Monday, August 20, 2012

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time to Move!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm off to visit my grandmother today.  It's now just a few hours' drive to see her.  She amazes me.  Her strength is inspiring and I can't wait to spend a little time with her.

What inspires you?  Are you making time to connect with the people who mean the most to you?  Are you able to slow down and really relish the simple pleasures in life?  Where is your source of inspiration?  If you aren't feeling it, go look for it!  Inspiration helps us handle stormy psychic weather and stormy it is, my friends.

Friday brings the return of the Stonestreet Cafe at  I'm excited to get back on the air and share the insights and inspiration that's happening in my life.  Show time moved up to 11am pacific/2pm eastern.  This will help our international friends tune in live.  I hope you'll join me and perhaps even call in during the second half of the show to share what's happening with you.  You can find dial in info on the facebook page.

The theme for the show this week is DEVOTION.  Aren't we all searching for something or someone to be devoted to?  Devotion helps us connect with the divine.   Devotion has been a space of play for me lately.  If you're reading this I KNOW you have a devotional nature.  You want to be devoted but when we devote ourselves to something narrow, we often end up disappointed and hurt.  Let's delve into this at on Friday.

This is such an exciting time to be on our magic planet.  The energy incredibly dynamic and challenging.  Our spiritual abilities are turning on and amping up in new and fantastic ways.  Hold on to your hats because we're just at the beginning, methinks...

My website facelift is almost complete and I'll be directing you over there soon.  If you're getting these blog posts via email, you'll have to come over to the new site and sign up again.  You won't regret it.  The new site is crisp, clean, energetic and simple.  These are qualities I'm cultivating on all levels as we move towards autumn.

LIFE IS GOOD!!  Find inspiration.  Be devoted.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Fortune Forecast 8/6 - 8/12


It's a turbulent week with lots of change that seems to come out of nowhere.  It's very difficult to predict or make plans in the midst of these kinds of conditions.  The best course of action is to stay loose and move with it and through it.  Let go.  Be willing to adapt to what's taking place and forget about trying to control it.  When everything shakes down, we'll see a new landscape with incredible vistas and possibilities.  The chaos happening now is needed in order to loosen the grip of ideas, people and things that no longer hold any real meaning.  Go with it not against it, even if accompanied by sheer terror as the ride intensifies.  

Monday 8/6
We get a glimpse today of something new and fantastic.  There's an aura of the impossible around it all and yet we can feel in our bones that something truly big is about to get underway.  Allow the dream to be grand for now.  There's no need to trim it down to size.  The trimming will happen when the action phase begins.  Keep on dreaming for now.

Tuesday 8/7
It's time to get a little aggressive.  We need to advocate for what we want and make it happen.  Being patient and waiting for a shift isn't going to get us where we need to be.  We've got to just go now.  Small steps can move a ton of energy.  One step, one risk.  Make it small so that the beginning begins.  It's time to go now.

Wednesday 8/8
We have the ability to wake up and see things from a fresh perspective today.  This new point of view brings healing and it helps us see where we're mobile and able to move.  Don't be afraid to see that certain assumptions have been false and unhelpful.  Just slough it all off now and be reborn.  Life is asking us to be in love.  Sink in.

Thursday 8/9
There's a building sense that we're on the cusp of a breakthrough.  We can feel the intensity mounting and may be a little nervous about what it all means.  We have a lot that needs attention now and it's all a bit overwhelming.  Soldier on knowing that the pop we've been waiting for is just about to happen. Just about now.

Friday 8/10
tune in to the Stonestreet Cafe at, 11am pacific/2pm eastern
Follow a passion even if it seems crazy and distracting. This passion is a clue and it can lead us to revelations about ourselves and our place in the universe but only if we follow.  Don't worry about wandering off the beaten track.  There are treasures hiding just out of sight of the main road.  Go ahead and go look.

Saturday 8/11
Where are you looking for safety and security?  If you're looking at anything or anyone around you, it's the wrong place to look.  Wealth is not always what we expect but it is always available.  What's rich in your world today?  Notice and appreciate it for in doing so, we create room for more.  Keep it simple to start.

Sunday 8/12
Relish the spoils of a recent victory.  Hard work has paid off and we can now enjoy the feeling of knowing our own value.  Others are noticing this boost in confidence and offers are flooding in.  It's much easier to craft the next step now that we're feeling certain about what we're capable of.  Validation is tremendously healing.

need help with the energy this week?


Sometimes we need to know even though we don't know.  Everything happening now is essential.  Let it happen.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Good Fortune Scopes 8/5 - 8/11

Rewards are in the works Aries and you're in the mood to celebrate.  It feels good to be praised and offered perks but the best feeling is the sense of pride in your own accomplishments.  You've earned this, so enjoy.  It's a time of stability and prosperity in your world.  This makes it safe to take risks and try new things.  There's hard work ahead but you are armed and ready with experience and hard won wisdom.  Don't let the negative people in your life bring you down.  They're trying their best but it need not affect you.

You're nearing the end of a cycle that has caused a lot of stress and worry.  It might get more intense before it eases up, Taurus but know that you're almost there.  Part of what needs to end is your tendency to blame yourself when things go wrong.  This is not something you need to carry into the next phase, which promises to bring fulfillment and abundance.  Keep an eye on your boundaries.  You need conservation now, of resources and energy.  Find time to rest and play and let the stormy energy blow over.  Better days are coming.

It's time to dig in and really commit, Gemini.  You're going to struggle with this notion even though what's in front of you is wonderful and worthy of your full attention.  You just don't enjoy being tied down.  So much is changing in your life.  You might feel shaken and uncertain as it all comes apart but you can find respite in knowing that everything that's ending was done and gone.  You so want to belong to a community that you admire.  They have not welcomed you though and it hurts.  Couple it be that they're not all they're cracked up to be?

You're on a quest to find more meaning in life, Cancer.  You've been working hard but may have suddenly lost your ability to connect with why.  Reflect on what's most valuable to you.  What do you want more of in your life?  Are your goals taking you in that direction?  These are questions worth asking.  A big idea has you energized but also overwhelmed.  You're not sure how you're going to get where you want to go.  The people around you are not helping, as their tendency to be too practical is causing you doubt.  Shake it off and go.

You are stressed out Leo as you work to finish a few projects.  Your standards are impossibly high and this is causing you to miss out on the excellence of your work.  Can you ease up a little or a lot?  If you can, it will help you get back to the fun of it all.  Something you want very much is about to run by.  Grab it when you see it and make it yours.  Instinct will guide you far better than thinking.  The other thing worth your attention is rest and sleep.  Make it a priority to get more of it so that you can pull up even more sparkling creativity.

You've got two very dynamic spaces to attend to this week, Virgo.  It's hard work to find the balance but you're doing it and doing it well.  At some point it will be clear that you need to focus on one and cut the other one loose.  You're not quite there yet.  Gather with friends to lift your spirits and keep you inspired.  It's an excellent time to play and connect.  A wish is about to come true and it will bring gifts of all shapes and sizes in unexpected ways.  Let it in.  You deserve the best of the best, so let yourself have it.

Let your feeling give guidance this week, Libra.  Your mind will have you doubting and questions but your heart can show you a deeper truth.  A sudden burst of inspiration is making you restless and ready for new things.  This restlessness can easily become irritability.  Find way to channel the passionate energy building in you.  It's hard to rest or get any real sleep right now.  Your psyche is disturbed and you can't quite figure out the cause.  Turn back to your heart for guidance and insight.  It's all there, waiting to be discovered.

It's a magical time, Scorpio.  What you dream of can come into reality quickly and easily this week.  Keep acknowledging your heart's desire.  Let it happen.  You're so ready to open up and try new things.  Sticking to the same, dull routine is not a viable option for you now.  You need expansion and exploration and the ability to stumble into new delights.  Go ahead and wander even if the path isn't clear and you don't know what you want.  You'll find it is you just step through the door and out into the world.

This is an incredibly rich time in your life, Sagittarius.  Big lessons loom at every turn and you're being asked to dig deeper and find the resources you need inside yourself.  There is support for you.  It comes in the form of someone to listen and someone who cares but no one can really tell you what to do right now.  You've got to forge your own path.  It's ok to take break for silly fun.  It's actually incredibly important that you do this.  Play brings your energy up and this in turn help you make the most of the opportunities coming your way.  Just do it.

It's a wonderful week, Capricorn.  Good fortune is coming at you in every area of your life.  You've got so many opportunities to choose from that it's a little overwhelming.  Take a deep breath and do what you can get behind what you really want.  Don't just settle for what you think might work.  Go for the gold.  It will take time and dedication to get where you want to be.  That's not a problem for someone like you, who oozes endurance.  Just be sure and add some pleasure to the journey to keep your energy up and inspired.

Open up and see with new eyes.  There is fantastical energy happening all around you Aquarius.  You tend to see with sharp eyes.  Can you soften your gaze and see the miraculous all around?  There's no need to be rash this week.  Just observe and take notes so that you can flesh out your master plan.  You're not quite ready to make big decisions anyway.  You need time to prepare, especially on an emotional level.  You're in the midst of shedding an old skin and the process has you feeling vulnerable.  Honor this and be extra good to yourself now.

You're climbing out of a situation that caused confusion and worry. It's hard to feel safe when you don't have all the answers. The thing is Pisces, You have more information than you realize, it just isn't coming from the rational part of your mind.  Tune in to intuitive guidance and the path will become clear.  You're being pressured to do something you're not comfortable.  Say no!  It's not going to be easy but you'll be happy in the long run that you stood by your most important principles.  Expect delays and don't let them rattle your confidence.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Your Revolution?

What a wonderful Full Moon we just had!  Aquarius brings freedom, innovation and revolution.  Did you have a breakthrough? 

Wednesday was a funny day for me.  It started with a phone call from my father.  He decided to bring me some furniture, without warning or any preparation on my part.  This meant I needed to make space for it QUICK, which also meant confronting a variety of dust bunnies, pebbles and beads that were scattered in the space where this furniture was going to land.  The cleaning and rearranging of furniture took me away from the other tasks I had planned to work on.  Things like writing you, planning workshops here in Santa Fe for the fall and editing sound files for my new website.

So I started the day feeling frenzied and a bit irritated but as the house got polished, my mood improved.  The furniture arrived and it's lovely.  It's from my grandmother's house.  She's downsizing.  This furniture is more elegant than the child-stained stuff that was once in it's place.  Even better, it smells like my dear Grandmother's house.  This cheered me up.

By early afternoon, the house had become an oasis of cleanliness and peace.  I found a spot after all the rearranging that was perfect for meditation.  Ever since I moved here, I'd been seeking the right spot to chill and actually, inadvertently created it during the big dust up.  So I fired up my favorite New Age music, broke out the eye pillow and closed my eyes to work some energy.

Meanwhile, my husband had announced early that morning that he was going to find a new job.  That day.  He said it with certainty.  (He has a great job now, just not enough hours so he wants to add something to complement the existing job).  He went off to search after helping with the furniture arranging.  I was meditating and enjoying the new space with a cat lounging nearby when I took a quick look at him, psychically.  I didn't want to interfere with his manifesting ability but I took a second to light up a grid of light for him, of people who'd be receptive or supportive of his search.  Then I drifted off to work the energy around our house, creating peace, calm, play and other good stuff.

I soon got a call that he'd found his new job at the very first place he went to.  They hired him on the spot and told him his timing was perfect.  It's the place he most wants to work at.  Now, I'm not taking credit for his manifestation.  In fact, I was mindful of keeping my energy out of it.  I guess I just want to share the story because he focused and created and I was supporting him in it.  There was no panic, no anxiety.  Just a grid of light lit up to give him support.  It didn't hurt that the Full Moon was shining it's light in the first house of his chart.  He has Aquarius rising.

All in all it was a magical day.  Since I've arrived here, I've started to amp up my energy work.  I'm being supported in this by my new friend Juli Somers, the Director of the Center for Inner Truth here in Santa Fe.  We've been getting together to work energy and plan events for the Center.  I really can't tell you how important it is to connect with others to support the energy work we're all doing.

Having a connection with the Center seems to be bringing me home, to my energy work and my psychic tools.  I now have a home at the Center to offer workshops, teach and facilitate healing events.  IT'S SO EXCITING!

So I write you today and ask, what's your revolution?  What do you want to create?  Do you have the support you need?  Are people staying out of your space and letting you create your way?  If the answer to any of these questions is NO, please consider getting help, via a friend, a class to teach you spiritual tools or a reading.  If you're in Santa Fe, come find me at the Center for Inner Truth.  We're amping it up over there.

Let's light up your grid of support.


ps.  As I wrote this blog, I got a funny email from Juli saying the healing clinic at the Center was PACKED last night.  Could it be that with a little focused intention, support and the ability to move energy around we can and do indeed create with ease?  YES.