo!  Life is offering you lots of gifts this week and you're allowing it all in.  There's a wonderful sense of security taking root in your and it's helping you prepare to expand and grow.  Your dreams are off the charts and you can use what's happening on the astral in all kinds of art and expression.  You've tapped into a collective wisdom and can translate for others.  This makes you magical, indeed.

You're psyching yourself out, Virgo.  Things aren't as dire as they seem and you have more room to maneuver than you realize.  It's possible that you might have to let the negative thinking run its course and that's ok.  Just let it all come up and out.  Big healing wants to wash over you and there's nothing you need to do except let it happen.  A new vision is on the cusp of taking root.  There's no need to worry or get stressed out more than you already are.  let go of the effort you believe you need to further your dream.  It's happening now!  Let it unfold and be sure to pause for rest.  It;s the most important work you can do now.  

It's your favorite thing, Libra...Love!  Play in it.  Express it.  Extend it.  Relish it.  You're attracting a lot of attention this week and it feels great to be noticed and validated for your many gifts.  Your drive is fierce and you're ready to conquer.  There are lurking fears that emerge as you take on bigger and better risks.  Don't let these shadows and phantoms stop you.  Let those old limitations drop away as you discover that it's safe to be whatever you want to be.  You're capable of more than a few breakthroughs with all this potent energy flowing through you.  Make the most of it.

Harness your power, Scorpio.  You have so much to offer.  You need to know it!  Be confident when approaching people who can help further your dreams.  You'll garner a ton of support and resources if you just ask.  When you see what you want, grab it.  Don't hesitate and don't hold back.  Amazing opportunities are popping up.  You're not going to want all of them, so discrimination is essential.  Don't sell out by taking something less than what you really and truly want.  This week, you get very clear about your next step and how to get there.  Get ready to move.  It's time for the best of everything on all levels.

It's an incredibly potent time in your life Sagittarius.  Every decision feels so serious.  It's nearly impossible to lighten up but you can try.  No one seems to understand what you're going through and you're completely unable to articulate it.  This is causing you to feel very isolated as you soldier through tough times.  There's a ton of good luck, waiting to land in your life.  Open up to it.  You just don't have to work as hard as you are working right now.  You've drifted far from your own optimism and it feels terrible to be without it.  Go on a quest to find it again because when you do, everything will right itself.

Your impatience could cause problems this week, Capricorn.  You're so anxious to move into new things that you might be tempted to leave a few things undone or done halfway.  This will come back to haunt you later.  Do what you can to slow down and attend to details even though it's the last thing you're interested in.  There are conflicts and chaos in your environment.  This feels distracting and exhausting.  Perhaps you need to step back and be mindful of what's yours to fix and what's not.  Figuring this out will help you find your center again and once that happens everything will start moving again.

You're feeling guarded this week, Aquarius.  You just aren't sure who and what you can trust.  Having strong boundaries is appropriate right now.  You're not imagining threat in your environment.  These threats are real, though they're not as powerful as you might think.  Seeing them will help you know how to confront them.  New plans are starting to come together, which is bringing you peace.  Your vision is clear and you know what needs to be done to make it real.  Carry on.  Expect chaos in the world around you.  You can notice it without letting it blow you out.  Don't even think of trying to fix it.

Relax into the good things that are happening for you, Pisces.  You've experienced a victory and can bask in your success.  You need to bask in it, actually.  It's a wonderful form of refreshment for your sometimes, weary soul.  You've been going through tremendously deep after the next, without many breaks.  Give yourself a moment to just stop.  As you energy comes up, you'll be asked to make a choice.  You've been putting this off, hoping that it would become absolutely clear which one your should pick.  It's not clear and you need to pick anyway and then trust your choice.  It's going to work.


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