Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Your Revolution?

What a wonderful Full Moon we just had!  Aquarius brings freedom, innovation and revolution.  Did you have a breakthrough? 

Wednesday was a funny day for me.  It started with a phone call from my father.  He decided to bring me some furniture, without warning or any preparation on my part.  This meant I needed to make space for it QUICK, which also meant confronting a variety of dust bunnies, pebbles and beads that were scattered in the space where this furniture was going to land.  The cleaning and rearranging of furniture took me away from the other tasks I had planned to work on.  Things like writing you, planning workshops here in Santa Fe for the fall and editing sound files for my new website.

So I started the day feeling frenzied and a bit irritated but as the house got polished, my mood improved.  The furniture arrived and it's lovely.  It's from my grandmother's house.  She's downsizing.  This furniture is more elegant than the child-stained stuff that was once in it's place.  Even better, it smells like my dear Grandmother's house.  This cheered me up.

By early afternoon, the house had become an oasis of cleanliness and peace.  I found a spot after all the rearranging that was perfect for meditation.  Ever since I moved here, I'd been seeking the right spot to chill and actually, inadvertently created it during the big dust up.  So I fired up my favorite New Age music, broke out the eye pillow and closed my eyes to work some energy.

Meanwhile, my husband had announced early that morning that he was going to find a new job.  That day.  He said it with certainty.  (He has a great job now, just not enough hours so he wants to add something to complement the existing job).  He went off to search after helping with the furniture arranging.  I was meditating and enjoying the new space with a cat lounging nearby when I took a quick look at him, psychically.  I didn't want to interfere with his manifesting ability but I took a second to light up a grid of light for him, of people who'd be receptive or supportive of his search.  Then I drifted off to work the energy around our house, creating peace, calm, play and other good stuff.

I soon got a call that he'd found his new job at the very first place he went to.  They hired him on the spot and told him his timing was perfect.  It's the place he most wants to work at.  Now, I'm not taking credit for his manifestation.  In fact, I was mindful of keeping my energy out of it.  I guess I just want to share the story because he focused and created and I was supporting him in it.  There was no panic, no anxiety.  Just a grid of light lit up to give him support.  It didn't hurt that the Full Moon was shining it's light in the first house of his chart.  He has Aquarius rising.

All in all it was a magical day.  Since I've arrived here, I've started to amp up my energy work.  I'm being supported in this by my new friend Juli Somers, the Director of the Center for Inner Truth here in Santa Fe.  We've been getting together to work energy and plan events for the Center.  I really can't tell you how important it is to connect with others to support the energy work we're all doing.

Having a connection with the Center seems to be bringing me home, to my energy work and my psychic tools.  I now have a home at the Center to offer workshops, teach and facilitate healing events.  IT'S SO EXCITING!

So I write you today and ask, what's your revolution?  What do you want to create?  Do you have the support you need?  Are people staying out of your space and letting you create your way?  If the answer to any of these questions is NO, please consider getting help, via a friend, a class to teach you spiritual tools or a reading.  If you're in Santa Fe, come find me at the Center for Inner Truth.  We're amping it up over there.

Let's light up your grid of support.


ps.  As I wrote this blog, I got a funny email from Juli saying the healing clinic at the Center was PACKED last night.  Could it be that with a little focused intention, support and the ability to move energy around we can and do indeed create with ease?  YES.

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