Saturday, July 7, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 7/8 - 7/14

Make peace with recent difficulties.  You did the best you could Aries and though you might feel as if you've lost a battle, you very well might win the war.  Part of what you're working on right now is compromise and diplomacy.  These are not your strongest suits but they can and will add dimension to your warrior ways.  A loving connection will help sooth your nerves and show you that your best effort is enough.  Let go of resentment, especially the ones you carry regarding your own choices and decisions.  It's time to move through life with more love and more willingness to stumble and fall.  Slough off the need for perfection and embrace the unknown and untested.

Negativity is lurking, just waiting to take hold of you, Taurus.  You'll notice it creeping in when suddenly your dreams and goals seem impossible and unruly.  It's going to be a challenge to keep this heavy energy from taking over.  You're in the process of getting into alignment with powerful forces that will take you far, fast.  Let the fresh energy take root.  You're frightened because you don't see much evidence of change.  Just give it a little more time!  Soon you'll be moving into big things with much less effort.  Know that what's happening now is an important part of your process even though it all looks rather useless.

Are you being hard on yourself this week Gemini?  If you are, it's a sign that you've taken on too much and you're spinning into overwhelm.  Can you let yourself off the hook and get some rest?  This is crucial if you want to bounce back and get happy again.  You simply can't continue this frenzied pace much longer.  Part of you wants to stay busy so that you won't have to stop and feel some of the deeper energies working through you.  It's a little lonely when you tune in to your inner world and this is something you're anxious to avoid.  The thing you don't realize is that under what looks unpleasant, a treasure of insight awaits.  Get to it.

You're on fire this week and have a wonderful way of inspiring everyone around you as well.  It's an excellent time to take risks and try new things, Cancer because even if things don't come out the way you want, you'll learn a ton trying.  Fears are not a factor now.  You've freed yourself from nagging concerns.  Take advantage of it.  Slow changes are starting to bring results, which is so gratifying.  It's great to see your hard work coming to fruition.  Be in an exploratory space when it comes to matters of the heart.  You're about to stumble into a treasure or two.  It's okay to change your mind as long as you don't make promises.

You're in the mood to play and be silly this week, Leo and it's wonderful not only for you but for everyone who crosses your path.  You're radiating amazing, healing energy so don't be surprised if people want to crowd around you.  It's easy to connect with what's beautiful and magical and embody it.  Wishes are coming true and good fortune is showing up in ways that surprise and delight you.   Take care of your body and indulge your senses with a multitude of pleasures.  This will bring your creative energy even higher than it already is.  Your childish energy is helping others to feel free and easy.  Throw a party and accept all invitations while this social wizardry lasts.

You've just begun to invest in new ways of expressing your creativity.  The more you experiment, the more you discover.  This is such a wonderful time of freedom and play, Virgo.  Enjoy it and know that you've earned it.  Lurking fears about security are keeping you from totally relishing the moment.  You have more than enough but for some reason you can't connect with this truth.  A big decision will help you feel more grounded.  It's definitely time to choose your path and go.  Though there are no assurances of future success, you sense that wonderful things await you up ahead.  Indeed, they do.

Dig in and create new roots, Libra.  You've been going through tremendous change for a long time now and might need a moment or two to just catch up with it all.  You might even discover that this new space of yours is lovely and amazing.  Stability is returning now and you're feeling much safer.  New ideas are coming in fast and furious and you're not sure yet, where to put the focus.  Give yourself a little time to dream on it all.  You heart has something to tell you.  You haven't had much time to listen but if you get quiet this week and really tune in, you'll get valuable insight to help you with your next, big step.

You're getting mixed messages from multiple sources which is making it very difficult to figure out which direction to take.  The more you try and get to the truth, the more muddled it becomes.  Instinct and intuition offer much better guidance this week, Scorpio.  Do what you can to limit other peoples' input.  Most of them just don't understand the many angles at play.  A wave of good fortune is coming for you.  Amazing opportunities are going to pop up all over the place.  This wave will make your troubles seems silly and totally solvable.  Until then, resist the urge to be reactive and keep tuning in to your own guidance.

You're stressed out, Sagittarius and it's causing things to look more difficult and more tenuous than they really are.  if you could only make rest a priority, your mood would shift and life would look so much more doable.  You've got plenty to feel good about and can afford to step away from responsibility.  You've created an excellent platform of stability and abundance.  Holding back on expressing your true feelings and thoughts isn't good for you.  If you can start to let more of it out, you'll find that a lot of the heavy, sticky feelings you're struggling with start to lighten up. allowing you to once again see the magic in your world.

Indulge this week, Capricorn.  You could use a lightening up.  You've been so focused on the straight and narrow that you've completely forgotten how to play.  Things are as orderly as you can get them to be so why not do something else for a change?  As you break out of your normal routine, you'll find that your creative energy takes a big step up.  New ideas and insights are ready to come in and infuse you with fresh energy and focus.  People are attracted to your energy, so get ready to field more than a few offers.  Part of you is impatient to move into new things now.  It's all coming soon, so get ready.

Life is slowing down a d bit this week, much to your chagrin.  You're in no mood for delays, Aquarius but what can you do?  Don't hurt yourself trying to force things to move.  It's not time and no amount of effort on your part is going to change this simple fact.  Tune in to your body and your environment.  There's much to be enjoyed here and if you take time out to do so, you'll notice lots of wonders and delights.  Conserve energy now because the path is going to get clear soon and you'll want to be ready when that moment comes.  Get ready to run and run fast.  Your moment will be here sooner than you think.

This is a magical time in your life Pisces.  You're learning so much about how to unite with yourself and bring your greatest gifts forward.  Your alchemy is profound right now and though not every experiment comes out the way you want it to, you're able to extract value from everything you're involved in.  There's so much opportunity in your world that you might feel a tad overwhelmed by it all.  Resist the urge to rush into anything new that doesn't feel quite right.  There's just no need to hurry when wonderful things continue to come along.  Slow down and really reach out for what you want.  Don't settle for less.


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